"Discover How To Communicate (And SELL) Using An Easy-to-Follow Formula That Enhances Empathy..."

From: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Date: Wednesday 12:36 PM

Hi there,

If you are on this page, I’m going to make a certain assumption. You are an enlightened agent for change, or a conscious entrepreneur, who is ready to communicate in a way that spreads your message while still being paid what you’re worth.

Or you're just ready to discover how to evoke more empathy in your marketing messages...

You're part of the Conscious Communication Renaissance that’s fast spreading across the globe!

Here’s my experience with the conscious crowd (of which I am also a card-carrying member). . .

For whatever reason (usually a higher purpose or calling is involved), we are called to do a certain type of work.

First we do this work one-on-one. Over time, we will recognize how powerful our gifts are and want to expand our reach. Maybe next we'll hold local workshops or seminars.

Yet ultimately we feel a calling to make a difference on a grander scale . . .a scale that is no longer only one-to-one but one-to-many. Hello, Internet!

We live in a time of great communication – a Conscious Communication Renaissance!

That means we need to translate our message to websites, emails, videos, etc. Unfortunately the only model that’s really been touted as THE WAY TO GO has been the in-your-face, fear-based, scarcity model of writing copy.

We don't really respond to that, do we? Nope.

But we still need to get our messages out to the world.

More fine-tuned model can leverage your business and gifts and propel them to the world.

What If There Were A Way To Bring Your Message To Your Tribe Without Being "Salesy" Or Pushy?

Actually, in the Conscious Communication Renaissance, THERE IS A WAY!

Now you can discover your most authentic voice and share it with the world through ALL of your messages in a CONSCIOUS way through your copy.

So what exactly is Conscious Copy?

  • Conscious Copy integrates the masculine and the feminine energies of businesses & personalities so your brilliance stands out.
  • Conscious Copy isn’t just about technique. It’s deeper than just the methodology and process of writing copy.
  • Conscious Copy is about a state of being that focuses on the energetic changes going on in the world today.

Rather than drawing a line in the sand between masculine style versus feminine style, Conscious Copy is an integrated state of alignment between the two energies. It is a balance.

You need the masculine to create the foundation and drive the sale. You need the feminine to bring in the playful essence and creativity of your message to the world.

Conscious Copy is about weaving together traditional ideas with innovative ones to make way for a brand new paradigm. . .

A space where your message serves and sells with authenticity!

Introducing a step-by-step, self-paced training system designed to connect authentically with creative, conscious & evolved agents of change as well as healers, coaches, intuitives, artists & humanitarians. . .

A One-Of-A-Kind Self-Paced Training System

It’s definitely time there were a series that takes you by the hand and walks you through exactly how to write copy that speaks to your tribe in a conscious way.

So I created it!

I’m Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy, and I’m considered by some to be a pioneer in the world of copywriting, especially with women and conscious entrepreneurs.

My list of clients reads like a Hall of Fame list of marketers and corporations such as Marcia Wieder, Evolving Wisdom, Mark Victor Hansen, David Neagle, Office Depot, NAWBO, Ladies Who Launch, Ali Brown International, Braveheart Women, and Glazer Kennedy, just to name a few.

But my favorite way to share my gift is by teaching. It lights me up and nourishes me when I’m able to pull back the curtain for others to master how to create their own stellar, authentic copy.

I’ve trained thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners across the planet since 2004. Some hated writing. Some loved it. But the vast majority “got it” under my tutelage.

Now I’m even more excited to share with you exactly how I able to create Conscious Copy that sells authentically. . . and how you can too!!

"The Conscious Copywriting Formula - A Self -Paced Training System" is an exciting deep dive into the world of refining your message for the world using transformational language melded with authentic and helpful salesmanship.

When you invest in "The Conscious Copywriting Formula - A Self-Paced Training Systemyou’ll get access to my Five-Step Formula in a virtual video environment, along with detailed guides for each module.

I know how busy you are. Yet you still get how crucial this training is for your business. So here’s what I’m doing. . .

You'll get access to examples and templates for each STEP in the Formula. These will be perfect for you to add to your “swipe file” (a collection of copy you can use to model your future copy messages to your tribe) to make future copywriting practically effortless.

You'll also get access to an ongoing private Facebook group that I continue to check in on frequently. It’s up to you how active you decide to be.

I know how busy you are. Yet you still get how crucial this training is for your business. So here’s what I’m doing. . .

  • Each of the STEPS includes clear examples & templates to model.

