Attention Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Copywriters who want to get inside the complex mind of your target market...

"Quick Start Guide to Writing Red Hot Copy"

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Lo-blacksuit-200x234-2DATE: Tuesday, 12:36 PM
FROM: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Hi There,

Sales suffering because you’re too busy to understand how to write copy that sells? Now it’s been broken down for business owners (from novice to expert) in Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero’s downloadable ebook, Quick Start Guide to Writing Red Hot Copy.

This guide was created for enthusiastic business owners on a budget who do a lot of business-building tasks themselves. When you’re spinning a lot of plates, it’s difficult to be a master at copy too.

But you don’t have to be perfect…you just have to be GOOD ENOUGH. And that’s exactly what you get when you create copy with the Quick Start Guide by your side.

Besides Lorrie’s easy-to-follow copywriting formula, you’ll also get:

  • A-Z Roadmap for the Framework of Copy Used for ANY Marketing
  • Template to Model for Your Own Quick Start Copy
  • 5 Copywriting Workouts to Get You Good at Creating FAST
  • Guru Practices for Tapping into the Winning Mindset
  • Secrets to Overcoming Writer’s Block
  • Lorrie’s Personal Swipe File Collection for Inspiration
  • And MORE!

The Quick Start Guide to Writing Red Hot Copy is based on Lorrie’s vast experience as a top-shelf copywriter and consultant. This simple guide to copywriting will undoubtedly become one of your favorite marketing reference books!



YES Lorrie! I definitely want the brand new "Quick Start Guide to Writing Red Hot Copy"

I recognize changes in the traditional marketing models are on the horizon, and I trust your expertise to share CUTTING EDGE INFORMATION and ACTIONS STEPS with me in this guide. It’s time for both men and women to reach out to this market in more responsive ways.



I am ready to get crackin' on steady improvements to my website, emails, blog posts, and even social media like FaceBook and Twitter!

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The Quick Start Guide to Writing Red Hot Copy is available for the Kindle Only.



Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

P.S. I've had some past fans I'd like to share with you...

“I Never Knew How Simple It Could Be!”

I really loved taking your copywriting course today. It was just awesome for me. I have many years of business experience. I was a trial attorney before. Now I hold spiritual transformation seminars.

I've done a lot of writing, but I've never known until today how simple it can be. You made it so clear, so specific. You let me know that I can write just by how I talk and that's how I connect with people. That was just so awesome and made it so easy. Thank you very much!

- Esperanza Universal

“Now I Know HOW to Do It!”

I was so pleased that I was here today. I was hesitating coming because time is of the essence.

I want to thank you Lorrie. You reconnected me to why I did The Daring website and reconnected me to my story. I have to put that on the website. It really needs to shine through.

You've given me a model by which to write copy. Now I've got something invaluable that I'm going to take forward. I've got work to do, but now I know how to do it. Thank you!

- Francine Allaire

“Lorrie flatters me, often, by saying I helped her launch her career... but to be fair, my part was more like simply lighting the fuse on a rocket ready to go."

She came out of nowhere, and quickly became the most widely-known and respected female copywriters around -- working with Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Joe Polish, and other top marketers. She brings a super-savvy female perspective to copywriting, as well as showing up most of the guys who have been in the freelance gig much longer than her. As a professional, she comes with the highest recommendation possible.”

You've given me a model by which to write copy. Now I've got something invaluable that I'm going to take forward. I've got work to do, but now I know how to do it. Thank you!

- John Carlton

I’d like to credit Lorrie with helping me earn $7,674 in 72 hours.

photo_michael_port-122x150And tens of thousands of dollars since then using copywriting techniques she taught me. You know how sometimes you learn something you didn’t even know you needed to know? That’s what learning copywriting from Lorrie is like. I work with independent professionals and entrepreneurs everyday and I’d say the single biggest reason their incomes aren’t higher is bad copy.”

- Michael Port

"Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is more than a masterful copywriter."

eleana134x90She is a thought pioneer and global visionary for companies who market to women.

Her unique ability to get into the female mind coupled with the masterful way she captures their hearts culminates into powerful marketing copy designed to cultivate long term relationships with the female consumer.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is the definitive answer to successfully marketing to women.

I highly recommend Lorrie if you want to dramatically increase your revenues and profits while cultivating long term relationships with your female consumer. Avoid using her at your own peril!

- Ileana Kane