The She Factor: Crafting Copy That Sells To Women

“It’s a Shame to See So Many Entrepreneurs Struggle When It Can Be SO EASY to Attract Much More Money WITHOUT Spending More on Marketing…”

I Know the Secrets, and I’M TELLING!!

I’m Lorrie Morgan of Red Hot Copy, and I’m known for my fun and easy methods to write relationship-building copy that appeals to women and heart-centered entrepreneurs…

I've been teaching copywriting from novices to experts online since 2003 until I retired my world-famous Copywriting Bootcamp in the summer of 2008. Why would I put to bed one of the most successful and helpful trainings available to entrepreneurs online today? Because I was teaching the Old School Marketing Methods that just don't work in TODAY’S VOLATILE MARKETPLACE. My Bootcamp needed an update!

It’s a whole new world out there with fast-changing technology and super savvy consumers. And if you haven’t noticed, the market to reach has changed too. It used to be that masculine, testosteronal driven marketing worked like gangbusters to sell, sell, sell. No more. That’s because it’s the WOMEN who make 85% of the buying decisions…across EVERY BRAND!

(Yes, even the ones you wouldn’t think of like sporting merchandise, motorcycles, SUVs, real estate, electronics, even handguns!) Women are leading the way with their wallets.

And women want to be treated differently! In fact they demand it or they simply go play in someone else’s sandbox.

I Started My Marketing Career By ACCIDENT!

Before I was a freelancer, I was fetching coffee for the CEO of a marketing firm. And I was miserable. (See, when my two sons were born I was a stay-at-home mom and loved it. We hung out together and did enriching things every day…fingerpainting, museums, cooking family meals, etc.)

Then after getting divorced, I had to get a ‘real’ job and put my little guys in daycare. One day I got an epiphany that I NEEDED to be back home with my boys. And when my boss retired I just didn’t get another job. I was going to be an entrepreneur!

I Had the PASSION but No PLAN!

As I struggled to learn how to eke out a living from home using that ‘new-fangled Internet’ I became a ravenous student of marketing. I went to seminars, read every book, bought every home study course… and went into over $46,000 in debt in record time.

As I started to figure out how this whole copywriting business could be profitable, as a byproduct I became an expert in marketing. (Truthfully, you can’t have good marketing WITHOUT strong copy. See we are all really marketers and the DNA of marketing is powerful copy.)

Today I run a wildly successful Internet marketing and copywriting firm. In fact;

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Each year my business doubles or triples its income consistently;

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    My work style shifted from being a lone ranger to working with a staff of 3 amazing team members;

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    I bought a 14-acre horse ranch in rural Arizona with my partner-in-crime

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    I travel to exotic places like Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Hawaii, Australia, Jamaica, and Mexico to name a few;

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    I get to design my OWN schedule and choose WHO I want to work with!

Ah, life is GOOD!

So How Did I Create So Much Time, Money, and Freedom in My Life?

I have to give you a bit more background to explain how things are so much different today than they were in 1999 when I left the corporate world.

It’s pretty simple really. I have a knack for connecting with people using marketing with built-in rapport.

See, I learned copywriting and marketing from the best of the best in the business. I studied directly with John Carlton, Gary Halbert, and Dan Kennedy. And I soaked up all the iconic copy legend wisdom from all the classic places.

Our personalities were very different. Maybe because I’m a woman…and maybe not. I’m not sure. I just know these dudes were all tough "men's men." They worked the trenches with hardcore, balls-to-the-wall copy. My goal was to write just like them…and they taught me. (In fact, side by side you'd be hard-pressed to recognize that I was a female at all.)

And you know what? I LOVED it! It was so direct and in-your-face. My copy stood up and spoke a language I personally never could. It was easier to hide behind the persona of the copy. Plus it sold like hotcakes! I started making more money, attracting more clients, and LOVING what I did.

But I realized I was different than the traditional guys. See, I just have a different way of connecting with people and building rapport (whether in regular life or in marketing.) I've been told my style breeds trust and authenticity.

Well guess what? That’s exactly how women like to be marketed to. Selling to them is about the RELATIONSHIP!

So even though I’ve been resisting being the spokeswoman in our industry when it comes to selling to women, I recognized I ALREADY AM DIFFERENT. I may as well embrace it!

And the more I stopped trying to be like anyone else and embraced my own marketing style, the faster my income grew!

But Just Because I'm a WOMAN Doesn't Mean I Automatically Knew How To Market To Other Women!

