What Are Others Saying About Lorrie


“If you become *good* at writing decent copy you can make a small fortune -- and that's no exaggeration.

My good friend, Lorrie Morgan is one of the most UNDERRATED copywriters (and best copywriting TEACHERS) on the entire Internet.  If you’re looking for someone to break down the mastery of copywriting into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process, you should check Lorrie out.”

John Reese

"Lorrie flatters me, often, by saying I helped her launch her career...

but to be fair, my part was more like simply lighting the fuse on a rocket ready to go. She came out of nowhere, and quickly became the most widely-known and respected female copywriters around -- working with Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Joe Polish, and other top marketers. She brings a super-savvy female perspective to copywriting, as well as showing up most of the guys who have been in the freelance gig much longer than her. As a professional, she comes with the highest recommendation possible.”

John Carlton


"Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill you can outsource because it's good copy that sells products!"

It's good copy that sells services. It's good copy that sells ANYTHING. As a copywriter in my 'past life,' I made hundreds of thousands of dollars writing copy that sells, and I'm telling you Lorrie will show you the exact same strategies I used for my clients! You'll save thousands of dollars over hiring a pro to write your copy for you, and copywriting is a skill that will help make you money for LIFE."

Alexandria Brown


“Helped Hundreds of Our Clients”

"Lorrie is not only a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with but she's an absolute magician when it comes to writing copy...and coaching it. Her extensive knowledge of persuasion, human behaviour, and the nuances of great copywriters helped hundreds of our clients improve their Facebook ads, landing pages, and email campaigns. If you're considering working with her, I can't recommend her highly enough."

Yuri Elkaim
Healthpreneur Founder

Bond Halbert

“Lorrie shows you not only how to write bullets but...

she categorizes different types of bullets and explains where to put them in your copy and I’ve never seen that before.

I don’t care how well you write, grab this training. You won’t regret it.”

Bond Halbert

“Back when I was a total copywriting rookie”

I used to look up to Lorrie. Now that I’m successful … I still look up to Lorrie! She’s a true legend of the craft — and I’m a genuine fan!"

Daniel Throssell

Daniel Throssell
Adil Amarsi

""I've followed Lorrie Morgan for nearly my entire 15 year career as a professional copywriter."

Her training, mindset, and mentoring abilities are incredible.

It wasn't until Lorrie and I started working closer together in my mentoring company that I truly got to see how brilliant she is.

Her ability to help copywriters get out of their own heads (and way) is incredible and so loving.

She goes above and beyond everything you could imagine.

Seeing her bullet point psychology training unfurl first-hand with our mentees is nothing short of incredible and I'm forever grateful to be close to Lorrie.

If you're looking to bush up your copy chops, be mentored, or have a POWERHOUSE coach literally guide you through the world of copy.

(Not to mention being a genuine disciple of Gary Halbert and John Carlton) - Lorrie Morgan is your mentor!"

Asil Amarsi
The $900 Million Dollar Copywriter


“I used to think my bullets were good.”

For every project I would open the Screaming Eagle... Hammer out a few bullets... And pat myself on the back for 'stealing smart.'

Enter the Red Hot Bullets Blueprint.

Lorrie and Chase opened my mind to next-level writing. Lorrie's unique take on bullet R&D makes it easy to turn starter bullets into copy oozing with persuasion.

Now, before writing anything else I draft dozens, if not hundreds, of bullets. But NOT by apeing old masters. Instead, the creative process Lorrie and Chase teach helps me create bullets that are the core of my copy AND they’re original.

If you want to improve your copy fast, Red Hot Bullets Blueprint is one of the best investments you'll ever make.

Drew Stallcop
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

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“My Copywriting is Going to Improve Dramatically!!”

“I wanted to improve my copy to do my own self promotion. I expect the workshop to be really hard and require me to think a lot, but Lorrie made it fun and easy. I’ve been searching for a step-by-step copywriting formula and I finally found it. I’m sure my copy writing is going to improve dramatically. I’ll be on fire!”

Elizabeth Ruiz
Direct Marketing RX

“Now I’ve Got the Details on How to Write Copy Step-by-Step”

I came to this because I’ve been stuck the last two years and I want to get kick started. This is going to give me the kick start I need to really get our website going. This copywriting blueprint has given me the big picture of what we really need to do in our company as well as the details how to write copy step by step. It is a great program and we are really happy to be involved with Lorrie.

