Attention Copywriters: Turbo Charge Your Income With This Insider Information!

"Becoming a Wildly Successful Copywriter Is No Accident. . .In Just 4 Hours, Dan Kennedy Reveals His Proven Tactics to Make MORE MONEY and Get MORE CLIENTS for Your Copywriting Business"

DATE: Tuesday, 10:11 a.m.
FROM: Lorrie Morgan

Dear Fellow Copywriter...

Imagine sitting at lunch with one of the most expensive, in-demand freelance copywriters in the world. He is a self-made millionaire. You are a copywriter. You know there are secrets he could share, guaranteed to explode your profits. You get to ask ANY business question that's on your mind. No interruptions. No distractions. What would you ask?

Well in January of this year, I had that opportunity. Dan Kennedy is probably the HIGHEST paid copywriter alive. So when he offered to consult with two copywriters (me and another copywriter) over lunch while at his $10,000 a head Sales Letter Workshop in icy Cleveland, Ohio, I jumped at it!

Now I’ve been making a darn good living as a copywriter since 2002. But sitting at that lunch table listening to Dan, I quickly realized what a rookie I have been when it comes to the business side of copywriting.

Most Copywriters Suck at Business

The nuggets of wisdom he threw out were jaw-dropping. He casually mentioned most copywriters don’t have the first idea of how to make the most of a job. (Guilty as charged.)

Then he reeled off how copywriters should…

  • be paid on performance
  • retain rights to copy outside the market
  • automatically look to expand the assignment
  • be able to ask for the fee without flinching
  • know how to ask for front end money AND back end money
  • and so much more!

I was dumbstruck.

Here I thought I was operating a successful copywriting business, but the truth is…

…I Was Leaving a Ton of Money on the Table!

First I felt sick. Then exhilarated. I’m already doing the hard work! All I needed to do was change the way I approached the BUSINESS of copywriting. And I would be making A LOT MORE MONEY for the SAME AMOUNT OF WORK! I was biting at the bit for more, MORE, MORE information from Dan. If only I could get him to keep talking for hours…

Right then and there, I started scheming. How could I get Dan to give up that information over more time than just an hour’s lunch? Then it hit me! What if I could interview him in an exclusive teleseminar explaining the business side of copywriting!

Brilliant! But there were several strikes against me.

First, Dan rarely gives interviews. He enjoys his free time and his more than a dozen racehorses. Plus he gets over $1 million for copywriting each year (and doesn’t even consider copywriting his “full- time occupation”!). Why would he consider divulging his closely-guarded secrets to little ole me?

Well I didn’t give up. I thought of every angle to convince him. Maybe it would make him feel good that he was giving back; helping other copywriters cut their learning curve. Also, he’s is close to retirement. Since he won’t be competing in the marketplace soon, why not pass on his legacy to those of us who would appreciate it.

I mean, there is NO OTHER PLACE for us to go learn this information.

Well, it took several months of pleading, begging and cajoling, but finally Dan caved in! For one-time only, Dan has agreed to be grilled for this very special 2 part teleseminar…

Here is just some of what Dan covers:

