As a professional copywriter you’re not looking for…


❌  Another course to add to your stockpile 


❌  Another stack of useless plug ‘n play templates


❌  Another pile of 1,000 swipes to sift through 


You can throw all that sh*t away.


Let’s cut to the chase…


What you really need is a SYSTEM that helps you whip out stronger copy with a creative edge…much more quickly. 


I’m not going to tease you. I’m gonna give you the answer straight. 


Because I’m tired of seeing so much copy out there that could be ridiculously better if we all did this one thing. 




Write your bullets first. 


The best and most respected copywriters working today have always done it this way. And for good reason. It works.

Writing bullets is not a “niche skill.” They’re the cornerstone to all of your copy. Period.

The sad truth is no matter how long freelancers have been working, bullets are the weak link in most toolkits. 


That gap directly translates into a cycle of low-paying gigs, lost reputation, and a shot to the ol’ self-esteem.


Worse yet, this mysterious skill is woefully undertaught.

The real problem is…

So many trainings out there have failed us all. They gloss over the bullet section.


Oh, the course creators make it look deceptively simple. They'll show you some of their stellar examples. But they don't really show you how to do it yourself. 


Or they refer you to read the Screaming Eagle and consider their job done.


Don’t get me wrong…the Screaming Eagle is hugely useful. But when you rely SOLELY on a template alone you’re training your brain to dumb itself down. 


You’re crushing your own innovation! 


So stop apeing other people’s ideas and harness your OWN bullet-writing power.

I Created the 3-D SYSTEM to Craft High-Caliber Bullets that Hit Your Target (So You Can Command Higher Fees & More Respect)…

When you see bullets in the wild, they’ve already been polished to taunt, tease, and sell. (Hopefully anyway!)


Which made it challenging to figure out how to teach others to make their bullets pack a wallop. 


So I rolled up my sleeves and deconstructed WHY really good bullets work…and how to create them effortlessly. That’s when I realized there’s a deceivingly easy roadmap to get you there.


I call it the 3-D Bullet Writing System.


✔️ The first stage is to DIG


✔️ The second stage is to DRAFT


✔️ And the final stage is to DEVELOP


See what I did there? There are three D’s. The 3-D System. Get it?


I know, I know. It sounds ridiculously simple. And it actually IS once you understand the steps behind each of the 3 stages.


There really IS a system! Hallelujah! No more staring dopily at a blank page waiting to be inspired. 


And you don’t have to slave away for eons to learn this stuff either. Because I put it all together in an easy-to-follow workshop called…

Red Hot Bullets Blueprint

The Insider’s Guide to Grabbing Eyeballs and Fanning Desire With Fascinations, Hooks, and Headlines

It’s for copywriters looking to be the gold standard in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re fairly new or a seasoned pro…as long as you have some basic copywriting knowledge.


✔️ If you have nubs for fingernails from biting them or bald patches from pulling out your hair trying to write bullets…


✔️ If you’re looking to get an edge over the competition


✔️ If you’re looking to 10 times the power of your copy (and your career)...


Bullets are the simple answer.

I’m taking you by the hand and walking you through my 3-D Bullet Creation System, step-by-step.

Inside you’ll discover…

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How my 3-D system easily transforms benefits into bullet-writing masterpieces that drive the sale home

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    The one critical thing you must do before pulling up a chair to write a single bullet…miss this step and you’re destined to turn out pathetic, wimpy bullets

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Why not understanding which type of bullet you’re going to use (or choosing the wrong style) creates “dud-level” copy

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How writing bullets BEFORE you’ve even created your product can actually turn your offer into an irresistible powerhouse

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Why you should use the “Double Moon Rule” to morph limp bullets into dynamic forces of nature

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    The deadly mistake even professional copywriters can’t seem to shake that drowns their copy like a palm tree in a tsunami

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Which two habits you already do on the regular that you can harness to effortlessly crank out sizzling bullets like an overzealous influencer on TikTok

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Exactly which multi-sensory words and phrases make your bullets pop off the page

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    5 ways you might not have thought of to easily bank a TON more money by becoming a bullet-writing whiz kid

