Show #9: Russian Salesman Part 1


Hi, it’s me. I want to talk to you today about how I was almost separated from a small fortune in a matter of minutes by an excellent salesman.

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Show #8: Story of Origin


DOWNLOAD THE SHOW HERE Story of Origin Hey, I want to talk to you for a moment about your story of origin.  So it’s really important when you’re writing a message, a sales message, for people to know that you came from somewhere, something happened to you, and you have turned lemons into lemonade or…

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Show #7: Analyzing Affiliate Copy


DOWNLOAD THE SHOW HERE Analyzing Affiliate Copy Hey, it’s Lorrie.  I want to talk to you today about speaking and being an affiliate. When you’re invited to be on somebody’s virtual stage or whether it’s a stage that you arrive at and get up in front of real life people, it’s really important to be…

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Show #6: Power Of Video


DOWNLOAD THE SHOW HERE Power of Video Hey, I want to talk to you today about a super exciting kind of geeky thing that I’m into right now. I’ve been on the fence for a long time about video, but I have come off of the fence because it’s so effective. It’s so freaking effective,…

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Show #5: Focused Intention


DOWNLOAD THE SHOW HERE Focused Intention This is really dangerous and I may not put this up at all, but I hardly have any makeup on. I’ve been sick for the last two days, in bed like sleeping, just sleeping, and I finally took a shower. This is what you get, this is me, and…

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Show #4: Paralysis Of Analysis


DOWNLOAD THE SHOW HERE Paralysis of Analysis So I was just asked in an interview the other day about what I felt were the biggest trends in copywriting. One thing that I see a lot is that people get overloaded by technology. I mean, this is the first time ever that regular people can have…

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Show #3: Research Your Audience


DOWNLOAD THE SHOW HERE Research Your Audience So a question that I just got is about, how do I feminize my copy? I get what you’re saying that women are making more buying decisions that it’s important to speak her language, but how. I understand. It’s not obvious. There’s a very subtle difference because the…

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Show #2: Women’s Influence


DOWNLOAD THE SHOW HERE Women’s Influence When it comes to selling to women, the stats are going to keep changing and they’re going to keep getting higher and higher when it comes to how much influence women actually have on the economy, on the world, with the changes that we’re making globally, environmentally, socially. That’s…

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Show #1: Keeping The Flow


DOWNLOAD THE SHOW HERE Keeping the Flow Hey Lorrie here, we are totally bootstrapping it today, but you know what? I just have this needing to be perfect and it’s stopping me from doing anything, so this is what you’re getting. I’m in my office. I have my drum set here. I’m not going to…

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