  • The Anatomy of Big Money Copywriting Projects and Client Relationships. Actual examples…where they came from, how they developed, work done, results – in cases where fees plus royalties exceed $100,000.00 per job. (This is a behind-the-scenes look at Dan’s multi-year relationships with clients who repeatedly pay him over $100,000.00 per assignment.)
  • Contracts.Dan shares key items all copywriters should include in their contracts. (Missing just one of these can be hazardous to your income).
  • Secrets to Prolific Output.Most copywriters are way, way, way too s-l-o-w to make any real money! (Dan did over 40 major projects in 2004, at an average fee of $50,000.00+, plus royalties – all part-time.)
  • Quick Fixes.How to quickly beat controls…rewrite and boost results of his clients’ prior campaigns…turn one-step into multi-step direct mail campaigns…his “tricks” for dramatically increasing response that actually has little to do with ‘copywriting’ but should be used by every copywriter. (You’ll be stunned when your understand how simple, yet powerful these techniques are!)
  • How to THINK and Grow Rich Writing Copy. Frankly Dan believes most copywriters' own thinking about themselves, their clients, the way they “should” conduct business, how they get paid, and so on is ALL wrong and limiting. (Rich people DO think differently. Shift your thinking and you shift your bank account.)
  • Publish or Perish. Why and how to promote yourself by writing articles, books, and contributing to others’ books. Surprise: why your “ezine” may be crippling your fees. The one thing you should definitely publish and disseminate. (And how to get paid well to shamelessly promote yourself.)
  • Speak and Be Sought. You do NOT have to be Tony Robbins or some other Charismatic Dynamo to speak effectively and persuasively about copy to get speaking opportunities that yield clients. One of the fastest ways to attract the clients you want (and who will want YOU) is by speaking.
  • Kennedy’s #1 Rule of Business. Every minute you’re not adopting this philosophy, you are losing money. (This philosophy has served Dan well for over 25 years. He has raised his base fee every year for the past seven years.)
  • Capitalist Economics #101. The economic law you must have working for you rather than against you. (It’s amazing how many copywriters simply overlook this critical key.)
  • Big Lessons from Giants of the Copywriting and Advertising Worlds.'Gems' that influenced Dan enormously from John Francis Tighe, Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Robert Collier, and many others. (These tried and true facts have a high return.)
  • Should You Be Your Own Client? With the power of information marketing, the highest fees you’ll ever get might just come from writing copy to sell your own information. (John Lennon understood this wealth secret…now you can too.)
  • How to Get a “Milk Cow” Account Or Two. Dan shows you how to effortlessly pay the light bill each month while building your copywriting career. (No ‘starving artists’ allowed in copywriting.)
  • How to Leap Frog to Big Income Fast. Be part of a “parasite-host” joint venture that’s already in place. (When you can write copy, you can write your own ticket.)
  • Get Paid Handsomely for "Precursor Steps". How to sell things besides copywriting to the new, virgin client (especially those not accustomed to paying for copy.)
  • Avoid the "Work for Free" Trap. Dan shows you how to stop getting beat up and abused, going to prospecting lunches, spending hours on the phone, doing free critiques, cold calling and getting your brain sucked dry for free. (Dan stopped the madness after his first three months in 1974.)
  • Where to Get More Clients. Dan has NEVER gotten a copywriting assignment through an agent…NEVER advertised….NEVER done anything free to get clients (not even taken them to lunch) in nearly 10 years. You don’t have to either. Dan will tell you how to get all the clients you could possibly want. (This year alone, he has turned away over $200,000.00 worth of copywriting work.)
  • Master Client Management. Learn to stop wasting time with potential clients who can’t (or won’t pay) you large sums of money. Keep dysfunctional clients from screwing up the implementation. And put the kibosh on ‘copy by committee’ (keep the client’s spouse, brother-in-law, employees, neighbor from interfering.)

Plus You'll Learn These Priceless "How To's"...

  • How to go from 'zero to 60' and get those first clients, fast
  • How to get to a 6-figure income...even if you're a rank 12 months or LESS
  • How to double your income OVERNIGHT if you're already an established pro
  • What specific criteria you should use to choose which clients you spend your valuable time with
  • How to handle the client who wants to "stay awake during the operation" and change what you've written (ugh!)
  • How to handle client queasiness about strong copy, objections to long copy and other ignorant, meddling and bad behavior
  • How to effortlessly overcome a client's resistance to your ideas
  • How to write sizzling hot copy for dull, boring, ordinary products or businesses
  • How to banish your own biases and buying patterns when it comes to writing winning copy for your clients
  • How to overcome shyness and develop the assertive sales mentality you need to write exceptionally effective direct-response copy
  • How to avoid ever doing "proposals" and break free of competitive comparison to other writers willing to work for peanuts
  • How to juggle multiple priorities, clients, projects, even a "day job" and still be a prolific, effective copywriter (Remember Dan himself works with 30-40 clients, multiple copywriting jobs, writes one to several books a year, 3 newsletters a month, runs high-end coaching programs, consults, speaks and races horses. In fact, he literally wrote the book on this subject - "NO B.S. TIME MANAGEMENT FOR ENTREPRENEURS".)

If You Are Serious About Creating a Full-Time Career As a Copywriter, This Is The One Program You Need to Own...

But how do you know if Insider’s Guide to the Nuts and Bolts of Running a SUCCESSFUL Copywriting Business” is right for you? Well, first you have to be brutally honest with yourself, your skill level and (most importantly) your MINDSET. This program is for you if you are:

  • An established pro able to check your ego at the door and consider new and radically different (but PROVEN) approaches to optimizing income as a copywriter. ¨
  • A relative beginner with solid writing skills who struggles from job to job and is finally ready to take a big leap up in earnings. ¨
  • Rank beginner who knows virtually nothing about the business but believes he or she has what it takes to be a skilled copywriter and is looking for a head start.