    To make this process easy peasy for  you, I’m delivering timely examples and templates for each STEP in the Formula. These are perfect for you to add to your “swipe file” (a collection of copy you can use to model your future copy messages to your tribe) to make future copywriting practically effortless.

  • You’ll also be an official member of our private Facebook group.

    It’s up to you how active you decide to be in this group, but it’s an opportunity to share your thoughts and work with other conscious peers. Plus as a bonus, I am highly active in social media and often hang out in our group. Serious students and colleagues get my attention. I’d love to interact directly with you!

Here are details about each of the STEPS  in "The Conscious Copywriting Formula - A Self-Paced Training System":

STEP 1 -
Your Hero’s Journey Begins: Expressing Your Vision to Your Tribe

There is a story behind when you first were initiated into your current calling. Each story is unique and profound. Your story (and how you tell it) is your opportunity to bring fire and brilliance to your copy. In STEP 1, you will discover:

  • Writing rituals you can use to compose your deepest truth
  • Secrets to bringing your authentic vision to life on the page
  • Exactly what to highlight in your copy that separates you from others

After STEP 1 your message will come across with crystal-clear precision.

STEP 2 –
Spotlight Your Benefits: Capture Attention With Magnetizing Headlines & Bullets

It seems that everyone is so busy with our fast-paced world they miss out on important information. So it’s key to understand how to create headlines & bullets that are benefit-laden, attention-grabbing, and easily understood. In STEP 2, you’ll understand:

  • Simple ways to create impactful headlines that reflect your essence & highlight benefits
  • Which trigger words & phrases are the best matches to connect with your tribe
  • How to use easy headline & bullet templates to serve you when you get stuck

STEP 2 will combine much of the traditional copywriting methods with the conscious language that resonates with our kind.

STEP 3 –
It’s Okay to Get Paid: How to Create an Aligned Offer That’s Irresistible

As conscious beings living in a human world, we agree on exchanging energy for different energy. Over time that exchange has been translated as MONEY. We need financial support to take care of our most basic needs (and even some luxuries). If you truly believe you offer something of value, then you deserve to be paid. In STEP 3, you will learn:

  • How to structure an alluring offer that is clear, defined, and enticing
  • A fail proof system for collecting powerful & effective testimonials
  • Secrets to creating a guarantee for service-based business that doesn’t require refunding cash for services already delivered

When you respect your gifts enough to charge for them, the value becomes obvious and inviting in your copy.

STEP 4 –
Follow Your Heart: Putting Together a Conscious Sales Page That Reflects Your Essence

In this one-of-a-kind session, you’ll see each step to "The Conscious Copywriting Formula" IN ACTION! Watch over my shoulder, and see exactly how to convert your copy chunks into an influential sales tool. Let me guide you through the process you’ll use again and again with all of your future copy. This crucial STEP 4 will shed the light on how to:

  • Create chunks of original copy and move them into their most profit-producing format
  • Deconstruct existing copy and rebuild it into a high-converting asset
  • Take the struggle out of producing copy anytime, anywhere

After teaching copywriting to students all over the globe since 2004, this STEP is still my favorite. Sit back, watch, and enjoy the light bulbs going off in your head!

STEP 5 –
Make Your Presence Known: How to Write an Email Sequence that Gets Opened & Makes the Sale

Now that you know how to create the copy for your web page, it’s time to drive traffic there. There is a definite sequence that works when it comes to email…and you’re about to learn it! This important FINAL STEP teaches you:

  • Secrets to writing a tantalizing subject line that almost demands to be opened & read
  • Exactly what content should be included in each email for maximum results
  • When and how often to add a Call To Action

When we’re done, you’ll be producing creative and connecting copy like a super STAR!

Frequently Asked Questions and ANSWERS!

It’s official. “The Conscious Copywriting Formula – A Self-Paced Training System is a massive hit. If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, it could be that you have some lingering questions. Let me see if I can answer some of them for you…

What is “The Conscious Copywriting Formula” about? +
For the past decade or so, there has been a massive increase in the speed and amount of information spread around the globe every second of every day. Use of our smart phones, computers, and social media, is reaching critical mass.

We’re globally experiencing this Conscious Communication Renaissance together.

As a whole, the old ways of communicating are falling away. A lot of the focus on pain, fear, and “crushing the competition” in copy is being replaced by more inspiring and uplifting language. It’s a more balanced look at communication.

You need the masculine energy to create the foundation and drive the sale.

