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The Wildfire Is Currently Closed. Sign Up for the Waiting List: Lorrie at Red Hot Copy dot com.

Wildfire was designed as a group coaching setting BUT the people I’m coaching are in such different places that I’m doing one-on-one sessions for the time being.

That’s good news and bad news for you. On the one hand, we learn a lot of unexpected things in group coaching. On the other hand, you’ll be getting 100% focus.

So Wildfire takes place over 90-days. We’ll have an initial call to strategize where you want to be at the end of that time. That could mean building your list, getting more clients, improving your copywriting skills, running your copywriting business or whatever you need in the marketing realm. (A lot of times we end up with strategies that last past the 90 days but we just focus on what you can get done in the first three months.)

We’ll have a live 60-minute call every other week. In between calls, we’ll be in touch weekly at the minimum to make sure you’re on track. The accountability is the real juice of this program and it works to stuff done. You’re also welcome to email me as much as you like in between our calls with any questions or comments.

It’s a 90-day commitment at $4,500. Or you can pay $1,660 now and two more payments of $1,650 monthly if you prefer. There's a short application process.

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