Dan asked me to be VERY CLEAR to you about what Insider’s Guide to the Nuts and Bolts of Running a SUCCESSFUL Copywriting Business” so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

What It IS…and What It Is NOT

  • It is NOT about how to write copy or improve your copywriting skills. (You should already be skilled or confident about learning those skills. The focus here is to learn to build a successful business.) ¨
  • It is NOT a typical direct marketing training. (Many well-known copywriters whose reputations are far greater than their fees and incomes would be insulted and irritated at what Dan promises to share.) ¨
  • It is NOT for the terribly timid, faint of heart, or weak-minded. (Dan’s business methods are bold and unconventional. But they WORK.) ¨
  • It covers Dan's methods over a 4 hour training period. (That’s like half a day of consulting with Dan Kennedy - $3,900 for private clients!) These sessions are recorded, transcribed and distributed to you.
  • It IS me interviewing Dan about the BUSINESS of freelance copywriting and consulting. (What Dan is revealing can not be found in any book, workshop or class. This is the first and only time he has been willing to open up and let us ‘look under the hood’ of a successful copywriting practice.) ¨
  • It IS about making the largest amounts of money you can. (If blatant focus on making money is offensive or intimidating to you, Dan recommends not investing.)
  • It IS about finding, attracting, obtaining, keeping and managing clients for maximum profit. (Dan has client relationships down to a science. That’s why over 80% of all clients who ever hire him once, do it over and over and over again – IF they can get in his calendar.)

Who Is Dan Kennedy And Why Should You Care?

Volumes have been written about Dan but to best explain to you who he actually is, I lifted this from his website:

“Dan Kennedy is internationally recognized as a ‘millionaire-maker,’ helping people in just about every category of business turn their ideas into fortunes. He has been called the “Professor of Harsh Reality” because he’s provocative, irreverent, sarcastic, and tells it like it is in a humorous, but chilling, serious fashion that cuts to the core of the issues in a way no other marketing ‘guru’ does.

Dan Kennedy’s advice can be moved with remarkable ease from one very different field, industry, or profession to another with amazing success. He is a leading consultant in direct marketing, copywriting, internet strategies, and profit improvement systems.Kennedy’s clients include sole entrepreneurs to huge corporations. Here are just a few examples:There’s the husband and wife who came to Dan with an idea, a mountain of debt, and failing advertising. Less than two years later, they have zero debt and a home-based mail-order business generating over $250,000.00 a month with a 40% net profit margin.Or, there’s the now giant Guthy-Renker Corporation, famous for its celebrity infomercials with Victoria Principal and Vanna White, and its Tony Robbins infomercial. Guthy-Renker is a 800 million dollar+ a year business now, and Dan has been a key member of their brain trust since their very first infomercial (Think and Grow Rich). And the list goes on and on.In addition, Kennedy is the “hidden genius” behind full page magazine and tabloid advertisements you’ve undoubtedly seen in such notable publications like Success, Inc., Entrepreneur, Nations Business, USA TODAY, and The Wall Street Journal.His multi-step comprehensive direct-mail campaigns that he writes for himself as well as his clients have been received by tens of millions of people producing hundreds of millions in revenue.Although Dan rarely speaks anymore, except for events sponsored by Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle or a few select engagements for private clients, he was formerly one of the most popular, in-demand speakers on direct marketing-related topics. For example, it was customary that in a single year he would address over 200,000 people, sharing the platform with other famous speakers such as Zig Zigler, Tom Hopkins, Mark Victor Hansen, Joe Sugarman, Ron LeGrand, and Corey Rudl.He is the author of over eleven books, the latest being his NO B.S. series which are available online or at bookstores.Kennedy is not easy to do business with. He maintains a grueling schedule of speaking, consulting, copywriting, coaching, producing infomercials and managing his own business. He is never in his office, never takes incoming calls and new ‘private’ clients are asked to submit information by fax before getting a telephone appointment with him. He’s militantly resistant to having his time wasted and has ‘fired clients’ on occasion for doing so….Dan’s resources of courses and other money-making materials will not only make you more successful, but will cut years off of your learning curve.”

What You Will Get with this Program...

Guide to the Nuts and Bolts of Running a Successful Copywriting Business

You will Get a Full Downloadable 57 page PDF Guide of the Dan's Complete Confessions of How to Kick Ass in the Copywriting World!

8 Downloadable MP3 Audio File

You will Get 8 Downloadable MP3 Audio Files (Approximately 30 minutes each) of the entire interview with Dan.

Special Bonuses...

Dan Kennedy's Bootcamp Notes!

This short but powerful document are notes that Lorrie took during one of Dan's rare 3-day live copywriting bootcamps in Ohio. There were only 13 people in the room and Dan was at his finest. These notes are not for sale ANYWHERE ELSE.