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    The time-tested secret you can learn from musicians and painters about writing bolder bullets

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How to find your own voice and not mimic what you think a bullet should look like

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How many bullets you should write in the draft phase (this number might surprise you)

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How to apply “Mind Meld Method” that effortlessly transforms your rando thoughts into powerful rounds of ammo on paper

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How to use the mental ventriloquism of "Han Solo Bullets" to anticipate their objections and weave it in the copy

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Easy ways to get them to say YES faster with "Wedding Bullets," craftily designed to march them toward commitment...and the ORDER NOW button

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    And so much more!

There is no other bullet workshop on the market that goes as far down the rabbit hole as we do. It's frankly the last word in bullet creation.


With this workshop, you'll be spewing more captivating bullets per second than a geyser at Yellowstone

With the Red Hot Bullets Blueprint, you’ll walk away with a system you can use over and over again to churn out copy that will make even the historic Masters of Copywriting green with envy. 


This is the ONLY training where you can discover...

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How to perform like a copywriting master when you know which of the 12 DIFFERENT styles of bullets you need…and where to use them for maximum impact

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Which type of bullet you should never use in your copy at the risk of looking like a noob

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How to use The Coyote-Badger Method to shortcut your research while not watering down your results

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    12 little-known search engine tricks that have you making Google your bitch

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How thinking like a cave dweller helps you reach straight to the heart of your market’s deepest (unconscious even) desires

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Exactly how to wake up the Feature Creature in your mind to unleash your most creative (and bizzaro) thoughts ever

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    The counterintuitive reason why you should never write your headline first!

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    7 unusual idea generators that’ll have you easily pumping out snazzy, eyeball-grabbing bullets

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How to use sex to uplevel your marketing in 5 toe-curling ways

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    10 no-fail bullet templates that work for every market

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    12 bullet starters to unfreeze your brain and banish writer’s block

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    How learning this one trick makes your bullets memorable (and repeatable) while boosting your authority

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    The 5 non-negotiable tenets about design you must know or risk your message getting passed over by ready-to-act buyers

Here's the skinny on each sesh...

  • Session 1: All Bullets Are Not Created Equal (A Taxonomy Guide)

Every bullet begins as an idea in your head. We’ll look at the DNA of bullets and how to generate more creative outcomes. This new way to look at bullet creation will change your life. It’s so electrifying you might even forget your name.

  • Session 2: Can You Dig It? (Secrets to Great Research)

Before you build anything, you have to plan the foundation. If you don’t know who you’re aiming at, you’re wasting your time. In this session, we’ll show you innovative ways to gather the raw materials you need for the build. 

  • Session 3: Drafting Your Masterpiece Framework

We’ll start off with a quick review of what you’ve done. Then we’ll move on to cover the different categories of bullets, discuss the psychological impact, and reveal the basic bullet formula that lays the foundation for your future supernovas.

  • Session 4: Bullets That Hook

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. We'll show you which bullets specialize in hooking your prospect and turning them into a frothy puddle of desire. Then we’ll take your basic bullets and show you how to easily uplevel them to masterpiece level. We’ll also break down classic before-and-after examples to inspire your imagination.

  • Session 5: Bullets That Close

Now you have them panting in anticipation of owning your product or buying your service. We'll show you how to close them and extract their money from their bank account with panache. These bullets make closing the sale a walk in the park.  

  • Session 6: Bullets and Design - The Codependent Marriage With Special Guest Lori Haller

One of the least discussed topics around bullets is design. We have world-class graphic designer, Lori Haller (who's also a wizard at direct response) in da house to unveil the mysteries of making your bullets pop off the page. Let’s goooooo!

And as if that’s not enough to float your boat, you also get these career-boosting bonuses to use in any copy you create…

The Free Goodies…

  • Quick Start Guide To Nail Your Bullets Every Time ($1,000 value)

I get it…Some people learn best with video. Others learn best by reading. We have you covered either way. This detailed companion guide to the Red Hot Bullets Blueprint system will have you cranking out masterful bullets in an afternoon. Even Marie Kondo would be impressed at how organized it is. And it’s a great reference guide to keep next to your desk.