Kevin Humphreys
Success Design International

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“Now I Know HOW to Do It!”

I was so pleased that I was here today. I was hesitating coming because time is of the essence. I want to thank you Lorrie. You reconnected me to why I did The Daring website and reconnected me to my story. I have to put that on the website. It really needs to shine through.

Francine Allaire

Now's Your Chance To Get On Board...

“I Never Knew How Simple It Could Be!”

I really loved taking your copywriting course today. It was just awesome for me. I have many years of business experience. I was a trial attorney before. Now I hold spiritual transformation seminars.

I’ve done a lot of writing, but I’ve never known until today how simple it can be. You made it so clear, so specific. You let me know that I can write just by how I talk and that’s how I connect with people. That was just so awesome and made it so easy. Thank you very much!

Esperanza Universal

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“Beyond My Expectations!”

I wasn’t sure about coming. I knew that I needed to know this information, but I wasn’t sure what I would get out of it because I work in a spiritual area and so I didn’t know if this would translate.

It was fabulous. I got more than I thought I would. In fact, I signed up for other things. I know that all the things we learned today will be very very useful to me. I was thrilled to pieces with everything. Thank you!

Liana Carbón

“Highly Recommended!”

I’m really delighted with your workshop today. I’m a creative writer and have written books, but I’ve been terrified of writing copy.

Lorrie has made this a very simple process and fun. Also the authenticity of the work makes me feel like I can do this shamelessly.

I would just encourage this class for anybody who wants to extend their abilities as a writer in the marketplace.

Lisa Powers
Get Your Message Out

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“I Thought I Knew It All!”

I've been in business for many years helping hundreds of entrepreneurs do their planning and gain access to the resources they need to become successful. I have information products and have written many sales letters. I was a little hesitant coming to Lorrie's program because I thought I knew it all. I've been doing this for many years, but I decided to attend the one-day workshop and I was really impressed.

Not only did I get inspiration and fresh ideas, but I was able to work on my copy right there during the workshop and interact with experts. I think it has really taken me to another level.

I highly recommend the program even if you've had products and services out there and you've been writing your own copy for a long time, just do it. It is worth it. Just the one day was just phenomenal.

Maria Simone

Ready To Learn More About Lorrie?

“I Learned Hands-On What to Do and How to Do It !”

I have learned a lot at Lorrie's copywriting workshop. I was particularly impressed that I didn't get a lot of hype. This was a really refreshing workshop where I learned hands-on what to do, how to do it, and we had a chance to work on our copy and headlines right there.

Lorrie knows what she is talking about and she delivers it in a very helpful way that is fun to work with. I highly recommend it.

Patsi Krakoff

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“Demystified Copywriting!”

I got so much out of this workshop. Just in one day I feel like you really demystified copywriting and broke it down into digestible little chunks.

You made it really simple to put all the pieces together. I’m really excited about using those ideas and doing my future copy. Thank you!

Terry Hoover
Soulful Self-Employment

“The thing I learned the most was…”

how to set it all up. How to make a process so that you can duplicate your copywriting time after time for websites, for squeeze pages, for emails that you want to send out to your clients to encourage them to go further in their relationship with you.

So thanks very much Lorrie, it was wonderful!

 Thomas Cook
Tronto Real Estate

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"I am at the She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp and while I have had many aha moments..."

one especially good one is that even though I wrote copy before I did it in the wrong way. Meaning it took me a lot more time and I had a lot more stress. Now I did it in half the time and half the stress. And I love it.

 Angie Manning

“If you have people coming to your Website...

Copywriting is the number 1 thing that is going to stop them and catch their attention!” See what Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s Season One of “The Apprectice” has to say about “The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp”.

Kristi Frank


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Read On To Find What Even More People Are Saying About Lorrie

Maria Lindley

Reach your A-HA moment

“Lorrie gently holds your hand as she guides you through the process of building a powerful sales letter. By asking insightful questions and adding thought-provoking suggestions, she helps you reach your “a-ha” moment and suddenly it all makes sense.

