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Hey, it’s me. I’m going to do something I swore never do. I’m going to play a little bit of drums for you. I’m terrified because this is another side I’ve ever done, but I want to make a point and so I’m going to do that, okay?

So let me tell you, I started playing drums when I was in – well, less than a year ago. I was in a marching band. When I’m in high school, I was a rifle. I was in the color guards, so we used to spin a rifle and catch it, and I always love the drums. I was wanting to play, but it was sort of like a dude thing and I just never did, and then my cousin is a professional drummer and we’re at his birthday party and I said, “Hey, you should teach me to play,” and so he started taking lessons and I didn’t practice regularly, I’m going to tell you that right now, but this was key to a point too, because the more you practice, the better you’re going to get.

So one of the things that was really hard with drumming, and this is going to relate to copy in a minute, I promise, one of the things is called independence, so each arm and each leg work separately at different times and it’s crazy, and so I thought, “I’d never going to be able to do this because there are so much going on,” and it literally took me weeks just to get this part that I’m going to do.

We started out like this. Drumming is in four counts usually. At least, the sounds I like are, which I rock. So this is what we did for over a month, our lesson for like the longest time, and then he started having me do this one, two, three, four, so it’s like this is going to be an 8 count, so it’s one, two, three, four and one and two and three and four. I thought it would be forever before I could do this. Now, I kind of do it without much effort. So I mean, I’m showing you I’m doing it, right, but before it took every ounce of focus to do this. Again, it’s still not great, but I’m doing it.

All right, that’s enough drumming for now. Here’s the point, here’s what it has to do with copywriting. Like I said, I’ve been doing this for about a year. I’m not even decent, but I have a good time, and if I practice more, I would be better.

So this is the same with your marketing with copy. Do stuff that the masters have been telling you to do. I was going to tell you to do this too. I want you to find good emails, good copy and write them out by hand. Write them out so you can start to see those patterns that emerges, and trust me, there is a pattern, and you’ll start finding your own voice instead of relying on other people’s voices, but that’s the way you do it.

It’s like the old joke how you get to Carnegie Hall, practice, practice, practice. It’s the same with copy, there really is no shortcut. I’m so sorry to tell you that, but once you get it, it’s going to start to flow and you’ll be doing it effortlessly without really thinking about it much.

This is Gary Halbert’s keyboard. Say hi to Gary’s keyboard. This has produced some of the most amazing work ever, and I feel honored to own this. Gary is one of the people who first started to recommend copy and things out by hand, and that’s what’s going to take, practice, practice, practice, so just set aside some time and it doesn’t have to be a 20-page sales letter, do some emails, and that will help you just as well. Do some landing pages. Do bullets. Just do it. Thanks a lot.




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