  • Where to Place Your Bullets for Maximum Conversion ($500 value)

This bonus session gives you the 10,000 foot view of how to use your bullets most effectively. You'll understand why certain bullets work better, depending on where you add them to your copy. Once you grok this, your copy practically writes itself. And your offer pops off the page as an irresistible Must Buy Now.

  • Tarket Architecture ($1,000 value)

A “Tarket” is the singular version or persona of your target market. Understanding who your bullets are intended for is half the battle…but many copywriters only know how to scratch the surface. This deep dive into constructing your perfect Tarket is so detailed, they will practically spring off the page and start talking to you. (Not liable if you get creeped out.) This bonus is incredibly valuable because it’s where ALL your copy begins. Get it wrong, and you have a case of garbage in/garbage out.

  • Legendary Bullet Swipe Files ($800)

Swipe files are the kingpin to any working copywriter’s arsenal…but a lot of them don’t pull focus on bullets. This 228-page collection was generously provided by my good marketing friend, Matt Bockenstette of Copy Legends. Check it out and can see how the masters before you tackled their bullets. These examples will inspire your muse to wake the hell up and get to work.

  • 12 Additional Bullet Wrangling Clinics (kinda priceless)

To really turn your bullets into gold, you need practice. I'll walk you through 12 different examples and break down my process. We're covering the bullet gamut: 

  • Bullets that won in a Copy Chief contest against other hungry copywriters
  • Bullets for SaaS
  • Bullets that sell to women
  • Bullets for a survival product
  • Bullets for a luxury product
  • Underground A-lister Adil Amarsi's take on bullets
  • Bullets using AI - Session 1
  • Bullets using AI - Session 2
  • Bullets using AI - Session 3
  • Email Bullet Domination template



All these bonuses add up to over $3,300 to add to your arsenal on top of learning an irreplaceable skill that adds more zeros to your bank account.

"So, let's cut to the chase...HOW MUCH?"

Fair question. When we first did this program as a live training, we got $797 per seat. And it sold out.


That was our beta price though. The next live training will probably run $1,497. But this is a DIY version, so we aren’t going to ask anywhere close to that amount.


Since we know that mastering bullets is a skillset that can easily skyrocket your rates and set you apart from the herd…


And that there really isn’t another program available on bullet creation at this level…


We feel comfortable selling at $597. I mean, this knowledge can change the trajectory of your career.

"Listen to What These Ink Slingers Have to Say About The Training..."

Professional Copywriter Dawn Apuan Was Blown Away By This Course

Matt Bockenstette

"Lorrie Morgan Is The Unrivaled Queen Of Bullets"

My entire working world revolves around copywriting – from writing my own offers & emails, to building one of the largest libraries of original-source copywriting resources in the world, to cultivating a community of nearly 7,000 copywriters worldwide…

And despite all that… there's still ONE particular copywriting superpower that I (and most copywriters) have a desperate necessity to acquire – BULLETS.

And I'll admit… before attending Lorrie's bullet training, I grossly underestimated not only the power and impact of beautifully written bombproof bullets but also… the various TYPES of bullets (you'll discover a dozen unique kinds in this training alone.)

If you're serious about your craft – if you're truly serious about BECOMING a professional copywriter – then you absolutely must master the art of writing EACH critical type of bullet.

Lucky for you, you're in the right place – Lorrie is the unrivaled Queen of bullets, and the perfect copywriter to teach you how to acquire your newest (and most potent) copywriting superpower.

Make this investment in yourself – and your craft – and you'll discover the true, untapped power of your own words.

Matt Bockenstette, Copy Legends


"This Will Be A Valuable Resource I Reference Over And Over Again"

Lorrie is a rockstar in the copy world. Learning how to craft bullets as taught by her and her son Chase was not only packed with valuable information and insights, but it was fun too. They have a great rapport and compliment each other well as instructors.

The course is on how to craft bullets, but the information on research tips and strategies applies to all manners of research in a much broader sense.

