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Research Your Audience

So a question that I just got is about, how do I feminize my copy?

I get what you’re saying that women are making more buying decisions that it’s important to speak her language, but how. I understand. It’s not obvious.

There’s a very subtle difference because the difference is when you’re doing a sales letter or any sort of copy that’s going to speak to men, it’s going to have the same direct response as you are speaking to women. The difference is the intention, the connection and the language.

A woman is going to respond much more to rapport building situation than she’s going to aggressive war language and stuff that just kind of makes you tense or it makes you feel confronted. That’s not how you sell to a woman.

So here are a couple of tips for you.

One of the things is you’re going to have to take even more time to build rapport and to get to know the specificities of your target market.

You can’t just say that a woman is 20 years old or she’s 30 years old or she’s 40 years old or she’s married or she’s single or she’s divorced or she works from home or she is a mother or she’s a grandmother.

There are all kinds of different elements that made her who she is as a person.

So you’re going to have to take extra time to get to know who she cares about when you’re doing the research phase of your copywriting, and that’s something that sadly a lot of copywriters fall down on job on.

They don’t do enough research, and this goes for male clients too, for male consumers as well.

Research is really important and the more that you understand the person that you’re talking to on the other side of the screen, the better you’re going to have a chance of building a relationship and having a long-term customer.

So that’s one of the ways that you can actually make your copy more feminine.

The other thing you can do is to avoid the sort of war language, like crushing your competition and stomping them into the ground, and that sort of that violent kind of behavior.

However, I do want to warn you against going too soft. You still have to get her attention.

You still have to keep your sentences short and snappy, and they’ve got to read well.

Make sure you’re reading your copy out loud, I can’t say that enough, but those types of things are going to get you on her radar a lot faster than some of the old traditional hypey kind of copy that you’ve seen in the past.





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