Generous and patient with a sprinkle of humor that instantly puts you at ease, Lorrie teaches and dispenses her wisdom that enables you to craft money-printing copy.”

Maria Lindley


"Lorrie… you are the BEST COPYWRITER I have ever worked with.

Hands Down! Smart. Savvy. Easy to communicate with and you nail it every time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Amy Applebaum



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I’d Like to Credit Lorrie With Helping me Earn $7,674 in 72 Hours."

And tens of thousands of dollars since then using copywriting techniques she taught me. You know how sometimes you learn something you didn’t even know you needed to know? That’s what learning copywriting from Lorrie is like. I work with independent professionals and entrepreneurs everyday and I’d say the single biggest reason their incomes aren’t higher is bad copy.”

Michael Port


"This Was Awesome"

“I can hardly wait to build my online business with your help. You're up there with Kennedy, Carlton, Halbert, etc! So CHARGE MORE! You're worth it!”

LouAnn Savage

"So Much Valuable Content!"

I just received Lorrie Morgan's "Speed Copywriting Workshop" in the mail and after only one day of watching the DVDs (I still have six or seven to go – SO much valuable content!) I can honestly say that this is going to be one of the most valuable tools in my resource library!

Lorrie breaks down her speed copywriting steps into easy-to-use and easy-to-understand pieces (or should I say chicken chunks?) and it makes writing copy so simple!  Never before has copywriting seemed easy to me – it was always that big, ugly project that I never wanted to take on.  Now, I feel like I have the backing to take these types of projects head on and produce results!”

Erin Blaskie
Business Services, ETC.


"It Was Amazing!"

"I actually didn't want it to end! The coaches were phenomenal. They all bring different skills and genres to the table. Lorrie is SO generous with her time and knowledge."

Michele Hunter


“Lorrie Morgan is more than a masterful copywriter.”

She is a  thought pioneer and global visionary for companies who market to women.

Her unique ability to get into the female mind coupled with the masterful way she captures their hearts culminates into powerful marketing copy designed to cultivate long term relationships with the female consumer.

Lorrie Morgan is the definitive answer to successfully marketing to women.

I highly recommend Lorrie if you want to dramatically increase your revenues and profits while cultivating long term relationships with your female consumer.  Avoid using her at your own peril!

Ileana Kane

"Excellent And Brilliant!"

“Blueprint, sales letter, tarket, chicken chunks, SPEED copywriting - I love it! You released me to write bad headlines until they got good. I also learned about writing personal copy. Thank you!!"

Ann Convery

“I’ve made over $19,000 from the copywriting skills Lorrie taught me."

Lorrie, no one I know in the industry teaches the principles and techniques of kick-ass, get ‘em-to-buy copywriting as well as you do.

I went from a fumbling and confused wanna be marketer to an unstoppable marketing maverick because you showed me step-by-step how to write words that persuade and sell. And I never thought of myself as a “sales” person – I have an art background.

But you’re special in that way because you understand what it’s like to be a heart-based person and you are so gifted at showing people like us how to win in the internet marketing game.

Thank you so much Lorrie because FINALLY there’s someone teaching copy with a down-to-earth, sensitive approach!”

James Roche


"the power of acting on your ideas"

I will just get my not so perfect copy out instead of letting it sit and stress me out.

You have given me a reference for the power of acting on your ideas - having the courage to throw down the gauntlet and striking out to do your own thing. Thank you!

George Franco


“Lorrie Morgan has a really great system to learn to invite people through your copy..."

...to come to your websites or to your squeeze pages or go wherever you want to send them. Because she is showing you how to write personalized copy as if you are talking to a person just like I am doing right now.

We are learning the long form writing as well as the squeeze page writing so, whatever kind of writing you have to have in your business, you are going to find it with Lorrie Morgan.

Neil Evanson


“In the course of a lifetime - if you're lucky -
you run into a few great teachers and mentors.”

“Lorrie Morgan hits the mark in the copywriting arena.  Whether you're a novice or seasoned pro, the information and guidance that Lorrie shares on copywriting and marketing is not just invaluable, but extraordinarily generous.

Best of all, Lorrie teaches in a way that puts everyone on par. She is amazingly gracious, positive and supportive. And the students in her classes respond to Lorrie and each other in just that way. There is no pretense or posturing here - just teaching and learning at its best. Thanks Lorrie!"