Dan Kennedy's Sample Contract

Ever wondered how Dan makes so much damn money on his projects? The answer is in this sample contract. Dan is very protective of his documents, so this contract is highly unusual to find. And unless you hire Dan for $100,000 or more, you're never likely to see one unless you get it here.


You Don't Like It, You Don't Pay!
Full 30 Day Guarantee!

If Insider’s Guide to the Nuts and Bolts of Running a SUCCESSFUL Copywriting Business” is not a fit for you, you get 100% of your money back. You get a full month after the first call to ask for a refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! No guilt trips. No hard feelings.

Of course, by then you will no doubt be putting Dan’s advice to work, increasing your fees and filling your calendar with as many clients as you want.


What About Copywriter Number Two?

Now remember that other copywriter at lunch in Cleveland? Want to know what happened to him? Read his letter to Dan below:

“Dear Dan,I was waiting for something BIG to happen, before I wrote to you about the Sales Letter Workshop.Of course, BIG to me would probably be peanuts to all the other attendees at the workshop. However, as it’s something that was directly attributable to the stuff you taught at the workshop, and, the insights you shared at that special lunch, I wanted to write and tell you about it.You may remember that I attended the workshop to improve my copywriting and thinking skills. And, to use those to become a high earning freelance copywriter.To be truthful Dan, that seemed really remote and way off when it came to critiquing my stuff. I was gulping. Hard. But, I came out of it still breathing. And, with fresh new perspectives.Now, with all the info I got, all the info that whizzed passed, all the info contained in the takeaway print stuff, all the info still swirling in the head, I managed to secure a client who, in US equivalent managed to secure a client who paid $16,000 for a series of letters.That client fee has helped pay for a recent trip to Bombay. Hmmm…I think I need to have lunch with you again, soon!”

Raja C. HirekerFreelance Copywriter/Consultant


To Be Honest, If You're Hesitating to Buy
It's Probably Better You DON’T Invest

What Dan is teaching is not found ANYWHERE. His insider tactics can literally make you a millionaire (he’s already created hundreds of them). It’s like he’s giving you the keys to the kingdom he’s spent over 25 years building. If you can't see the value of what he's offering, to be honest, you probably aren't ready to apply his techniques. I'm not saying that to be negative, but (as Dan will teach you) mindset is a HUGE part of success. Successful people DO think differently. They are willing to sacrifice early profits to better themselves and lay the foundation for a solid career. The timing must be right for YOU. I believe there is enough work for all of us. But as you’re sitting there reading this, isn’t it great to realize you could be one of only a handful of copywriters who has really MASTERED THE BUSINESS OF COPYWRITING? Ah…sounds good, doesn’t it?




Lorrie Morgan

P.S. The few changes I have already made to my fee structure because of that lunch with Dan has netted me an extra $21,550.00 in a single year that I never would have seen! Because of Dan, I'm confident I'll continue writing high end copy for clients who appreciate the value of it.


What the Experts Say About Dan Kennedy

"Dan Kennedy's smart marketing advice has been of great value to our business."

- Joan Rivers,

"Knowing Kennedy is knowing that he practices every point and idea he shares. The results are outstanding for those who listen and act."

- Herb True, Professor of management College of Business Administration University of Notre Dame

"I attended Peter Lowe's Success day in St. Paul, MN. I purchased both sets of your tapes (including Magnetic Marketing) and promptly set to work. Although my company has a direct-mail program that I participate in, I had not developed any type of follow-up of my own. Using your system, I did so and am very pleased with my results. I tripled my sales results and increased my referrals by 100% based on what I've learned from you. Thank you!"

- Karen Popken, Mary Kay Independent Senior Sales Director, Apple Valley, MN

"140,000.00 in business in 4 days, and a big chunk of that was extra revenue I'd have never seen without the one suggestion you gave me. If I'd been using that one since the first of the year, I'd be at least $100,000.00 farther ahead."

- Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing, Inc.

"Dan Kennedy's reputation for teaching people how to make money in direct mail is second to none on this planet. Direct marketing industry heavyweights everywhere turn to Dan on a daily basis, and willingly pay huge sums of money for his no-nonsense approach. His cash-generating ideas overflow like Niagara Falls!"

- Raymond Aaron, Toronto, Canada

"After attending your seminar in Omaha, we purchased your Magnetic Marketing System. WOW! We used the 3-letter System to sell our Coupon Books. We targeted 1,600 local companies. We sent out our letters about 9 days apart. Our response: Letter #1, 7%; Letter #2, 8%; Letter #3, 3%; total response: 18%! We sold 3,700 books and had a profit of $26,000.00! You're a legend!"

