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Power of Video

Hey, I want to talk to you today about a super exciting kind of geeky thing that I’m into right now.

I’ve been on the fence for a long time about video, but I have come off of the fence because it’s so effective. It’s so freaking effective, and it’s crazy if you don’t use it because people now have what’s called banner ad blindness.

If you go to a site and you see all these display ads and these banner ads and your eye starts them out naturally, right?

But video has this multimedia interactive quality that keeps people engaged, and when they’re having a better experience, they’re going to stick around longer, which means they’re going to build more connection with you and hopefully buy something or do some sort of an action that you have mandated. That you want them to do.

So check out some of these stats. This is why I’m so excited. Sixty percent of people prefer video over reading.

That hurts me as a copywriter, but it’s true, and the truth is your video content is also your copy.

Even if it’s not always scripted out, you need to have beats and hit certain emotional hot buttons whether it’s off the cuff like this or if it’s a written out long-form sales letter.

Video also keeps visitors on your site 350 seconds versus 42 seconds to text sales. That’s pretty cool.

That’s significant, and imagine how much money that could end up making you, because the longer someone is there, like I said, they’re building rapport; they’re feeling good about being there; and they’re consuming your content.

Also, people have fifty percent better memory retention from video than from text alone. I mean, that’s pretty amazing.

We are definitely in a video-laden society, and so the interactive overlay that’s accessible now sends the traffic where you want it to go which is a huge boon in marketing. And it’s something that you should definitely look at adopting, if you haven’t yet.





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