Pauline Longdon’s Recommendations to Skyrocketing to Copy Fame in a Short Time

Lorrie: Hey.

Pauline: Back again?

Lorrie: Back again for more. Back for more with my mate Pauline Longdon Australia’s prevailing female copywriter. I know you don’t like that but …

Pauline: Yeah, that’s okay.

Lorrie: Truth is the truth.

Pauline: I am a female, yes.

Lorrie: You are a female. Exactly. One of the things that I say about you that separates you out from a lot of copywriters, a lot of marketers, is how deep your scholastic have gone. How deep you delve into copy writing courses and events and personal. My gosh, you have the who’s who of marketers who are alive in your photographs. You have pictures with everybody.

Pauline: Yeah, well if you don’t have the Facebook photos it never happened.

Lorrie: It didn’t happen.

Pauline: I have to have them there.

Lorrie: Exactly. I want to know, you can tell the listeners, who were your influences. What influenced you to be so good? Because you really are. I have to just say that I labeled you as one of the best students I ever had.

Pauline: That’s a huge complement because I know who your other students are.

Lorrie: I know, I just tipped your hand. This isn’t just … I really do, I want to know for other marketers, who influences you?

Pauline: I guess for beginners and people just starting out in copy, you can spend a fortune and really get nowhere. You can really spin your wheels. That’s what I did too. I started out, I bought a couple of programs and followed a few mentors or influencers, let’s say and sort of didn’t deliver what I wanted. They’d give me … I always make the analogy, Kentucky Friend Chicken is known for its 11 herbs and spices but the more resources that I’d get in copy writing, I only ever got the same 7 herbs and spices and I thought, where are the other 4. They were like, no, you’ve got all 11 and I’d go, no no, I’ve got them in a different sequence but there is still only 7 and they’re the same 7, what’s going on?

Probably my favorite influencers, in no particular order, would be Gary Halbert for sure. Reading the Gary Halbert letter will make you into a better writer, full stop.

Lorrie: It’s free.

Pauline: It’s for free and I’m more of a paper person. They guys, Bond and Kevin, have just released them all printed out and pretty much in the original format that their Dad sent them out in which is great. If you haven’t got that kind of money, just print them off the internet and just read them. I think there’s something different about actually having them and highlighting the language patters and how he’s used it.

Lorrie: That’s a great tip.

Pauline: I think you can highlight thing on Kindle but if it’s a pdf I don’t think you can actually do that on the Kindle and the other programs.

Lorrie: I don’t think so either but printing it out, that’s something, because the paper weights and stuff like that, I hesitated to do it but it’s …

Pauline: I haven’t thrown away that prints that I did, though.

Lorrie: There you go. Even if you did though, it’s sort of the cost of doing business because it makes a huge difference in your learning.

Pauline: It is different, your pathways anyway when you write by hand. That’s something, Gary Halbert actually said that, was to write things out by hand so I did it, laboriously. I actually still do it these days, if I’m having a day where I can’t write, I’ll sit there and write out bullets or offers for half an hour.

Lorrie: That’s brilliant.

Pauline: Or I’ll sit down and I’ll read a Gary Halbert letter for half an hour because usually it takes me a half an hour to read one of his letters. Then I’ll get into my day because I’m so excited and pumped up by the copy that I’ve just read or written out.

Lorrie: Great.

Pauline: Gary Halbert by far one of my huge influences.

Lorrie: Mine too.  He was the one that made me want to be a copy writer. When I saw what he did I was like, “This is it. This is what I want to do.”

Pauline: It’s sad that I never got to meet the man but I actually said to Bond (Halbert) one day, I actually feel like I really did get to know the man just by reading his newsletters because they’re just so raw and real.

Lorrie: They are.

Pauline: They are. I know there were some that weren’t released and I just bought that pack that they’ve got the unreleased ones in there. I can’t wait to get into those. It’s like behind the scenes view of Gary’s life so that’s great.

