Selling to Women Makes You More Profits

How you write to women is definitely different than how you write to men. The good news is when you reach women, you also reach men by default. But masculine-driven copy turns HER off. The difference is subtle but crucial. Let me show you the Secret Language that sells. 

What kind of fire do you need in your marketing?


The Blaze

Rent my brain and let me show you how 20 years of copywriting experience can add sizzle to your marketing. I’ll tap into my experience to explore what can be improved and show you where there are holes in your message. After we meet, you'll get a list of Action Steps to fire up your sales.


The Wildfire

In this 90 day group coaching program we’ll work together to get you from where you are to where you want to be. You’ll get personal mentoring, expertise & advice to continually strategize your growth. This level features ramped-up marketing, creative problem-solving & EXTREME ACCOUNTABILITY.


The Raging Inferno

Let me write for you. I’ll take the wheel & handle your copy strategy & writing from top to bottom. Together we’ll figure out what you need for maximum profits. Your needs don’t fit in simple box. Let’s talk! The Discovery Process is where the magic starts, and it’s required for every single client I consider.


Lorrie Is a fantastic instructor...

Lorrie isn’t just a natural born copywriter, but a superb coach as well. When I went through John Carlton’s Simple Writing System course, Lorrie was a fantastic instructor, giving me the feedback I needed to polish up my weak points and make my strengths as a copywriter really shine.

Thanks to her coaching, I was able to really take my copywriting to the next level, and get the confidence I needed to land my dream job with at Agora Financial only a few months later!

Put her to the test and don’t be surprised if she blows your expectations away as well! Why are you still reading this? Reach out to her, now!

Start Working With Lorrie Today!