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Paralysis of Analysis

So I was just asked in an interview the other day about what I felt were the biggest trends in copywriting.

One thing that I see a lot is that people get overloaded by technology.

I mean, this is the first time ever that regular people can have access to the kinds of high-tech solutions that we have access too, right?

  • There are so many movie things.
  • There are so many videos and sound things and graphics and different web designs and WordPress sites and all of these things.

This actually just happened to me while I was trying to make a video for my website; I got the ‘paralysis of analysis’.

I was looking at so many tools that I actually forgot that copy is a principle that’s not going to change, not by much.

I mean, certainly, I do tell you there’s a difference between masculine and feminine copy, and there is, but it’s very subtle.

What we’re talking about is something that’s going to last and something that if you’re going to put in any of your attention on.

It’s not trying to chase after the newest technology and keep up because you’ll never do it.

There is always going to be something more that’s better and faster and cheaper, so make sure that you take time to really, really get the skill.

To master the skill of copywriting because it’s going to pay off, and it’s not going to change over time.

It’s an asset in your business, and I see that as probably the biggest obstacle of most business owners today.

They don’t take the time to really understand the principles, longstanding principles of human nature and copywriting.





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