Connecting Copy Makes You More Profits

People are more savvy today than ever. So how you communicate with them makes a huge difference. Traditional copy doesn’t work without a facelift. You need to build rapport much faster and authentically. The difference is subtle but crucial. Let me show you the Secret Language that sells. 

What kind of fire do you need in your marketing?


The Blaze Inner Circle

COMING SOON! Winning at life doesn’t happen by accident. No community like this existed. So I created one. This one-of-a-kind monthly membership doesn’t exist anywhere else. Let me break down the process I’ve discovered over 20 years as an entrepreneur. Hint: This is a holistic approach to business instead of focusing on the traditional approach. The Blaze will change your world!


The Wildfire Mentorship

Work closely with me 1-to-1. This intimate group coaching program kicks off with a personalized Action Plan. Over the next 90 days, you’ll get mentoring to strategize your growth continually. This level features ramped-up marketing, creative problem-solving, & EXTREME ACCOUNTABILITY. The group is intentionally small for more personal attention.


The Inferno Copy Critiques

Private recorded critiques. Rent my brain and let me show you how 20+ years of copywriting experience can add sizzle to your marketing. I’ll tap into my experience to explore what can be improved. I'll shine a light on what you're doing right...and show you where there are holes. In the end, your copy will be A-lister ready. When you're ready for truly high-converting copy, you're ready for the Inferno.

Joe Guida

Lorrie Is a fantastic instructor...

"Lorrie isn’t just a natural born copywriter, but a superb coach as well. When I went through John Carlton’s Simple Writing System course, Lorrie was a fantastic instructor, giving me the feedback I needed to polish up my weak points and make my strengths as a copywriter really shine.

Thanks to her coaching, I was able to really take my copywriting to the next level, and get the confidence I needed to land my dream job with at Agora Financial only a few months later!

Put her to the test and don’t be surprised if she blows your expectations away as well! Why are you still reading this? Reach out to her, now!"

Joseph Guida

Mike Schwenk

Lorrie catches opportunities to improve others may not see

“Whoever said perfection doesn’t exist, never had copy reviewed or written by Lorrie Morgan. As a mentor/copy chief, her countless years of experience and natural brilliance allow her to catch opportunities to improve that others may not see. And in this game, we know that means higher conversions and potentially life-changing results.”

Mike Schwenk

Soe Tun

Now he works for an 8-figure marketing agency

“I always knew I had more to learn in copy, but it was hard to figure out what I didn't know and who to trust.

It also didn't help that copy was my side hustle at the time and it felt like I was trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

So when I saw an opportunity to get feedback from Lorrie, I jumped on the opportunity and decided to worry about how I'd make more money later.

Well, it paid off. Lorrie saw blind spots in my copy that I didn't even know existed, she (figuratively) ripped my copy to shreds... and I'm so glad she did.

Fast forward to now, and I work for an 8-figure marketing agency in Nevada where I copyboard with the CEO 1-2x a week, and I get to write with zero handholding.

Thank you so much for your feedback, Lorrie! Your teaching literally changed my life on this crazy misadventure.”

Soe Tun,

Anika Watkins

One of The Best Copy Mentors in The Industry!

"As the Copy Chief for Moxie, Lorrie worked one-on-one with our team of writers providing detailed feedback on projects as well as ongoing guidance and mentorship to help develop their craft. Constructive criticism is one of the most powerful ways any writer can become better at what they do, and having Lorrie provide daily feedback to our writers made all the difference in the world. With her decades of experience combined with an editor's eye for detail, she helped mold and shape our writers to become the very best. If anyone is seeking to become a better writer and develop their craft, Lorrie is one of the best copy mentors in the industry!"

Anika Watkins
Moxie Copywriting

Maddie Michaud

Hands-Down the Best Writing Mentor I've Ever Had

"Lorrie is hands-down the best writing mentor I've ever had. Her feedback is specific and immediately actionable yet she also puts her feedback in a context that allows me to carry it through to my next piece. If you're looking to level-up your writing game, look no further. She's the real deal and will elevate your writing beyond where you think it can go."

Maddie Michaud
Blue Spec Marketing

Brad McMillen

The Consummate Coach and Mentor

“As a writer, I know first-hand how much better my copywriting improved at an accelerated pace under Lorrie’s guidance. Is she tough? Yes. Is she fair? Absolutely. Is she an absolute delight to work with? That’s an understatement if there ever was one!

There’s zero doubt I leveled up faster and produced better copy – and results – by working with Lorrie. And I’ll admit I was nervous about someone of her caliber reading and critiquing my work. But she’s got such a calm, fun, helpful demeanor, you feel like you are free to relax and be yourself. She's the consummate coach and mentor. I recommend Lorrie without hesitation to anyone who wants to transform into the best writer they can possibly be.”

Brad McMillen

Jam Thomson

She’s Made Me Such A Stronger Writer

“The guidance I received from Lorrie is worth the value of every single copywriting course I have taken 10 times over! She taught me how to decipher client-speak, nail so many different voices, and become proficient in myriad forms of copywriting. She makes the challenge fun and her critiques are a delight! She’s made me such a stronger writer; I cannot recommend her highly enough. If I were to choose only one resource to advance my copywriting skills, I would choose mentoring with Lorrie hands down!”

Jam Thomson
they/them pronouns

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