You need the feminine energy to bring in the playful essence and creativity of your message to the world.

This series blends the two energies together for maximum effectiveness.

Who is “The Conscious Copywriting Formula” designed for? +
The series was created for conscious entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, copywriters, humanitarians, and agents of change who want to connect with their audience using more positive messaging AND make sales.
How is “The Conscious Copywriting Formula” different from your past trainings? +
“The Conscious Copywriting Formula” is a culmination of everything I’ve learned about creating copy that sells since the early 2000s. As the creator of “The She Factor,” “The Speed Copywriting Workshop,” and the “Red Hot Copywriting Bootcamp,” it’s a fair question to wonder what new stuff I’m bringing to the table.

I’ll candidly let you know that there is definitely some overlap with the more traditional sales psychology. After all, copy is designed to sell and that requires that masculine push. I’ve studied directly with Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, and John Carlton.

However after working directly with some of the most respected luminaries in the world, like Marcia Wieder, Ali Brown, Arielle Ford, Claire Zammit, and Mark Victor Hansen to name a few, I’ve discovered the formula for writing in a style that doesn’t send the conscious crowd running from the room.

How much copywriting support is in “The Conscious Copywriting Formula”? +
You’ll learn a step-by-step formula you can overlay on any copy you’re creating. I’ve developed “The Conscious Copywriting Formula” in a unique way that leans heavily on examples, copy makeovers, and reusable templates.
How much access will we get to your expertise during “The Conscious Copywriting Formula”? +
You’ll have an opportunity to interact with me in our private Facebook group. I love social media and social interaction. And I make myself available as much as possible to people I know are serious about improving their communication skills.

I dearly hope you’ll make the choice to be a part of "The Conscious Copywriting Formula - A Self-Paced Training System" family. You deserve a thriving business and a fulfilling life. You can make whatever changes to your life that you want. All you have to do is start!



Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

P.S. As an ADDED BONUS to help make your copy pop, I am including my famous “The She Factor Copy Doodles” Downloads ($147 Value). This Bonus is in Downloadable format only and it will be in the Members Area. The Copy Doodles She Factor Edition includes: 120 custom-made She Factor CopyDoodles that are also delivered in black, blue, and red. There are over 1,059 CopyDoodles included in the Basic Edition!

Robbie Hocheck
"I am here to alert you to sign up for anything that Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero teaches. One of the things I got that is absolutely critical to business is learning how to write a very structured sales letter—I had no idea how to do it. Lorrie takes you through a very specific template; in fact she gives you the template on how to write the sales letter. She gives you lots of information and lots of encouragement and lots of time to work on it and she made something that was difficult and overwhelming for me so easy and I am so grateful." Robbie Hocheck
Kyle King
"Lorrie taught me excellent copywriting tips and made me lots of money by using her copywriting techniques. "Inspiring the Amazon Within" is a program directed towards women in power and I have been able to really see where the holes in my plan have been and how I can start to really make an impact on my readers and people interested in my work." Kyle King
Lawton Chiles
Writing conscious copy doesn't involve just a softer touch, or dumbing down your message. It's speaking to people from the heart... and talking to them on a one-on-one basis. It resonates at a higher level with their emotions... which is the part of the brain that decides whether or not they feel good enough, trust enough, and believe enough of what you are saying to give you their money. Lorrie's course does that, and far more. Lawton Chiles
Copywriter for Trey Smith, Mike Koenigs, Amish Shah, and others.
Lauri Quinn Loewenberg
"Working with Lorrie is like working with an old friend. Lorrie and her team are fun, engaging, encouraging... and brilliant! Definitely a worth-while experience." Lauri Quinn Loewenberg
Dream Expert and Author

Because this is the first time I’ve launched this particular series, I wanted to make it reasonably priced for everyone. Like I mentioned earlier, I get paid from $25,000 to $75,000 per project (depending on the detail involved). But this series is truly a labor of love so naturally I didn’t want to make it out of your reach financially.

So you’ll get each carefully-designed STEP of my 5-STEP “The Conscious Copywriting Formula – A Self-Paced Training System” in addition to a membership to our private Facebook group so you can post your own ideas and copy for feedback.

All for ONE Low Payment of $497 on sale now for $247.00


If you have any doubt that “The Conscious Copywriting Formula – A Self-Paced Training System” is a fit for you, I’d encourage you to register anyway. If after 30 DAYS  you don’t feel like this series speaks to you, simply contact us for an easy refund. I want you to make this decision without any reservation.