- Doug Nielson, The Big-O Book, Market Innovators, Omaha, NE

"I have been using your materials and advice for two years, as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for a mortgage company. I am directing a direct-mail campaign that sends over 75,000 pieces a month to homeowners all over the United States. Our direct-mail program has resulted in a 300% to 400% increase in sales and profit."

- Dave Bellizi, Director of The Silva Method for Sales Professionals, New Jersey

"Your expertise helped to vault my business to the next level. One year ago, when we met at your seminar, I was in start-up mode. Using your information, ideas and input over the last year, we have met and surpassed our sales goals for one year. What a tremendous feeling!"

- Don R. Campbell, Campbell Business Services, Inc., Vancouver, B.C.

"Thank you! I invested in your Magnetic Marketing System about seven months ago and it has literally changed my life. You promised you had strategies that would work for any business and you were right. I'm a professional magician. Before I got your System, I did 12 to 20 shows a year - obviously not enough to make a living. After putting into action what you teach, I now book between 20 to 30 shows a month!"

- David DiPietro, The Magic of David Dee, Roswell, GA

"Ever since I first saw you speak and bought your materials, my life has changed for the better. My selling was pathetic! My attitude was pitiful. My income decreasing. NOT ANYMORE. My selling is great - I just closed the largest single order in my division history; $1,472,050.00! My earnings have increased by 159%."

- Joe Gedymin, Oconomowoc, WI

"The "Mega System For Speakers" would be a bargain at twice the price. It is an absolute must for people who are serious about the business side of speaking."

- Ken McCarthy, Marketing Solutions San Francisco, CA

"The Mega System is excellent. It was like a breath of fresh air to hear you expose the nonsense about career speaking."

- Judith Zabalaoui, CFP, Metaire, LA

"I've been speaking for profit for a number of years. Two things hit me right away (about your Mega System For Speakers): first, how much easier and more profitable my speaking business could have been if I would have had Dan's information to begin with. Second, how putting just a few of these proven techniques into action will substantially increase my bottom line this year - and for many years to come."

- Bob Serling, Stratford Marketing Group Studio City, CA

"If you want to make waves, go to Harvard and get your Ph.D.. If you want to make money, get your Ph.E. - run to your nearest bookstore and get Kennedy's new book- it's a four year course in Entrepreneurship."

- Al Ries, Co-author of '22 Immutable Laws of Marketing'

"I've used a lot of your ideas, with the latest success wrinkle being 'your choice' and I created three levels of packages& I've had a near 75% up-sell from $2.95 to $50.00 on my recorded message!"

- Mark Smith, Expert In Trade Show Sellin, Colorado Springs, CO

"...what this all comes down to, Dan, and that I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars with you over the past couple of years and here I am thanking you for it! I can honestly say that I have made well over 20 times the investment with your information. It's all straightforward, "no BS", real."

- Michael J. Mendenhall, Monterey, CA

"I'm the mortgage broker in Ottawa you may or may not remember. I've been using your 'stuff' for about 3 years we are getting about 400 calls - are you sitting down? - a day! Thank you."

- Grant King

"I am one-third of the way through The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur and almost done with the Conference Tapes - both have been terrific! The information is very valuable and has re-stimulated my thinking about how to promote my business and products."

- Steve Miller , The Adventure Of Trade Shows, Federal Way, WA

"Dan Kennedy is a lean, mean information selling machine. His amazing business blueprint, The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur, gives you more useful, wallet-fattening secrets than 10 other books. Reading it is like getting a master's degree in how to profit from today's information age economy. Just one idea I took from one page out of Dan's Manual paid me back over $10,000.00 almost instantly. I simply can't recommend this highly enough. It's worth ten times the price."

- Mark Nolan , Financial Freedom Association of America, Citrus Heights, CA

"I don't think I would have bought your book (The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur) if it wasn't for your almost hypnotizing copy. If I hadn't, it would have been my loss. It's worth a lot more than it's price. And Dan, if you can produce something like that, you are worth whatever you charge."

- Alan Shawn Feinstein, The Feinstein Foundation, Cranston, RI

"I have purchased thousands of dollars' worth of Dan Kennedy's books, tapes, newsletters, special reports and have had him speak at two of my Marketing Boot Camps held for the photography industry. His wealth of business-growing ideas have helped me grow personally and professionally - and directly added no less than $336,000.00 to my sales last year."

- John R. Hartman, President, Contemporary Photography, Stevens Point, WI

We use your tapes and newsletter as part of our resource library. I am very impressed with the practical value of the information."