Another influence is Clayton Makepeace. He’s a bit of my copy crush. I will admit. Just because, he can actually write. He can write really visceral copy and he really gets into the dominant emotions of people. Also, he’s got a quick start system of how to write copy.

Lorrie: I don’t even think that’s for sale anymore.

Pauline: You can get it through AWAI.

Lorrie: You can?

Pauline: American Writers and Artists Incorporated.


Pauline: Yeah.

Lorrie: I’ll put that in the notes.

Pauline: They’re a pretty good company too. I actually like my involvement with them. I will support them quite heavily because they’ve done a lot for me. I actually got to meet Clayton through them. He’s a really good mate and I really like him as a person as well. Clayton Makepeace is a definite, read his stuff.

There’s a woman called Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, I’m not sure if you know her but she’s pretty awesome.

Pauline: I actively sought her out because of the female aspect. I just noticed that when I started to write copy, and that was before I met Gary and some of the other really good copy writers, was my copy was a little bit high, a bit too masculine, testosterone filled dripping and so … I know that most people don’t like that and it’s like, well how do you find that beautiful sweet spot? I have a theory, people don’t like to … In the alternative health and UH stuff, which used to be my niche, it’s like they don’t like the harpy and really direct asking for the sale but then if you don’t ask for the sale and you’re sending out subsequent marketing materials or a sales letter then you’re just as bad as these people because you’re highlighting a pain but not giving them a solution.

Lorrie: Not giving them a solution, yes.

Pauline: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero brought me back into here. Sorry I’m talking about you in the third person. Anyway, right back into the middle, into the sweet spot so I could actually tap into that connecting conscious copy that I think a lot of people try to fake but they don’t get. I did your, what was it? Conscious Copy Writing …

Lorrie: Conscious Copy Writing Formula and I was going to put a lot, I never really promoted that. It was a really good program.

Pauline: That’s a shame because that is a really good program.

Lorrie: Maybe I’ll start promoting that again.

Pauline: Please do because I think people really need to … I’ve done some reports and podcasts as guests about the conscious consumer and for me the conscious consumer is someone who’s awakened. They know all the tricks and as Dan Kennedy says, “We are not selling to virgins.” We don’t start at ground zero. We are 20 million stories below ground zero. We have to work our way up to zero and then it’s all about trust.

The conscious consumer is so awakened, they know all the tricks. It’s funny reading Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence. That’s a great book.

Lorrie: Great book.

Pauline: I can’t talk to a salesperson anymore without being able to pick up what they’re doing. I think as people start to get more awakened and aware, the conscious copy writing formula is so needed.

Lorrie: Cool, I will promote it more. I think it’s also with how much the globe is condensing and we’re so much more of a global community that the awareness is raising faster, I hope. The tricks are more obvious.

Pauline: They are. It’s funny, I always talk about the globalization of the internet, it’s like all the boundaries and the borders that our forefathers fought to establish and keep have crumbled with the internet because you can have friends all around the world. I’ve had clients in a lot of countries when I was a healer and I’m still doing a bit of healing work now. I’ve got people from just about every continent that I’ve worked with. It’s pretty amazing.

Lorrie: It is pretty amazing. It’s amazing that we worked together and now we’re colleagues and we’re in the same … I visited you, I spoke in Australia because of you. You’ve visited, stayed at our B and B. It’s like their second home when …

Pauline: Hello B and B.

Lorrie: When they’re in the states, or at least in California.

Pauline: Yeah.

Lorrie: It’s amazing how everything is kind of shrinking so it’s even more important.

Pauline: The She Factor is another really good one. I’m not just saying that because it’s you.

Lorrie: Sure you are.

Pauline: No, I actually say to a lot of people. There’s a list of main influencers that I’m happy to share around. The She Factor is also about that taking people through the whole flirting …

Lorrie: Yeah, the dating cycle.

