Red Hot Tips

Free Profit Pulling Copywriting Tips

5 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Copywriting

  • Attention-grabbing headline. We’ve become a society that demands immediate gratification or our interest is lost. Don’t capture attention in the first few seconds and they’re gone forever.
  • Conversational tone. Think of a friend in your mind and write as if you’re talking to that person.
  • Build a relationship. Give them good info. Inspire trust. Don’t just look for a sale. Establish loyalty so they keep coming back.
  • Testimonials. Nothing is more personal than how you’ve helped others. Get your clients to write about what results they got because of you.
  • Read copy aloud 3 times. Spell check may have worked, but that doesn’t mean you might not have forgotten to add a word. Or revised a sentence and forgot to take out all the old parts so it no longer makes sense.

All About Headlines

  • Headlines are the single most-read piece of copy. If you plan to spend extra time anywhere on your writing, spend it writing headlines. My trick is to write a minimum of 50-100 headlines for every piece of copy I craft. My suggestion for you is to write as many as you can possibly make yourself do. They truly get better as you go!