- Julie Wyrick , Missouri Small Business Development Center

"Dan Kennedy is directly responsible for my selling over $500,000 books and videos."

- Darrel Montero , Phoenix, AZ

"To my speaking colleagues: I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is no one who knows more about the real world of speaking than Dan Kennedy. When it comes to knowledge of how to organize, market, sell and build products and services at a profit, Dan Kennedy has no equal. For over a decade, I have utilized Dan's ideas in my own speaking, training and consulting business. As a consequence, we have been fortunate enough to show consistent growth and continue to do so. I recommend Dan's services highly."

- William T. Brooks, CSP, CPAE, CPCM The Brooks Group, Greensboro, NC

"Switching from traditional advertising to Kennedy marketing methodology saved my butt . . .I am President of a 10 year old firm which deals in high tech equipment for the bio-pharmaceutical industry. We were struggling and surviving the first few years, but a downturn in our industry put us in a tailspin, and our investors withdrew support. We cancelled all our regular advertising, mail, beginning with just 2400 names. Our business has grown by leaps and bounds, revenues quadrupled, we're now THE leader in our category, and other companies are even asking us to do their marketing. I buy everything Dan offers."

- Tom Hoobyar

"Your materials have catapulted me out of a roach-infested, black and sorrowful dwelling!  I'm now being referred to as 'one of North America's top sports artists' who's paintings belong to a dozen superstar athletes.  I have an opportunity to market two of my lithographs for an estimated profit of $500,000.00.  Six years ago, I was a homeless person living in a shelter for abused women. I keep your books next to my bed, beside Napoleon Hill's.  You're a lifesaver!"

- Katherine Allen , Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"We almost went under.  Our sales were $735,000.00.  I sat down and wrote a 4 year plan in which I forecasted a 100% increase over the 4 years, with total annual sales the 4th year of $1.5 million.  Frankly, I thought it was wishful thinking.  If you possibly remember, I stayed after the 'Success' event at Exhibition Coliseum in Toronto and thanked you.  I told you of my success in the past 1-1/2 years with faxing flyers, but admitted that I had no other ideas on how to increase sales - until I listened to your presentation.  I knew the FAX marketing would not last. (It tends to annoy people....the effect was more negative than positive.)  Using your ideas, the very first mailing I did was to 1,655 companies in western Ontario.  The sales we made from the first mailing exceeded $250,000.00.  We have been mailing an average of 400 envelopes each week.  Our total sales the 4th year were $2.5 million....a 340% increase from 1992.  And profitable.  Thank you Dan Kennedy."

- Don Gordon, President SWL Crane & Hoist LTD.

"Although this thank-you gift is long overdue, I hope it expresses my gratitude for what your books, tapes and newsletters have done to improve not only my business, but my entire life.  You may recall meeting my younger brother, Mike, at your Orlando Seminar.  Mike, unlike me, had little exposure to your work, although I had often shared your principles with him.  He left Orlando 'a changed man'!  Not only has his main business substantially improved, but he has 'gone on a tear' with our Alpine air purification business."

- William James Lee, President Friends For Life Marketing

"As a result of studying your ideas, I have taken a product that I had invested years and over $100,000.00 in, that was dead in the water, and completely, as you say, 're-invented' it, taken it directly to consumers with your kind of advertising, and began making money the very first month.  If I stay at the current pace, I'll have all my debts paid off and be running a profitable business in just four more months.  I once spent $15,000.00 with a big advertising agency and got bupkus for it.  I've spent less than $1,500.00 with you and am making a fortune."

- Carol Van , CEO Innovations, L.L.C.

"He put us in the high-priced seminar business.  Showed us how to leverage a yearly marketing campaign we were already doing successfully into about 30% more profits.  His impact on our business has been enormous."

- Greg Stanley , Whitehall Management

" . . . well, I learned more about selling information from your book than from 20 others I've studied combined. You not only put your brains, file cabinets and experience into your book, you also put your heart and soul."

- Thomas W. Duffy , Stow, OH

"As a professional copywriter, I create mailings for some of the top publishers in the country.  Yet on these tapes, I've found tons of great techniques and ideas for increasing response that I've never heard anywhere else.  Not even from Dan, until now."

- David Deutsch, Direct Mail Copywriter Midlothian, Virginia

"Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Seminar was a career-enhancing experience for me.  Though I've been a student of copywriting and a copywriter myself for several years, Dan brought the whole thing together in an extraordinarily easy to understand and easy to implement way.  Dan gave me more than I expected to get - it was absolutely a remarkable conference!  I constantly see financial returns from applying what I learned at the Copywriting Seminar in my own business.  Every time I send out a direct-mail piece, I get more significant return on investment, more profit, and I have greater confidence in every bit of copywriting I ever do, thanks to what I learned from Dan at the conference.  This has already meant thousands of EXTRA dollars in my pocket in the short time since the conference, and no doubt will mean tens of thousands of EXTRA dollars in my pocket this year, and hundreds of thousands of dollars EXTRA in the years ahead!