The “Bullets Taxonomy” framework really drove home the different types of bullets, and when and how to use them. This will be a valuable resource I reference over and over again.

Jess Kelly, Copywriter


Jess Kelly
Sonam Zahrt-Tenzin

"Hit Your Target More Accurately, At High Frequency...

I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop though, both you (Lorrie) and Chase were killer presenters. The ways you broke down and reframed bullets was transformative—

Before: I knew bullets were essential. Fundamental units of persuasion, like atoms to the molecule. And much like I’d struggle in a chem lab to build some important molecule (like a life-saving drug or something)… I was struggling to construct winning bullets.

After:  I am now a deadly ink slinger. This workshop upgraded both my weapon and my “shot”—

1.) My weapon: A new deep understanding of proven bullet anatomy.

2.) My shot: a macro-level strategy for when to use each one of the many kinds of bullets Lorrie covers and the important nuances for each specific situation. After learning this your bullets will meet your reader where they are (mentally) which makes your copy feel much more sensible and compelling so you’ll hit your “target” more accurately, at high frequency.

Lorrie is an A-list educator as well as copywriter.

Sonam Zahrt-Tenzin, Copywriter


"...This Course FOREVER Changed The Way I Approach Any Writing Project"

“I've always struggled with bullet creation.  How to think about them.  How to start them.  And how to make them sharp and tight so they achieve that knock-out persuasive punch every pro copywriter shoots for.

This anxiety was compounded by knowing the best writers in the world always write their bullets first and that they're foundational to ANY strong sales message.   Like how in the hell could I call myself a copywriter without a solid grasp of this basic and foundational skill?

So I decided to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and get Lorrie Morgan's Red Hot Bullets program.  And thank God I did!  Because I discovered a world of bullets that goes WAY beyond the "attach a benefit to a feature" kind of thing.

There are bullets you use to start your message, bullets you use to summarize your product and even bullets you can use to shoot down objections in your prospect's mind before they even come up!  Like how cool is that?!

Okay Bottomline, this course FOREVER changed the way I approach any writing project.  And that combined with Lorrie's LIVE feedback made this investment a freakin' no-brainer.

So if you want to finally, finally MASTER this essential skill that will put you miles ahead of other writers, I'd highly recommend this training that gets super focused on an area that's been quite neglected up until now.“

Rich Oka
Pro Copywriter

Rich Oka
Bond Halbert

“Lorrie shows you not only how to write bullets but...

she categorizes different types of bullets and explains where to put them in your copy and I’ve never seen that before.

I don’t care how well you write, grab this training. You won’t regret it.”

Bond Halbert

“I used to think my bullets were good.”

For every project I would open the Screaming Eagle... Hammer out a few bullets... And pat myself on the back for 'stealing smart.'

Enter the Red Hot Bullets Blueprint.

Lorrie and Chase opened my mind to next-level writing. Lorrie's unique take on bullet R&D makes it easy to turn starter bullets into copy oozing with persuasion.

Now, before writing anything else I draft dozens, if not hundreds, of bullets. But NOT by apeing old masters. Instead, the creative process Lorrie and Chase teach helps me create bullets that are the core of my copy AND they’re original.

If you want to improve your copy fast, Red Hot Bullets Blueprint is one of the best investments you'll ever make.

Drew Stallcop
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

Adil Amarsi

"I've followed Lorrie Morgan for nearly my entire 15 year career as a professional copywriter."

Her training, mindset, and mentoring abilities are incredible.

It wasn't until Lorrie and I started working closer together in my mentoring company that I truly got to see how brilliant she is.

Her ability to help copywriters get out of their own heads (and way) is incredible and so loving.

She goes above and beyond everything you could imagine.

Seeing her bullet point psychology training unfurl first-hand with our mentees is nothing short of incredible and I'm forever grateful to be close to Lorrie.

If you're looking to brush up your copy chops, be mentored, or have a POWERHOUSE coach literally guide you through the world of copy.

(Not to mention being a genuine disciple of Gary Halbert and John Carlton) - Lorrie Morgan is your mentor!"

