Sell to Women:

How to Femme Up Bro Bullets

The direct response masters we’re all told to study have the same anatomy in common…


And I’m not talking about two arms and two legs.


⚡Newsflash! ⚡


In case you didn’t notice, most of the copywriting legends we emulate today are DUDES!


It’s no secret that the direct response industry has been highly testoteronal since its inception.


(And guys, we see you trying to infiltrate the girl’s club by pretending you speak our language… 9 times out of 10 it just makes us shake our heads. You ain’t fooling nobody.)


When it comes to selling to women, you gotta tone down the hype while still keeping up the energy.


It’s a delicate balance. And I’ll show you how to get a foothold.


Now you can learn exactly what I know to translate male direct response bullets into womanese in my very special clinic, Sell to Women: How to Femme Up Bro Bullets.


Join me to discover:

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    The pitfalls of writing in a “dude-ified” tone when you’re addressing the mademoiselles of the world…and how to avoid slipping into sloppy writing habits that turn her off

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    Instantly build rapport with the ladies by molding any Mr. Man nugget into a powerful mamacita bullet with my 3-D Writing System

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    How to take a scalpel to classic masculine bullets from masters like Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace, and Dan Kennedy to give them a feminine facelift. (If you have favorites you want me to consider, just shoot me an email.)

And more!


Bullets are a microcosm of copy. They have all the thrill, persuasion, and curiosity other strong copy has...all wrapped up in a sound byte. When you master writing bullets, your skill level skyrockets!


As a special BONUS, I'm also throwing in my huge list of Empowerment Words that speak to women. It includes the kind of language that goes deep into her psyche and draws her in to your message. Like "power words" for the ladies.


The good news is, this clinic is FREE for owners of the Red Hot Bullets Blueprint.


So when you invest in the full course, this workshop is included for FREE...along with 11 more bullet-writing clinics. You can crawl inside my brain to watch how an A-lister turns bullets into gold.


If you just want to grab this workshop without buying the full product, that’s cool too. I’ve got your seat reserved for just $97. Just click the orange button below.


I can’t wait to help you solve the mystery of “what women want” bullets!

Matt Bockenstette

"Lorrie  Morgan  Is  The  Unrivaled  Queen  Of Bullets"

My entire working world revolves around copywriting – from writing my own offers & emails, to building one of the largest libraries of original-source copywriting resources in the world, to cultivating a community of nearly 7,000 copywriters worldwide…

And despite all that… there's still ONE particular copywriting superpower that I (and most copywriters) have a desperate necessity to acquire – BULLETS.

And I'll admit… before attending Lorrie's free bullet training, I grossly underestimated not only the power and impact of beautifully written bombproof bullets, but also… the various TYPES of bullets (you'll discover XX in this free training alone.)

If you're serious about your craft – if you're truly serious about BECOMING a professional copywriter – then you absolutely must master the art of writing EACH critical type of bullet.

Lucky for you, you're in the right place – Lorrie is the unrivaled Queen of bullets, and the perfect copywriter to teach you how to acquire your newest (and most potent) copywriting superpower.

Make this investment in yourself – and your craft – and you'll discover the true, untapped power of your own words.

Matt Bockenstette, Copy Legends

"This Will Be A Valuable  Resource I Reference Over And Over Again"

Lorrie is a rockstar in the copy world. Learning how to craft bullets as taught by her and her son Chase was not only packed with valuable information and insights, but it was fun too. They have a great rapport and compliment each other well as instructors.

The course is on how to craft bullets, but the information on research tips and strategies applies to all manners of research in a much broader sense.

The “Bullets Taxonomy” framework really drove home the different types of bullets, and when and how to use them. This will be a valuable resource I reference over and over again.

Jess Kelly, Copywriter


Jess Kelly
Bond Halbert

“Lorrie shows you not only how to write bullets but...

she categorizes different types of bullets and explains where to put them in your copy and I’ve never seen that before.

I don’t care how well you write, grab this training. You won’t regret it.”

Bond Halbert

“Back when I was a total copywriting rookie”

I used to look up to Lorrie. Now that I’m successful … I still look up to Lorrie! She’s a true legend of the craft — and I’m a genuine fan!"

Daniel Throssell

Daniel Throssell
Adil Amarsi

"I've followed Lorrie Morgan for nearly my entire 15 year career as a professional copywriter.

Her training, mindset, and mentoring abilities are incredible.

It wasn't until Lorrie and I started working closer together in my mentoring company that I truly got to see how brilliant she is.

Her ability to help copywriters get out of their own heads (and way) is incredible and so loving.

She goes above and beyond everything you could imagine.

Seeing her bullet point psychology training unfurl first-hand with our mentees is nothing short of incredible and I'm forever grateful to be close to Lorrie.

If you're looking to bush up your copy chops, be mentored, or have a POWERHOUSE coach literally guide you through the world of copy.

(Not to mention being a genuine disciple of Gary Halbert and John Carlton) - Lorrie Morgan is your mentor!"

Asil Amarsi
The $900 Million Dollar Copywriter


“I used to think my bullets were good.”

For every project I would open the Screaming Eagle... Hammer out a few bullets... And pat myself on the back for 'stealing smart.'

Enter the Red Hot Bullets Blueprint.

Lorrie and Chase opened my mind to next-level writing. Lorrie's unique take on bullet R&D makes it easy to turn starter bullets into copy oozing with persuasion.

Now, before writing anything else I draft dozens, if not hundreds, of bullets. But NOT by apeing old masters. Instead, the creative process Lorrie and Chase teach helps me create bullets that are the core of my copy AND they’re original.

If you want to improve your copy fast, Red Hot Bullets Blueprint is one of the best investments you'll ever make.

Drew Stallcop
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

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