Though I attended the conference live, I was anxious to purchase the video and audio tapes from it as well.  I have re-watched and re-listened to the tapes on multiple occasions already, and will continue to use them over and over again.  I love these tapes!  I learn so much every time I review them -- it's almost like I wasn't at the seminar live because I'm able to learn so much new "money creating stuff" every time I watch and listen.  The tapes are so easy and fun to review because they are so entertaining while being highly instructional at the same time.  Dan has a great sense of humor, and incredible experience and insight that make him awesome to learn from.  As far as I'm concerned, Dan is the man!"

- Tim Paulson, Gilbert, Arizona

"I have read all of Dan's books, have purchased his Magnetic Marketing program and the whole Power Points series, have attended numerous seminars, even paid thousands of dollars to join his Platinum Inner Circle Group.  One would think that I would have learned everything Dan has to say by now.  But after viewing Dan's Copywriting Seminar In-A-Box, I can honestly say that I've been introduced to hundreds of new ideas that I know will make me thousands of dollars.  I've already implemented lots of them.  You don't have to be a great copywriter to be a great direct response marketer.  Dan makes it so easy for you by giving you the world's greatest templates, and then, backing them up by injecting his own, easy-to-use ways to interpolate them for your own use.  I have literally watched and re-watched the video tapes of the seminar, each time picking up at least one new idea that I can use that day.  In fact, I've made a routine of popping one of the videos into the VCR each morning while I run on my treadmill!  After thirty minutes, I've gotten my workout for that day done, and I've thought of at least one way to improve my pulling ratios.  My only complaint is that I'm tired of seeing Dan in that same suit."

- Reed Hoisington , Midstate Financial Services, Fayetteville, NC

"During one of the last hot seats and the end of the second day, Dan gave some advice on how to systematically ask for referrals using direct mail on an ongoing, daily basis.  I decided to take the advice he gave the other business owners and use it for one of my own businesses.  Consequently, in the last three months our referral business has increased by 24%, putting an additional $23,275 of income into the bank.  This example is just one of the many little golden nuggets of information you get when you attend a Dan Kennedy Seminar.  You can't possibly do them all.  My advice is to take the top three you know you can implement in the next 60 days and go make your own small fortune."

- Chauncey Hutter, Jr., Real Tax Marketing, Inc., Charlottesville, Virginia

"After studying copywriting for years and years, I was sure I had seen and heard it all.  I was wrong!  The Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Seminar introduced me to at least a half dozen new insights and techniques that will almost certainly double my profits in my business this year.  I'd be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars if I hadn't attended this seminar.  Thanks a million!"

- Peter Louis Kacynski, Springfield, MA

"I've been exposed to many different resources for copywriting but never have I attended a seminar that defines easy ways to use "clicks" which are the key pieces in any advertising piece to get people to respond.  Now I can go through my marketing pieces and see what's missing, and clearly see what "clicks" to add.  As a result, I've increased my sales from just one sales piece by 3% which has added an additional $6,000 in sales so far this year - I anticipate this one small portion of this seminar will add an additional $30,000 in sales alone before the year ends.  I greatly anticipate applying everything else I learned.  This seminar is a must for any person involved with marketing or advertising."

- R.D. Skinner, President, Piranha Marketing for PCOs, Albuquerque, NM

"The information you gave us at your Copywriting Seminar has DRAMATICALLY INCREASED OUR SALES AND PROFITS!  As you know, we've been active players in the world of Direct Response Marketing for over 10 years?.And we thought we'd heard everything there was to hear.?But we were dead wrong!  We left Phoenix on Friday afternoon with dozens of powerful strategies that we couldn't wait to put into our up-and-coming promotions.  And, the first promotion we wrote when we got home was the single most powerful sales letter we ever produced in the history of our company!  The results were phenomenal!  We took in over $1,895,000.00 (yes, almost two million dollars!!!) on this single promotion!  It all came rushing in like a raging river over a 30-day period between December 5th and the first of the New Year!  And we wrote this history-breaking sales letter right after we left your Seminar using your techniques!  I know in my heart that we would have NEVER achieved EVEN HALF of this response had it not been for all the awesome tips, tricks, and strategies we discovered at your Seminar!"