Phyllis Schwartz

...her approach to marketing which is very focused and very effective but softer and with rounder edges that has women going—yes, at last!

If you are in business for yourself; you know how essential it is to know what you are doing and how to do it effectively. If you have ever felt that marketing is a little too straight-lined, with sharp corners and a little too in-your-face and you want a very effective and softer way of to reach your audience, you need to be here and you need to learn from Lorrie Morgan.

Be there for each call where she is explaining her approach to marketing which is very focused and very effective but softer and with rounder edges that has women going—yes, at last! You can relate to this style."

Linda Rivero


"Hi Lorrie, What can I say but, Where have you been all my life?"

"Hi Lorrie, What can I say but, "Where have you been all my life? Having started out as a college professor, I have been trying for years to transform my boring academic writing into captivating prose. And it was a slow process until you came along!

After taking your copy writing class all my writing has improved. I have a more engaging style, a clearer call to action, and most importantly better results! Total strangers are now signing up for my newsletters, eclasses, etc. And I also found I have a knack for writing titles.

In my last marketing tele-class my classmates were literally clamoring for my help with their titles. Besides being so helpful to me, you are just, simply the best copy writer I've ever encountered (and I have read some of the best). Reading your stuff is like landing in colorful Oz after having lived in black and white Kansas. Thank you so much!"

Dr. Lauren Outland


“Working with Lorrie is like working with an old friend!”

"Lorrie and her team are fun, engaging, encouraging... and brilliant! Definitely a worth-while experience."

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg
Dream Expert and Author

“Lorrie’s excitement and enthusiasm are contagious.”

"After every call, I am motivated and have new ideas that I can’t wait to implement. Her She Factor philosophy completely changed the way I think about, and relate to, my clients.

I think she is going to revolutionize the copywriting industry with her feminine-friendly copywriting style. Thank you, Lorrie, for a wonderful class!"

Deena Douglas


"Lorrie, you're great. And that's official!"

Your simple straight forward formula and process for creating compelling copy rocks. I now feel fully confident to tackle the job of writing my own sales letters. In fact Lorrie has made copywriting so fascinating I've already crafted a letter.

I'll be sending it straight to George Bush and Tony Blair, recommending that copywriting be put on the list of controlled substances! That's how addictive copywriting is. I'm now hooked good and proper.

Lorrie, thank you also for your impromptu sales letter critique. Totally blown away and have already built in all your recommendations."

Loz Wilson


“If you're looking to learn from the best of the best in modern copywriting, look no further than Lorrie Morgan.”

"Lorrie was one of the first women on the scene playing with the 'big boys' over a decade ago. She quickly realized many women and conscious souls weren't benefiting from the caveman style.

So she pioneered a new way to sell from a heart-based place. Plus Lorrie has what I call that 'sassy soul sister' mentality that comes through in her mentoring."

Kelly O'Neill

“Lorrie Morgan has changed my life! ”

"Not only have I learned tons about how to write attention-grabbing copy, my energy level when I sit down to write even a simple e-mail just skyrockets! Lorrie's style of teaching is smooth, simple to understand and takes the student through a method of learning that reminds me of a float trip down a river - constantly forward, occasionally challenging and always wet, wild and fun! Just go with it!"

Steve Majors

“Writing conscious copy doesn't involve just a softer touch, or dumbing down your message.”

“It's speaking to people from the heart... and talking to them on a one-on-one basis.

It resonates at a higher level with their emotions... which is the part of the brain that decides whether or not they feel good enough, trust enough, and believe enough of what you are saying to give you their money.

Lorrie's course does that, and far more.”

Lawton Chiles
Copywriter for Trey Smith, Mike Koenigs, Amish Shah, and others.



“Lorrie teaches you a SYSTEM for writing copy”

" nobody else I have ever studied under gave me a system I could follow and be successful with every time I write sales copy. Lorrie's teaching style is very interactive, while being very instructional."

Diane Conklin


“Thank you Lorrie, for being on the cutting-edge of a new way of doing business.”

