Women’s Influence

When it comes to selling to women, the stats are going to keep changing and they’re going to keep getting higher and higher when it comes to how much influence women actually have on the economy, on the world, with the changes that we’re making globally, environmentally, socially. That’s feminine energy.

It’s really important to play attention to how women are being edified, and with the kind of power that women are just learning how to really grasp and use that’s at their fingertips.

So there are a few stats from Ogilvy and Mather that I wanted to share with you about how loyal women are as clients and why you should be paying particular attention to a female customer.

She’s a very high-value customer for the lifetime of how long she’ll be in your community, and so some of these stats are that 22% of women shop online every day. Every day, that’s pretty intense.

I know when I’m looking for something, I’m generally going online. I don’t like to go out and shop anymore. I like to look online where all of my choices are right there in front of me. Do you know what I mean?

And I can shop. I don’t have to rile over for different sizes or different colors. I can get the exact specifications of what it is I’m looking for. So I’m not alone. That’s 22% and that number is rising.

Some 92% of women pass along their recommendations to their friends.

See, that’s something you have to understand about women.

Women love to bond with other women, and with men too, we like to tell people what is working for us, the good values that we’ve gotten and we also tell people the bad ones, so you want to make sure that you try to keep your female clients particularly happy because we’re kind of loud in a kind of good way and in a bad way.

It depends on how you are as a customer service supporter for women.

The average woman has a 171 contacts in her email or her mobile list, so that sounds kind of low to me, but they’re saying “average,” so that means that’s a 171 people that she’s likely to tell about your service or to tell about your product. That’s a lot. That can spread very quickly.

And 76% of women want to be a part of a special or select panel.

So there is something about giving our opinion that women really like.

I believe it’s because we want to affect change, and we have ideas of how things should be done and we like to share that opinion, discuss it with other women, with men too, although I will say often women get shut down either by our own insecurities or social standards or by other men, but a lot of times that those kinds of powwows don’t happen quite the same.

They’re not as equitable, and I’m telling you honestly, women will often shut themselves down in those situations.

I’ve seen it happening at events where the women are just as free to say stuff and to comment and a lot of times we will just sit on our hands and just kind of nod in agreement to things that we agree, but to actually come out and make a stand is not as common as I see it with men when I’m at events.

So that’s my own observation, so I don’t know what you’ve seen, but I would love to hear back from you in an email or a comment or any way that you want to get a hold of me.

I love hearing from people in my community, so let’s talk.


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