“How to Write a Damn
Good Story Online”

lo-blacksuit-med-200x234It was about 4pm on a Thursday and I was on a giddy high.

I’d just been cast as a servant girl in an updated version of “Romeo & Juliet.” (Pretty shabby rendition but then again, who remakes Shakespeare?)

My girlfriend, who also auditioned, didn’t get cast. (What was her name again?) I drove the two of us to the audition and on the way home, the energy from the passenger side was a little chilly.

But to me, the trees waved congratulations in the breeze. The air smelled a little cleaner. My scalp was actually tingly.

Then just like that, it all changed.

At the intersection of Sunshine Terrace & Laurel Canyon a car made a left in front of us.

SLAM! CRUNCH! SHATTER! (Insert more “Batman” sounds here.)

My dirty Datsun had had its last bath. It was totaled.

Fortunately my friend (what WAS her name?) and I were able to walk away with only soft tissue damage.

In the weirdest way you could say that car accident birthed my company, Red Hot Copy.

See I ended up marrying my lawyer and having two sons with him. And I ultimately built my business so I could raise them from home while still working after we divorced.

What about you?

How do you get into your business? Do you have a story inside waiting to get out? Of course you do!

Let your inner storyteller come out & play…

Caveman_5Ever since we were cave folks gathered around the campfire, swapping tales of our heroic wins (and our humiliating losses), story has been important in our world. To survive harsh environments the human brain categorizes everything. It’s constantly scanning the world for commonalities. So when a story is told, the natural response is for humans to apply that story to their own experiences. Get it? Stories create instant bonds and spark emotional connection. Stories also boost your credibility. To move people into action, you need a good story. But it takes practice to crank out captivating tales.

Stories can RIVET your audience…
when you know what you’re doing…

We all know how to tell stories. You’re a natural. Really you are.

Some people are a little better at it though. And that’s no accident.

Something gets triggered in those people.

It could be partly genetics. It might be that they’re astute observers. Or it could be they learned to repeat the patterns of story that makes their audience eager to lap up their next detail.

Today more than ever stories are the gems that get your writing noticed. I’m talking about all kinds of writing...blogs, emails, even your book promotions. There’s just too much competition for attention for us to take it all in.

But weaving together a marketing story that keeps your reader glued to your message takes a little more finesse. That’s why I put together my step-by-step system to getting good at storytelling really fast.

The promise is right there in the title: “How to Write a Damn Good Story Online.” And that’s just what you're gonna do.

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Here’s some of what you'll get:

  • Mistakes people make with the classic “Hero’s Journey” and how to tweak it for sales
  • How to use existing plot lines to cut the time it takes to craft your story dramatically
  • The technique to mining for story ideas that beg to be read using these 3 “trashy” sources
  • How to turn your story into a mouth-watering movie trailer that keeps your reader on the edge of his seat
  • Using sensory language to whip an average experience into a savory story
  • Rituals that beef up your storytelling muscles so you write faster (and better) than ever before

And more. All in all this is going to be a pack and go lesson of everything you need to start adding story to your messages on a regular basis.

But it’s not enough just to have a good story.

  • You need compelling subject lines to get them to open your emails.
  • You need juicy headlines for your online posts.
  • You need to tie your story into the action you want your prospect to take.

I’ve got you covered.

“I’m in, Lorrie! How much?”

Here’s the deal. Storytelling is one of those critical tools to have in your arsenal. It just is. And it’s highly specialized. You have to remember I have a couple of decades under my belt (oy vey) studying “story” in scripts, articles and online. I was an actress. I was a journalist. Now I’m a marketer. I honestly feel the value of this training is easily $347 (and that’s not inflated). I mean you’re getting my closely-guarded secrets, my experience and the opportunity to get your personal questions answered. Still I want to encourage you to expand your creativity without breaking the bank. I thought $197 would be reasonable and within reach for most serious entrepreneurs. But that wasn’t good enough. This should be a no-brainer. I finally settled on $97.

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“How to Write a Damn Good Story Online”


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When you purchase, you get access to my savvy step-by-step system (check out the alliteration!) for telling powerful stories that sell. Once you see how I do it, you’ll be able to repeat it on your own over and over again.

But to make sure you feel confident to do this yourself after this training is over, I’ll also give you a fill-in-the-blank Red Hot Storytelling Template ($37 value) as a free bonus.

And, what the heck...I’ve found that the 21 Hooks That Work for Any Market ($37 value) has helped me get out of more than one jam when in the past when I was looking for an angle. You can have it when you purchase also.

I also just included three more brand new bonuses to this burgeoning package:

Red Hot Picture Prompt Percolator (PDF) – This imaginative collection of story prompts will activate your senses and your creativity. ($37 value)

Powerful Storytelling for Web 2.0 with Kate Yandoh (Audio/PDF Transcript) – Former Coca-cola marketer joins me in this info-packed interview that pulls back the curtain to moving people to action with a good story. ($67 value)

Hypnotic Storytelling with Dr. Harlan Kilstein (Audio/PDF Transcript) – This rousing interview investigates how NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can be used to unconsciously turn our readers into buyers. ($67 value)

Four Stories to Use on Your Website by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D. – Storytelling is the Swiss army knife for copywriters and marketers:  every aspect of your marketing will be more efficient - and easier - when you do it with stories. With this report, you’ll know exactly what stories to tell, when and why. – ($37 value)

That’s $282 in free bonuses to add rocket fuel to this already power-packed course.

By the way if you’re not happy with this training, I’m not happy. I really want you to understand how to use story in your business. So if you check this out and still don’t find the value, by all means please let us know within 30 days of your purchase. We’ll return your investment with zero hassle.

Let me help you unleash your creativity and get those stories working for you!



YES, Lorrie! I want the video presentation and downloadable document of “How to Write a Damn Good Story Online” for only $97. I understand that I will get a copy of the video, the slides and these free bonuses:

    • Fill-in-the-blank Red Hot Storytelling Template ($37 value)
    • 21 Hooks That Work for Any Market ($37 value)
    • Red Hot Picture Prompt Percolator - ($37 value)
    • Powerful Storytelling for Web 2.0 with Kate Yandoh($67 value)
    • Hypnotic Storytelling with Dr. Harlan Kilstein – ($67 value)
    • Four Stories to Use on Your Website by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D. – ($37 value)

If I’m not satisfied with what I learn, I understand I can request a no-hassle refund after 30 days of my purchase so I risk nothing. I can’t wait to learn your process for writing compelling business stories.

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