Pauline: The dating cycle. That makes sense and it’s funny because Ryan Dice now talks about that too.

Lorrie: Really?

Pauline: I wonder if he was a little influenced by it, whatever.

Lorrie: It’s okay. It’s the thought, it’s not brain surgery. It really is just about understanding human psychology and how they build up that trust. You’re not going to buy from somebody you don’t trust.

Pauline: It’s all called relationship marketing, isn’t it?

Lorrie: It is.

Pauline: That’s what it is. You’re building relationships, you’re building trust. It’s all right if you want to just have a one off sale.

Lorrie: Reputation.

Pauline: And returns but I’m not in it for that and my clients are not in it for that so that’s, I’m not going to write like that for them. You’re a huge influence on me.

I love Gary Bencivenga, he is a sharp man.

Lorrie: He’s one I’ve not met and you’ve actually gotten to meet him, and got your picture.

Pauline: Yeah, I’ve got to meet him.  Yeah, I got my picture with him so that was pretty awesome.

Lorrie: Yeah.

Pauline: His course is one that I don’t have the 100 seminar but I’m saving up for that because it’s like $5,000. While I keep traveling to the US 2 or 3 times a year, it seems to go backwards and backwards …

Lorrie: I’m sorry the Aussie dollar, at this point, is not doing great.

Pauline: It is $5,000 American dollars so that it makes about 25 million Australian dollars. Maybe after the first really big royalty check. That’s what I’m aiming for.

Lorrie: There you go. Exactly.

Pauline: Who else is an influence? There’s Clayton, you, Gary.

Lorrie: What are some of the books that you’ve read that you were really interested … ? And courses.

Pauline: I love John Caple’s …

Lorrie: Testing Advertising Methods.

Pauline: That’s really good. I really like that. He was one of my copy crushes before I met Clayton. Just the way he writes. He wrote that Everybody Laughed.

Lorrie: Piano.

Pauline: Yeah, that one. I’ve written that out by hand several times. I really got into copy, the way he wrote. The Robert Collier Letter Book is a hard read.

Lorrie: It is hard to read straight through and through but it’s good.

Pauline: Robert Collier and the way he writes is just amazing. He wrote some sales letters to get donations for a charity. I think he pinned a $1 note to the top of the letter but if you actually read the letter, he never ever lets go of the $1 note. It’s like, you could take my dollar but I don’t think you will after reading this letter. He’s going on about all the things that they’re going to do and then by the end it’s like, you can either take my dollar or you can actually add one of your own to it and send it back. Anyway, I thought that was really clever and I actually that was one of the best sales letters ever. They made so much money. This was in the 1920’s or 1930’s or something. Attaching a $1 note is huge.

Lorrie: That’s huge. That’s true.

Pauline: Robert Collier, John Caples and then, of course, Breakthrough Advertising. We talked about this.

Lorrie: Yes, Eugene Schwartz.

Pauline: Yes.

Lorrie: He’s one of my favorites too. You know, it’s funny because he said that a lot of times he would write, it was so quick for him to write that he would sit on the copy for a while and not give it to the client so they wouldn’t realize how fast it was. Don’t get any ideas because it’s really not usually, usually I’m working right up until the deadline constantly changing everything until I have to hand it in. I couldn’t just sit on it and go, la la la la and then hand it in, I couldn’t.

Pauline: He was, I think he was one in a billion writers that really really got it.

Lorrie: Right.

Pauline: Breakthrough Advertising, you can just tell people and copy writers and marketers that have actually read it because there’s a certain something. You’ve got the sophistication levels and the awareness levels and it’s interesting to see that people actually miss the mark when they don’t pitch to the right awareness level.

Lorrie: Right.

Pauline: We’re not going to share our P because that’s what makes us special.

Lorrie: That’s right.

Pauline: You can admire us or learn from us.

Lorrie: There you go, learn from us.