Adil Amarsi
The $900 Million Dollar Copywriter


You’re About to Be One of the Few Copywriters With Serious Bullet Street Cred…

As I’ve mentioned, this is one area of copywriting that’s disgracefully undertaught.


The majority of copywriters struggle with bullets, hooks, and headlines. And if they tell you they don’t, most aren’t being truthful. I rub shoulders with the aces in the industry and there’s always a bit of imposter syndrome when it comes to bullets.


What is it worth to you to be able to sit in front of the keyboard or legal pad and crank out a virtual feast of juicy bullets to amp up your copy? 


I can tell you for me it would have been worth tens of thousands over the years…because knowing what you’re about to discover in the Red Hot Bullets Blueprint takes your copy to top-dog level in a hurry. 

Here's what to do next....

Make the commitment to yourself
You'll get your investment back tenfold when you know how to craft mind-blowing bullets because your copy will be irresistible!

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions
We're giving you the deets everything you need to know about getting the most out of this course

Get ready to rock your bullets, distraction-free
Take this training seriously by setting distraction-free time to go through each session

Get yours today for just $597.

And Ain’t No Risk On Your End

If you’re a tad nervous about committing, I get it. But there’s really NO RISK to you.


Here's why...


Because of its highly-specialized nature, we've been told anyone who takes this course can seriously uplevel ALL their copy skills with this training.  If you find you can't make money by writing better bullets after going through this entire course, no problem.


You have 30 days to check it out and put it into action. If it's not for you, just email us before the 30 days is up, and we’ll give you back your total investment.


No bad blood between us, pinky swear…and you can still keep the awesome bonuses. I don’t want you to invest in something that isn’t your jam.


Just $597!

Unicorns are a myth and so are these misconceptions...

Here's the naked truth...

I've been around the block a few times so I've heard a lot of BS over the years. Oh, people may not believe it's BS when they're sharing, but believe me, it is. Here are a few myths about writing bullets I've heard that I need to clear up...


Myth #1: You can grab just about any course on copywriting and learn how to write bullets.


There’s no shortage of courses on the market these days. And, of course, they all say they’re the BEST. I’ve bought 90% of them. They all have their own spin on covering concepts of copy. But I have yet to see one share a failproof system of how to actually write creative bullets that sell. 


Myth #2: If you already know how to write a sales letter, bullets are just the cherry on top.


Um…no. A sales letter (or email or just about any marketing message) is like a blob of ideas without a spine. Bullets are the connective tissue of that beast you’re creating. They drive excitement. They make ideas memorable. They give your copy the oomph it needs.


Myth #3: Writing bullets is the easiest part of the message because they’re short.


You’ve probably already heard the phrase, “If I had more time, I’d have written a shorter letter.” Tighter, pithier copy requires more skill. It takes more research, more brainpower, and more creativity. 


Myth #4: Your target market is too educated and high class to read bullets.


The busier your audience is, the more they crave bullets. And we’re ALL busy, no matter how many degrees or pedigrees we have behind our name. Bullets make it easier to latch onto concepts. Remember, even though technology changes as fast as the Kardashians pop out kids, psychology never does. 


Myth #5: Bullets are an unnecessary luxury if the rest of the copy is good.


The misconception of bullets being a “throwaway” part of the copy is one of the sad excuses why so many freelancers gloss over this section of their work…and their message suffers for it. Because they’re so easy to absorb, bullets drill deep into the psyche of human nature and stick.


Rock your bullets today for just $597.

Hey! What are you still doing on the fence?

If you haven’t pulled the trigger yet, here are the top 10 reasons why you should register right now!


After participating in this workshop you will…


#10 Have a no-fail system for writing bullets


#9 Churn out more powerful hooks and openings


#8 Build out your arsenal with different styles of bullets


#7 Do meaningful research to practically read your audience’s mind


#6 Break your product down to concepts that are easily shared


#5 Overcome writer’s block


#4 Always have a wealth of fresh ideas at your fingertips


#3 Uplevel any piece of copy, any time


#2 Command more respect


And the TOP reason to master bullets...




