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Hi there, Glad you stopped by. I literally know hundreds of different copywriting techniques. And I’m a pro at figuring out which ones work best for my clients. Got questions? Let me see if I can anticipate some of them…

“What qualifies you to write my copy?”

Good question. Well, I’ve been a professional freelance writer since 1980. I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) – one of the top J schools in the country. My work has been published in various newspapers, magazines, and all over the Internet.

In 1999, I discovered copywriting is different than other kinds of writing. It all started with a client who wanted me to do his sales letter. I hadn’t touched work like that since college. But I figured what the heck and wrote it up. What he said when I gave it back to him stunned me. He actually got better results with me than he had with all the marketing gurus he had ever tried. (I have to admit, at the time it was dumb luck.)

Well, I didn’t want my success to be a fluke. So I read every book on copywriting I could find. I collected my “junk mail” and studied the structure. I went to seminars. I found out who the masters were and emulated them. I taught myself everything I could about copywriting while working in the field. Soon word spread that my marketing campaigns were consistently successful. And I’ve been doing it ever since.

Today I teach seminars (both live and online) to help others improve their copy. I’m also hired to speak at events.

“Why should I care about my copy?”

Well, copy describes what you do. That’s important to your target audience, right? It also persuades the reader to take some sort of action, whether you’re there or not. And that’s where the sales happen.

But what really makes copy invaluable is its ability to build a lasting relationship with your potential clients. As a business person, you no doubt know that repeat business is your lifeblood. And I’m sure you look at the “lifetime value” of your customer. Well, good copy helps groom that relationship. It’s friendly and informative. It establishes rapport. Grows trust and loyalty. It deepens the connection between you and your target audience. Once you have that bond, you don’t have to bother convincing them how great your product or service is. They’re READY to sign up!

"Do you have experience in my field?"

Well, I don’t know. But luckily it doesn’t matter. When you’re on my team, you’ll see I’m a stickler for deeply researching your business. I learn everything I can about your industry trends, competition, and target market. (I actually get giddy when I find some cutting-edge fact to separate you out from your competitors.) Maybe it goes back to my training in journalism. Maybe it’s because I have a naturally curious mind. But I guarantee I’ll learn your business inside and out. And that knowledge will shine through in your copy.

“How long will it take to write my copy?”

Of course, the answer depends largely on what we’re doing. If it's a small project, I can usually turn it around pretty quickly. Bigger ones take longer. Keep in mind my schedule is already pretty jammed. And I like to take the time to do the research and get a feel for the best approach first.

Here’s How Red Hot Copy Works...

No one else has this system because I developed it.  The investment for this groundbreaking information is just $750.

You simply sign up for the process by emailing me for our Discovery Process. Once I'm sure I have room for your project on the calendar, I'll get your payment. Next, you’ll receive your proprietary materials. When you’ve filled out that information and returned it, I'll look it over.

Next, we'll schedule a personal 30-minute interview(NOTE: Because my time is very scarce I can only offer a limited number of Discovery Blueprints per month.)

Once we connect and go over your Blueprint, I will be able to give you a customized recommendation of what steps to take next.

You must understand this is NOT your final copywriting product. It is simply the first step in our proprietary process. I'm not in the business of deluding you or leading you down a garden path. The results you’ll get from the Blueprint are a necessary and required piece to any copywriting project through Red Hot Copy.

Through this process, you not only learn how to understand and measure the four key success factors of your project but you also learn how to control the copywriting process, which is critical. With the Discovery Blueprint you learn:

What customized criteria to use when purchasing copy;

  • The four bedrocks of success for your project;
  • Professional analysis of your project based on my 20+ year career as a world-class copywriter and marketing consultant in the direct marketing industry;
  • How to apply the customized roadmap to your entire marketing plan.

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