I’ve Taken The “F” Word Out Of My Name...
Now It’s Time To Take It Off My Products!

The name that I built my brand, Red Hot Copy on has my ex’s name attached.

It’s on every cover of every product I’ve created over the past 20 years. There are stories baked in that refer to that relationship.

And I’m sick of seeing it! Bleck!

I’m LORRIE MORGAN, dammit! Not Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero.

There is much content on the Internet with my previous name I’ll never be able to purge it completely. But I CAN control my products.

So I’m going to take them all off the market by Thursday, March 21, 2019.

I’m slightly verklempt about it because they’re incredible programs. They’ve helped thousands of business owners through the years. And the information is still on point. So there’s a little bit of grieving about taking them off the market.

But, like a butterfly coming out of her cocoon, I’ve emerged as a new me! And I want EVERYTHING in my life to reflect that – including products that get my name right!

So...which ones do you need to complete your library?

Remember, after March 21st, these won't be for sale ANYWHERE.

"The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp -

Now more than ever, there's much more to marketing and communicating to WOMEN than meets the eye. And it pains me to see so many entrepreneurs make simple mistakes that are deadly to their profits. With that in mind, I've created a specialized training for you using the latest findings in marketing and communication to women.

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"Nuts and Bolts-Dan Kennedy"

This program is a GOLDMINE. Even professional copywriters who've been working for years at the top of their game have a copy of this in their libraries. (I could namedrop but take my word for it.) What you'll discover here you can only learn from a master who writes his own ticket when someone wants to hire him. Dan is that guru. And he doesn't spill the beans anywhere else like he did here.

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"The Conscious Copywriting Formula -
A Self -Paced Training System"

This unique copywriting training is geared towards writing to the spiritual and romance markets. It's an exciting deep dive into the world of refining your message for the world using transformational language melded with authentic and helpful salesmanship. You’ll get instant access to my Five-Step Formula in a virtual video environment, along with detailed guides for each module.

Was $497 - now half off at $247

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"How To Write A Damn Good Story!"

To capture people's imagination and attention nowadays you need a good story. I've put together my best strategies for getting your story out of your head and to your audience in this robust training: “How to Write a Damn Good Story Online.” And that’s just what you’re gonna learn. Grab this now and start making more money tomorrow.

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"Primer on How to Consistently Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines"

No matter what business you’re in, your headline determines whether your message gets read or passed over within three seconds. Improving your conversion with headlines isn’t a theory...it’s a proven, psychological strategy. Grab this insider’s guide to getting really good at writing headlines in record time.

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