So don’t wait another moment. This program delivers the goods. 


It's yours for just $597 when you order today.

“So Who’s Running The Show?”

I’m glad you asked. Here are your co-hosts:

Hey, I’m Lorrie Morgan of Red Hot Copy.

Growing up in North Carolina, all I ever wanted to do was be an actress. But my parents thought studying drama in college was a waste of time and money. They were right. So I studied Journalism.

But as soon as I graduated with my B.A. I hot-footed it to Los Angeles to be discovered as an actress anyway. The truth is, I was a terrible actress…but I was a terrific waitress! Instead, I ended up getting married and being a full-time mama to two amazing sons.

Being a mother is everything to me. I was able to stay home and raise my kids for the first 5 years. Then, unfortunately, I got divorced and I had to get a regular job. I became an executive assistant to the CEO of a marketing firm.

It was a good job, but I was miserable. I went from spending all day with my kids to just a few waking hours.

So, in 1999 when my boss retired, I decided not to get another job. I was going to be a freelance writer. I mean, how hard could it be, right? With the Internet exploding, it didn’t really matter where you lived. You could have clients all over the world.

I struggled at first, doing virtual assisting and writing press releases. Then one day I landed a client who wanted me to write a 52 email autoresponder series. (I didn’t even know what an autoresponder was!)

I learned quickly though. Soon I was writing long-form sales letters…but I didn’t have a clue what I was doing at first. Then the heavens opened and I discovered some of the greatest legends to ever hold a pen…and I got to mentor directly with them. I’m talking about Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and Dan Kennedy.

Since those early days, I’ve gone on to write in all kinds of niches: personal development, finance, real estate, survivalist, dating, education, commerce, nutrition, martial arts, firearms, medical, coaching, non-profits, entertainment…sheesh, there have been a lot of others too.

But I’ve been doing this for over 22 years now. It’s hard to remember them all. 

I’ve also held my own live copywriting events and mentoring programs over the years. I’ve developed my own marketing products and launches. I love learning and go to masterminds and marketing events as often as I can.

I was recently named as one of the Greatest Copywriters of All Time (Past and Present) and among The Top 20 Copywriters Who Make the Most Money And What You Can Learn From Them.

When I’m not engulfed in copywriting world, I’m enjoying the cowgirl lifestyle on a 14-acre ranch in rural Arizona. I share it with my partner in crime, 2 dogs, 7 horses, and 8 chickens. To round out the western vibe, I’m also an actual bullet in firearms ammunition. We shoot handguns competitively (and I’m a damn good shot!)


Lorrie Morgan

Lorrie Morgan

Hey, I’m Chase Morgan (Bonus points if the name sounds familiar…and no, I don’t mean the financial institute. Spoiler alert: I’m related to THAT Lorrie Morgan.)

I am a recovering corporate/tech attorney coming off of a nearly 3-year bender in the BigLaw world. For a while, it seemed like I was living a dream, but one day I woke up and realized that the dream wasn’t mine. The high salary came at too high a personal cost as I said goodbye to any free time or close relationships that I had. And I wasn’t even enjoying what I was doing! Simply put, I was losing my soul to the job.

Money is supposed to give you freedom, so I figured… why not cut out the middle man? Growing up with a copywriter in the family, I already knew first-hand the kind of flexibility and freedom that being a copywriter can afford you. Not to mention, copywriting scratches that creative itch I had been ignoring and lets me focus on real people instead of dizzying legal conundrums.

And I thought, that doesn’t sound like too bad a gig!

I’ve been working side-by-side with that Red Hot Copy person for the past year on creating this program and learning from the best. The benefit of having me co-host is I still see copy from a fresh (younger) perspective. I also can’t help but set my legal mind to work finding patterns and weighing strengths and weaknesses in all sorts of copywriting methods and materials. So I can explain things in different ways to see what clicks with you.

What else is there to know about me? I studied psychology and anthropology at NYU and law at Penn Law (which my Jewish mother wants you to know is the Ivy League Penn, not the football-pedophile-scandal Penn). I grew up in Los Angeles, where I sang on the same stage as Tony-award winner Ben Platt and peed in the urinal next to Tom Hanks…twice.