"We have to regain the trust and loyalty of our customers and it is definitely done by speaking their language. The language of honesty, integrity and care. These economic times are really a crisis of trust and writing with heart and for relationship-building IS the future. Thank Goodness!"

Christine Holbrook

“I'm a professional copywriter and I have to tell you that Lorrie's Red Hot Copy Bootcamp improved my copywriting... ”

" more quickly and dramatically than anything I've ever done (and I've done lots!). My confidence level shot off the charts. Not only that, but Lorrie's an amazingly generous spirit: just when you think you got what you expected, she gives and gives and gives some more. Lorrie: you inspire me!"

Maggie Dennison

“Thank you Lorrie, for being on the cutting-edge of a new way of doing business.”

"Not only do Lorrie’s methods help me write attention-grabbing copy that speaks directly to the buyer on their level, Lorrie makes everything very easy to learn and remember. Thanks, Lorrie for doing what you do and doing it so well."

Jessica Martinez
GC Marketing Communications


“What's refreshing about Lorrie's material is… ”

"As an entrepreneur I couldn't care less about copywriting.  But I do want to know how to increase my sales.  I had achieved a high level of traffic visiting my website, but I wasn't making the sales I needed to survive.  It became clear to me that I wasn't meeting the needs of those potential customers.  What I said on the site and how I said it wasn't capturing their attention.

What's refreshing about Lorrie's material is that the content is extensive, thorough, and extremely adaptable.  It's easy to modify her examples to fit your own copy. Her step-by-step process made it easy for me to learn the methods and apply them to my own site. When I applied her methods to the sites I use for my Google campaigns, my conversion rates increased immediately.  Next, I began to see product inquiries reach all time records.

And when I wrote my sales letters, suddenly I went from making the occasional sale to gaining new customers every day of the week."

James P. McMahon
Ecologist, www.cleanairpurewater.com


“I am here to alert you to sign up for anything that Lorrie Morgan teaches.”

"One of the things I got that is absolutely critical to business is learning how to write a very structured sales letter—I had no idea how to do it. Lorrie takes you through a very specific template; in fact she gives you the template on how to write the sales letter.

She gives you lots of information and lots of encouragement and lots of time to work on it and she made something that was difficult and overwhelming for me so easy and I am so grateful."

Robbie Hocheck

“Lorrie, you changed my whole outlook on writing sales letters!”

“You made writing sales copy something I used to dread into something easy for me to write. Your classes have totally turned the corner for me and since learning your methods I am now able to write stellar sales letters that have made my sales spike. Your style has been invigorating and enlightening. You have made writing sales copy easier than ever, and I now can crank out sales copy in no time flat knowing it will be good. Thank you Lorrie! You have made me LIKE to write sales letters!”

Christina Hills


“Lorrie taught me excellent copywriting tips”

"Lorrie taught me excellent copywriting tips and made me lots of money by using her copywriting techniques. "Inspiring the Amazon Within" is a program directed towards women in power and I have been able to really see where the holes in my plan have been and how I can start to really make an impact on my readers and people interested in my work."

Kyle King

“Flashing red text and heavy fear based sales questions make my stomach turn."

"Flashing red text and heavy fear based sales questions make my stomach turn. There is a new, fresh, delicious copywriting style that generates high conversions and inspiration. Lorrie Morgan is the pioneer leading this conscious writing style paradigm shift. Her work has catapulted my business- you have got to get your hands on it!"

Tracy Lee Jones
Founder of The Feminine Business Model


“Flashing red text and heavy fear based sales questions make my stomach turn.”

"Lorrie taught me excellent copywriting tips and made me lots of money by using her copywriting techniques. "Inspiring the Amazon Within" is a program directed towards women in power and I have been able to really see where the holes in my plan have been and how I can start to really make an impact on my readers and people interested in my work."

Marcia Wieder
EO/Founder, Dream University

“I facilitate miracles daily helping clients get clarity, choice and real change in their lives but I must admit, I failed to write effective copy - until now..”

"Your simple, paint-by-number system has been a lifesaver and career booster beyond my wildest dreams. Not only did it provide a template for a dynamo short sales letter but the priceless tips, tricks and tools are an essential foundation for everything that needs to be written to promote any product or service. I can't wait to upgrade everything with this new knowledge."

Sandy Pendleton

Sandy Pendleton