I've had plenty of clients and students come to me in the past for my services BECAUSE I AM A WOMAN. The one thing they all had in common was they wanted to reach the female market. Funny thing is, women don't naturally know how to market to other women! Unless you know what you're doing women are just as likely as men to make mistakes with their coveted market.

So although I tended to write more like a man than a woman, over time I recognized I actually knew a ton about marketing to women. (Not because I AM one but because I’m an expert at building rapport!)

See I moved a lot growing up. That meant new neighborhoods, new schools, and new kids. I was painfully shy so I kept to myself. When I got to high school, I decided to “become popular” somehow.

But since I never was popular before, I didn’t have the first clue how to go about it. So I became a student of human psychology. I studied the behavior of the popular kids and started doing what they did!

I learned a huge part of their popularity came from BUILDING RAPPORT! So I became an expert at doing it quickly so people trusted and liked me right away. I became hyper tuned in to whoever I was talking with and made them feel like they were the most important person in the world. Those skills never left me! (By the way, the more I continued studying psychology the more I realized I had stumbled onto language and body patterns called Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.)

So I Spent Time Feverishly Researching, Testing and Tracking What Methods Work Best When Marketing to Women

Here is what I now know…

There IS another way to market. It's entirely possible to weave the traditional PROVEN methods of marketing with the new rising consciousness of women and other consumers. And no matter how you look at it, how you write your COPY is more important than EVER if you want to attract the female market instead of repelling them!

Men and women make decisions very differently. Neither is right or wrong. When you try to reach men using techniques that work with women, you ALSO REACH THE MEN.

BUT, when you try to reach WOMEN with techniques designed for men – YOU COMPLETELY ALIENATE THE WOMEN! Interesting, eh? I'll tell you more about what I learned in a minute, but first....

Let's Bring this Back to YOU!

Regardless of your gender, there are subtle, but CRITICAL differences between how men and women make their buying decisions...differences that can mean losing or gaining massively more sales.

So many businesses ONLY market to men because they don’t see the bigger picture. Capiche? I'm here to tell you that can be a critical BLINDSPOT, causing you to hemorrhage cash!

Nothing against you guys, but FEMALES are the driving force behind 85% of all buying decisions. If you STILL don't consider the spending wallop women have on the economy, check out these stats...

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    American women spend about $5 trillion annually...

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Women buy more online products and services than men...

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Even though many households are dual paycheck, women still spend 80% of both COMBINED incomes…

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    Single women are also a significant buying category: According to a 2008 Vertis Communications Consumer Focus Study, in 1998, only 69% of women between 18 and 24 were involved in home electronics purchases. By 2008, that number had grown to 91%...

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    In 2006, 3.9 million more women lived alone than men…among this group, women were 9% more likely than men to own their homes…

  • cropped-rhc-flame-icon.png

    70% of all new businesses are opened by women.

With numbers like this, isn’t it time to focus on what SHE is interested in?

Let’s face the facts. Even if your product or service isn’t specifically designed for women, the ladies clearly have the purchasing power!

Wouldn't knowing WHAT TO SAY in your marketing to women (and how to present it) be useful to your business? Of course it would!

Enter "The She Factor: Crafting Copy That Sells To Women"

Now more than ever, there's much more to marketing and communicating to WOMEN than meets the eye. And it pains me to see so many entrepreneurs make simple mistakes that are deadly to their profits. With that in mind, I've created *The She Factor * using the latest findings in marketing and communication.

This training is destined to be ground-breaking for your business. You don’t have to wade through reams of unnecessary copy to be effective. Now you can write powerful short-form copy that appeals to the women of the world who are juggling career, family, and health every day. They don’t have TIME to read all that copy. Just cut to the chase!

Let me show you ways to get your marketing message down to a sound byte you can duplicate in all of your copy so you effortlessly explain what you do and how you can help. In this class, you’ll learn:

  • checkmark_box_red2-1

    How to write using a formula that is effortless and easy (I confess. I follow a specific blueprint that has gotten my copy in the limelight in a relatively short period of time and I’m going to hand it all over to YOU);

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    How beginners are able to compete with experts on a level playing field right away (when you have the right tools at your fingertips, it’s idiot-proof);

  • checkmark_box_red2-1

    How one small change to your sales letter can send your shopping cart into overdrive with new orders (better be sure you have called your merchant account before you launch your copy because you’re about to get a SPIKE in sales - it just happened to me again in April);

  • checkmark_box_red2-1

    How to get a repeatable result when you follow my method for writing a sales letter (I boiled the volumes of information overkill on this topic into the best of the best techniques you can apply right away);

  • checkmark_box_red2-1

    The truth behind what makes your copy “okay” versus what makes it sell like hotcakes to your target market (you may be shocked by some of the ugly secrets I’m giving up. I’ve seen it all, and I’m telling! )

"Okay, I'm Convinced, Lorrie! How Much?"