I am currently living in Silicon Valley with my beautiful wife and our chihuahua-mix Sunny. In my free time, I write and play indie-folk music on my guitar. I also admit I am a gigantic nerd who is into video games, tabletop roleplaying, and Japanese anime. I’ve avoided getting shoved into a locker so far.

Chase Morgan

Chase Morgan

'Don’t miss this opportunity to whip up rockin' bullets at the drop of a hat…and earn more money in the process.

You’re in great hands. 

Here are some raving testimonials to prove it!

John Carlton

"Lorrie flatters me, often, by saying I helped her launch her career...

but to be fair, my part was more like simply lighting the fuse on a rocket ready to go. She came out of nowhere, and quickly became the most widely-known and respected female copywriters around -- working with Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Joe Polish, and other top marketers. She brings a super-savvy female perspective to copywriting, as well as showing up most of the guys who have been in the freelance gig much longer than her. As a professional, she comes with the highest recommendation possible.”

John Carlton


"Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill you can outsource because it's good copy that sells products!"

"Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill you can outsource because it's good copy that sells products!"

It's good copy that sells services. It's good copy that sells ANYTHING. As a copywriter in my 'past life,' I made hundreds of thousands of dollars writing copy that sells, and I'm telling you Lorrie will show you the exact same strategies I used for my clients! You'll save thousands of dollars over hiring a pro to write your copy for you, and copywriting is a skill that will help make you money for LIFE."

Ali Brown


Ali Brown
Daniel Throssell

“Back when I was a total copywriting rookie”

I used to look up to Lorrie. Now that I’m successful … I still look up to Lorrie! She’s a true legend of the craft — and I’m a genuine fan!"

Daniel Throssell

"Helped Hundreds of Our Clients"

"Lorrie is not only a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with but she's an absolute magician when it comes to writing copy...and coaching it. Her extensive knowledge of persuasion, human behaviour, and the nuances of great copywriters helped hundreds of our clients improve their Facebook ads, landing pages, and email campaigns. If you're considering working with her, I can't recommend her highly enough."

Yuri Elkaim
Healthpreneur Founder


One of The Best Copy Mentors in The Industry!

"As the Copy Chief for Moxie, Lorrie worked one-on-one with our team of writers providing detailed feedback on projects as well as ongoing guidance and mentorship to help develop their craft. Constructive criticism is one of the most powerful ways any writer can become better at what they do, and having Lorrie provide daily feedback to our writers made all the difference in the world. With her decades of experience combined with an editor's eye for detail, she helped mold and shape our writers to become the very best. If anyone is seeking to become a better writer and develop their craft, Lorrie is one of the best copy mentors in the industry!"

Anika Watkins
Moxie Copywriting


"The Consummate Coach and Mentor"

“As a writer, I know first-hand how much better my copywriting improved at an accelerated pace under Lorrie’s guidance. Is she tough? Yes. Is she fair? Absolutely. Is she an absolute delight to work with? That’s an understatement if there ever was one!

There’s zero doubt I leveled up faster and produced better copy – and results – by working with Lorrie. And I’ll admit I was nervous about someone of her caliber reading and critiquing my work. But she’s got such a calm, fun, helpful demeanor, you feel like you are free to relax and be yourself. She's the consummate coach and mentor. I recommend Lorrie without hesitation to anyone who wants to transform into the best writer they can possibly be.”

Brad McMillen



"Shrink Your Learning Curve"

“I was up against a deadline and was fretting over a messy headline issue. Still, as a pro copywriter I was hesitant to hire a chief because I thought “Hey, I should be able to figure this out myself.” The thing is, Lorrie was able to see the problem right away and in a matter of minutes, she solved a difficult headline issue that would have taken me weeks to figure out. Turns out the complicated market I was writing needed the finesse of an experienced pro. Bonus... she has a way of fixing what’s not working in your copy and leaving YOU feeling like the hero.  So, if you want to shrink your learning curve, get the best possible outcome ASAP, and walk away 100% confident in your sales copy... Lorrie Morgan's your woman!”