Pauline: We put a lot of … That’s the thing about copy writing, people think it’s just about putting words on a page but just the influence I’ve spoken about here and investing in self, it’s like I’ve spent well over $100,000. Now more with my trips back and forth. A huge amount of money on my education, it’s like a college or even university level education.

Lorrie: Totally.

Pauline: Yeah, it’s interesting though. Share this with the listeners though. Is that people will see a package and they’ll say, “Oh, that’s too expensive. Why would you want to buy that when you can get something similar on the internet for free?” Or whatever. I’ll just let you know that you’re not actually balking at investing to say your package was expensive, which it is really not, anyway, it’s like you’re not really balking at investing in Laurie, you’re balking at investing in you. Just have that as an awareness.

Lorrie: That’s true.

Pauline: I used to have that a lot when I was a spiritual teacher. People would say, “That’s a real expensive course.” I’d say, it’s 3 days, it’s $500, it’s going to change your life. What’s expensive about it? It’s actually more expensive if you don’t.” J

Lorrie: Or if you get the wrong information, that’s …

Pauline: That’s more expensive. What’s the most expensive advice you can get? Free advice.

Lorrie: Yes.

Pauline: Because there’s no investment in it, the person isn’t invested in the outcome that they’re giving you. Where, if you pay a mentor, and you actually have been my mentor as well as a teacher, it’s like you are invested in that because it’s your reputation.

Lorrie: Yeah.

Pauline: Because if it didn’t work, I’m going to be a typical female, I’m going to go tell all my friends how much you suck.

Lorrie: Exactly.

Pauline: It didn’t work.

Lorrie: I know, whew.

Pauline: Yeah, I just wanted people to just back yourself and invest in yourself.

Lorrie: That’s a great message.

Pauline: One of the things, they can take your money away, they can take your house away, your car, whatever. Whatever is up here cannot ever be taken away.

Lorrie: Exactly right.

Pauline: Invest in yourself and you’ve got really good return on investment potential there, all it takes.

Lorrie: Great, great knowledge. That’s good to know.

Pauline: Also, if you buy a package or a book, use them. Take them out of the wrapper. Like those things.

Lorrie: You mean it’s not shelf help.

Pauline: Yes, because that’s one of the things we’ve mentioned before, AWAI, I really like them. I’ve done a lot of their courses and I’m in their Circle of Success program. They get a lot of bad press, as in everyone does, such and such scam, such and such scam.

Lorrie: Sure.

Pauline: It’s probably somewhere there’s a google search, Pauline  Longdon scam, whatever.

Lorrie: It’s all controversial like that.

Pauline: It’s just whatever. I’ll say, I’ve seen a lot of bad press about them, it’s usually by people who’ve bought the course and then magically expected them to be able to teach them how to write copy when they haven’t even logged onto their account.

Lorrie: Oh yeah.

Pauline: I see that all the time.

Lorrie: I do too.

Pauline: People pointing their finger out but when you point your finger out, look at how many are pointing back at you.

Lorrie: I love that. That’s one of my favorite things. You’re the first person I’ve heard that from.

Pauline: Yeah, invest in yourself but also do something with it. Don’t just let it sit there and expect it to magically, by osmosis, make you successful.

Lorrie: I know. If only it works that way.

Pauline: I wish it did. I actually tried to make it do that and then I just gave up. That’s what I gave up on. I gave up on the osmosis theory of success and then I actually took some action.

Lorrie: There you go.

Pauline: Look what happened.

Lorrie: Look what happened. Rising star. You’re already up there. You’re in the galaxy for sure. Thank you so much.

Pauline: Thank you. It was fun.

Lorrie: Please visit Pauline Longdon at Sign up for her newsletter. It’s got good nuggets and you’ll see how to write and engaging email that gets people to want to take action and to stay in your community. Thank you again for being here.

Pauline: Thank you for inviting me. It was so much fun.

Lorrie: It is fun. Okay, bye bye.





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