The truth is, I wanted this to be a complete NO-BRAINER.

Even though I personally believe we live in a time of great abundance, I recognize a lot of businesses are feeling the 'fear of a recession.' You can't grow a business from a place of fear. I see a lot of people struggling when they really don't have to be. My strongest belief is when you choose to EXPAND and INVEST in yourself, that is when you'll see the fruits of your labor.

So when you make your decision to learn tactics that will truly HELP your business reach more people and make a difference, the regular price is just $297.00!

I'm sure you'll agree that's a small sum to pay for this exclusive information on copywriting to women.

And Ain’t No Risk On Your End

If you’re a tad nervous about committing, I get it. But there’s really NO RISK to you.

Here's why...

Because of its highly-specialized nature, we've been told anyone who takes this course can seriously uplevel ALL their copy skills with this training.

You have 30 days to check it out and put it into action. If it's not for you, just email us before the 30 days is up, and we’ll give you back your total investment.

No bad blood between us, pinky swear…I don’t want you to invest in something that isn’t your jam.

“So Who’s Running The Show?”

I’m glad you asked.

Hey, I’m Lorrie Morgan of Red Hot Copy.

Growing up in North Carolina, all I ever wanted to do was be an actress. But my parents thought studying drama in college was a waste of time and money. They were right. So I studied Journalism.

But as soon as I graduated with my B.A. I hot-footed it to Los Angeles to be discovered as an actress anyway. The truth is, I was a terrible actress…but I was a terrific waitress! Instead, I ended up getting married and being a full-time mama to two amazing sons.

Being a mother is everything to me. I was able to stay home and raise my kids for the first 5 years. Then, unfortunately, I got divorced and I had to get a regular job. I became an executive assistant to the CEO of a marketing firm.

It was a good job, but I was miserable. I went from spending all day with my kids to just a few waking hours.

So, in 1999 when my boss retired, I decided not to get another job. I was going to be a freelance writer. I mean, how hard could it be, right? With the Internet exploding, it didn’t really matter where you lived. You could have clients all over the world.

I struggled at first, doing virtual assisting and writing press releases. Then one day I landed a client who wanted me to write a 52 email autoresponder series. (I didn’t even know what an autoresponder was!)

I learned quickly though. Soon I was writing long-form sales letters…but I didn’t have a clue what I was doing at first. Then the heavens opened and I discovered some of the greatest legends to ever hold a pen…and I got to mentor directly with them. I’m talking about Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and Dan Kennedy.

Since those early days, I’ve gone on to write in all kinds of niches: personal development, finance, real estate, survivalist, dating, education, commerce, nutrition, martial arts, firearms, medical, coaching, non-profits, entertainment…sheesh, there have been a lot of others too.

But I’ve been doing this for over 22 years now. It’s hard to remember them all. 

I’ve also held my own live copywriting events and mentoring programs over the years. I’ve developed my own marketing products and launches. I love learning and go to masterminds and marketing events as often as I can.

I was recently named as one of the Greatest Copywriters of All Time (Past and Present) and among The Top 20 Copywriters Who Make the Most Money And What You Can Learn From Them.

When I’m not engulfed in copywriting world, I’m enjoying the cowgirl lifestyle on a 14-acre ranch in rural Arizona. I share it with my partner in crime, 2 dogs, 7 horses, and 8 chickens. To round out the western vibe, I’m also an actual bullet in firearms ammunition. We shoot handguns competitively (and I’m a damn good shot!)


Lorrie Morgan

Lorrie Morgan

Here are some raving testimonials about my track record!

John Carlton

"Lorrie flatters me, often, by saying I helped her launch her career...

but to be fair, my part was more like simply lighting the fuse on a rocket ready to go. She came out of nowhere, and quickly became the most widely-known and respected female copywriters around -- working with Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Joe Polish, and other top marketers. She brings a super-savvy female perspective to copywriting, as well as showing up most of the guys who have been in the freelance gig much longer than her. As a professional, she comes with the highest recommendation possible.”

John Carlton


"Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill you can outsource because it's good copy that sells products!"

It's good copy that sells services. It's good copy that sells ANYTHING. As a copywriter in my 'past life,' I made hundreds of thousands of dollars writing copy that sells, and I'm telling you Lorrie will show you the exact same strategies I used for my clients! You'll save thousands of dollars over hiring a pro to write your copy for you, and copywriting is a skill that will help make you money for LIFE."