Carrie Carr
Groundwork Copy


"She’s Made Me Such A Stronger Writer"

“The guidance I received from Lorrie is worth the value of every single copywriting course I have taken 10 times over! She taught me how to decipher client-speak, nail so many different voices, and become proficient in myriad forms of copywriting. She makes the challenge fun and her critiques are a delight! She’s made me such a stronger writer; I cannot recommend her highly enough. If I were to choose only one resource to advance my copywriting skills, I would choose mentoring with Lorrie hands down!”

Jam Thomson
they/them pronouns



"Hands-Down the Best Writing Mentor I've Ever Had"

"Lorrie is hands-down the best writing mentor I've ever had. Her feedback is specific and immediately actionable yet she also puts her feedback in a context that allows me to carry it through to my next piece. If you're looking to level-up your writing game, look no further. She's the real deal and will elevate your writing beyond where you think it can go."

Maddie Michaud
Blue Spec Marketing


"Working With Lorrie Is Like Striking Gold"

“Lorrie has an unprecedented ability to combine empathy, advanced formula, and creative prowess into everything she does as a copywriter... And that's exactly what makes her such an incredible mentor. For years, I struggled to find a powerful female voice in the industry who could help me develop my own writing style while leveling up my copywriting skills. But that all changed when I found Lorrie. She offers the kind of constructive advice that really STICKS... The kinds of things that become relevant to every piece you write, and make your copy that much more convincing. By working with her, I was able to condense about 10 years of mastery into 10 months of powerful mentorship. My career growth - and my confidence levels - have both skyrocketed since the moment Lorrie stepped into my life. For any copywriter, this relationship is truly like striking gold.” 

Emily King



Oh, you're still here! Got something on your mind?

Let me see if I can help out. You might be thinking...

1. “Hmmm, I don’t need to get better at bullets.” Cool. If you feel like you don’t have room to improve, this really isn’t the place for you. But don’t be surprised when graduates of this workshop run laps around your copy.


2. “Hmmm, I’ve already read the masters.” That’s great. Really, it is. But seeing that the earliest and most-revered founders of direct response didn’t use bullets until the late part of the 20th Century, reading the classics for bullets isn’t gonna help you much. And it’s certainly not going to give you a system to write bullets for yourself like this workshop will.


3. “Hmmm, bullets are only a small part of the copy.” A-list copywriters don’t agree. In fact, many of them spend more time on the bullets than they do on the rest of the copy. If you’re ignoring bullets in your copy you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.


4. “Hmmm, I don’t have the time.” Have you ever tracked how much time actually evaporates each day from bouncing around social media sites? Because I know I can get sucked into that too. In this course, you’ll create bullets WITH me instead of alone in a dark, silent room. By the end of it, you’ll not only have a hoard of your own bullets, but you’ll also have a system for creating them until the cows come home.


5. “Hmmm, I can’t afford it.” Listen, with what you’ll learn in this workshop, you can easily recoup your investment back before the series is over. I’ll even tell you how when you’re in the workshop. Honestly, my mentors tell me the investment right now is embarrassingly low. But this is a Beta workshop. The next one will be significantly higher. Get it on the ground floor now.


Anything else? You can always shoot me an email at if you have any other questions.

Now let's get you started!

If you have any technical questions or need customer support, please contact me directly at
  • P.S. If you just want a taste of bullet creation beauty, grab the standalone session, (Sell to Women: How to Femme Up Bro Bullets)

Join me to discover:


  • The pitfalls of writing in a “dude-ified” tone when you’re addressing the mademoiselles of the world…and how to avoid slipping into sloppy writing habits that turn her off


  • Instantly build rapport with the ladies by molding any Mr. Man nugget into a powerful mamacita bullet with my 3-D Writing System 


  • How to take a scalpel to classic masculine bullets from masters like Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace, and Dan Kennedy to give them a feminine facelift.


This clinic is included in your purchase price of the Red Hot Bullets Blueprint. But if you just want to buy THIS session, click here.