- Eileen and T.J. Rohleder, M.O.R.E. Inc., Goessell, Kansas

"I think the most important things I got were Dan's formulas - there it is, you can't go wrong, just follow the formulas.  There was also a period of several hours where I was in copywriter's heaven because we reached a point where I felt like - ahh - we're inside Dan's mind."

- Michael Jans, Insurance Profit Systems, Inc., Vancouver, WA

"This is my fourth pilgrimage here in the last three years, and every time I come it changes for me, but I learn more and more.  I've gone from taking notes - I've got volumes of notes - but what happened to me these last two days is four or five marketing campaigns have just written themselves into my spiral notebook, so the work is done and all I have to do is go back and put the work into motion."

- Terry Hunefield , REMU, Oceanside, California

"With the checklists and manuals Dan gave us, instead of me having to go through my six bookshelves and seven boxes of marketing materials, I now have everything summarized for me in one place, so I know I've at least, without even starting yet, cut my copywriting time in half."

- Unknown

"No one knows more about Direct Response Marketing than Dan Kennedy.  When he gives his advice on a particular project or idea, his suggestions are based on real-life, hands-on experience.  He doesn't guess.  He has been there, seen it, or done it before.  This real-like knowledge is worth thousands of dollars.  When I want to be successful in a marketing campaign, I don't want to waste thousands of dollars testing to see what will work.  I want to come out of the gate with a strategy that will make money.  I don't need any more experience.  Dan has helped me do this!"

- David Lupberger, Silver Spring, MD

"Previously, it took me weeks? sometimes even months? to write a direct response sales letter.  I dreaded the process.  But after investing in Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Seminar and using the techniques he taught, I'm creating sales letters in a tenth of the time (sometimes just a few hours!) and my response rates are at an all-time high.  Thanks Dan!"

- Josh Bezoni, Golden, Colorado

"My name is John Alanis.  A few years ago, my art business was in so much trouble I was forced to move from my tiny apartment into the front office space of my warehouse.  I had no clue about how to sell my art until I discovered Dan Kennedy.  Using his strategies, I got one of my art pieces into a large mail order catalog, selling 4,447 of them in only 18 months, resulting in $171,209.50 in income.  And?since implementing Dan's methods, my mailings to my customer list have returned a minimum of 2.89 times cost all the way up to a 9.07 times cost.  I have attended many of Dan's seminars, and invested in his information products, each returning hundreds of times more than I paid for it.  To be truthful, I didn't think Dan's information could get any better.  I mean, how can you improve on top notch?  Then I attended Dan's Copywriting Seminar.  To say I was blown away is an understatement.  I got hot idea after hot idea - any one of which will add hundreds of thousands of dollars to my bottom line?with no extra cost or investment.  For example, one idea I got was to add "impulse items" to my order form.  Guess what?  I tried it on a Valentine's Day mailing and?27% of people circled the impulse items, adding an average of $11.79 per person responded to my sales.  This was money I would have missed out on had I not attended Dan's seminar?yet I can use this idea for the rest of my career.  I've listened to the tape set three times, and each time I get incredible new ideas.  In fact, I had to pull off the road just a few days ago and write down an idea that popped into my mind while listening to the tapes again - give a free sample of my work away to gift shop owners to get them to order more stuff.  How much money will this make me?  Thousands?  Hundreds of Thousands?  Millions?  I don't know for sure, but I do know if I hadn't gotten Dan's Copywritng Seminar, I would have never gotten this idea.  If you buy one information product this year, then it should be Dan Kennedy's Copywriting Seminar.  If you are in business or thinking about going into business, then I'll be quite frank with you: you can't live without this information.  The information in there can be the difference between surviving and prospering, between seeking out a living or making a fortune.  If I hadn't discovered Dan Kennedy, I have little doubt I'd be slaving away at some job I hated, my business little more than a memory.  The best advice I can give?  Get Dan's stuff immediately: and start with his Copywriting Seminar."

- John Alanis , World Famous Artist Art Of Steel, Inc., Texas

"Per your advice, I replaced the large logo and company name that dominated my old Yellow Pages ad with the simple bold headline you suggested.  Ad response has increased ten-fold.  That one 10-minute phone call with you was the single most important phone call of my business life."

- Rex W. Beckham , Welded Roof Systems, Missouri

"I have learned more about marketing from you in 9 months that all of my 22 years of business experience.  Throughout my career, I have never been exposed to marketing materials that are as effective as yours."

- Saul Cohen , CLU, ChFC New York

"I haven't learned as much since Brenda Dillon took me behind a tobacco barn when I was 13 years old."

- Bobby Wallace, Dollars & Sense Services Florida