Ali Brown


Ali Brown

One of The Best Copy Mentors in The Industry!

"As the Copy Chief for Moxie, Lorrie worked one-on-one with our team of writers providing detailed feedback on projects as well as ongoing guidance and mentorship to help develop their craft. Constructive criticism is one of the most powerful ways any writer can become better at what they do, and having Lorrie provide daily feedback to our writers made all the difference in the world. With her decades of experience combined with an editor's eye for detail, she helped mold and shape our writers to become the very best. If anyone is seeking to become a better writer and develop their craft, Lorrie is one of the best copy mentors in the industry!"

Anika Watkins
Moxie Copywriting


"The Consummate Coach and Mentor"

“As a writer, I know first-hand how much better my copywriting improved at an accelerated pace under Lorrie’s guidance. Is she tough? Yes. Is she fair? Absolutely. Is she an absolute delight to work with? That’s an understatement if there ever was one!

There’s zero doubt I leveled up faster and produced better copy – and results – by working with Lorrie. And I’ll admit I was nervous about someone of her caliber reading and critiquing my work. But she’s got such a calm, fun, helpful demeanor, you feel like you are free to relax and be yourself. She's the consummate coach and mentor. I recommend Lorrie without hesitation to anyone who wants to transform into the best writer they can possibly be.”

Brad McMillen



"Shrink Your Learning Curve"

“I was up against a deadline and was fretting over a messy headline issue. Still, as a pro copywriter I was hesitant to hire a chief because I thought “Hey, I should be able to figure this out myself.” The thing is, Lorrie was able to see the problem right away and in a matter of minutes, she solved a difficult headline issue that would have taken me weeks to figure out. Turns out the complicated market I was writing needed the finesse of an experienced pro. Bonus... she has a way of fixing what’s not working in your copy and leaving YOU feeling like the hero.  So, if you want to shrink your learning curve, get the best possible outcome ASAP, and walk away 100% confident in your sales copy... Lorrie Morgan's your woman!”

Carrie Carr
Groundwork Copy


"She’s Made Me Such A Stronger Writer"

“The guidance I received from Lorrie is worth the value of every single copywriting course I have taken 10 times over! She taught me how to decipher client-speak, nail so many different voices, and become proficient in myriad forms of copywriting. She makes the challenge fun and her critiques are a delight! She’s made me such a stronger writer; I cannot recommend her highly enough. If I were to choose only one resource to advance my copywriting skills, I would choose mentoring with Lorrie hands down!”

Jam Thomson
they/them pronouns



"Hands-Down the Best Writing Mentor I've Ever Had"

"Lorrie is hands-down the best writing mentor I've ever had. Her feedback is specific and immediately actionable yet she also puts her feedback in a context that allows me to carry it through to my next piece. If you're looking to level-up your writing game, look no further. She's the real deal and will elevate your writing beyond where you think it can go."

Maddie Michaud
Blue Spec Marketing


"Working With Lorrie Is Like Striking Gold"

“Lorrie has an unprecedented ability to combine empathy, advanced formula, and creative prowess into everything she does as a copywriter... And that's exactly what makes her such an incredible mentor. For years, I struggled to find a powerful female voice in the industry who could help me develop my own writing style while leveling up my copywriting skills. But that all changed when I found Lorrie. She offers the kind of constructive advice that really STICKS... The kinds of things that become relevant to every piece you write, and make your copy that much more convincing. By working with her, I was able to condense about 10 years of mastery into 10 months of powerful mentorship. My career growth - and my confidence levels - have both skyrocketed since the moment Lorrie stepped into my life. For any copywriter, this relationship is truly like striking gold.” 

Emily King



"Pro Copywriter’s Abilities Went Through the Roof!"

Before working with Lorrie, I was already writing copy at a professional level. But she took things to the next level.

I learned how to tighten up my USP-after spending like 4 hours one afternoon writing and rewriting the damn thing over and over again. 

Plus, my ability to craft punchy bullets with laser-sharp clarity went through the roof.

Being hypey and just blindly imitating traditional styles ain’t gonna cut it in a world that demands AUTHENTICITY and real heartfelt connections.

Rich Oka


"Helped Hundreds of Our Clients"

"Lorrie is not only a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with but she's an absolute magician when it comes to writing copy...and coaching it. Her extensive knowledge of persuasion, human behaviour, and the nuances of great copywriters helped hundreds of our clients improve their Facebook ads, landing pages, and email campaigns. If you're considering working with her, I can't recommend her highly enough."

Yuri Elkaim
Healthpreneur Founder