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"Behind The Curtain"

Copy Secrets That Sell To Women

Does your traditional-style copy send women running for the hills? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of things have changed since the turn of the century, and one of those is how to write copy that sells to women.

Nothing against you guys, but FEMALES are the driving force behind 85% of all buying decisions across most brands. If you STILL don’t consider the spending wallop women have on the economy, check out these stats…

  • Women tend to make household purchases, pay vendors, and deal with more customer service issues than men…
  • Women buy more online products and services than men…
  • Single women drive 20% of all home sales today…
  • Consumer Focus Study reports that 91% of home electronics purchases are made by women…
  • 70% of all new businesses are opened by women!

With numbers like this, isn’t it time to focus on what SHE is interested in? If you agree, then please join me for a special free webinar called, “Behind The Curtain: Copy Secrets That Sell To Women”.

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Not only will I share some solid tactics about selling to women, but I’m also going to add in a few tidbits about what worked (and what didn’t) while marketing my world famous “She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp”. One of those strategies is my brand new Video Sales Letter Blueprint.

In this special webinar event I’ll cover some copywriting questions you might have, but I also promise to deliver:

  • The 7 critical differences between masculine and feminine copy and how to construct your copy to match your market;
  • The 3-Step Copywriting Formula for selling to women, and how it differs from selling to men;
  • How to transform your marketing messages from hard-sell copy to female-friendly copy that gets her to buy;
  • Copy Makeovers that move your copy into the 21st Century so it appeals to the right audience;
  • 4 Archetype Personalities and how to write copy that appeals to each one’s buying criteria…
  • BONUS ADDITION: My Secret Video Sales Letter Blueprint

And more.

Listen, I’ve been told I am a copywriting trailblazer (probably because I arrived to the party early plus I’ve spent so much energy researching and testing how WOMEN respond to copy). I pride myself on delivering the goods but I haven’t been as available as I used to be. Appearances are rare so don’t  miss this opportunity to learn from me.

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Women tend to get what they want, eventually. The question is, will they get it from YOU– or someone else? Join me for “Behind The Curtain: Copy Secrets That Sell To Women” and find out how to make the power of the purse work for YOU!

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