Selling to Women: The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp

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Attention Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Copywriters Who Want to Get Inside the Complex Mind of  Female Consumers, While NOT Alienating Men...

“Discover Step-By-Step Strategies For Selling To Women In This One-Of-A-Kind,
Emotional Direct Response Training!”

"SHE" Is The New "WE"

From: Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

Date: Monday 11:11 AM

Hi there,

We're all one big global family now. And what used to work in sales for decades has shifted...DRAMATICALLY. Forget about the bullying, false promises and hype. That was the past.

Today consumers want connection and caring. (Hey, that applies to women AND men!) But how do you add that ingredient to your OWN marketing messages?

So many entrepreneurs I know freeze up at the thought of writing emotional direct response copy. I can’t blame them really. A lot of the copy I see on the Internet and in print is over-the-top, bordering on out-of-integrity.

People I talk to HATE the long sales letters.

They HATE the hype-filled language.

They HATE feeling as if they have to pressure someone to buy.

I totally get it! But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! The truth is long-form sales letters have worked for some time now. Whether you present your copy in one traditional, long column or the more modern rendition of breaking your message up into a few tabs on a website, the foundation must be created first.

It’s easy when you have a SYSTEM.

Copy doesn’t have to be cold, impersonal, and pushy. AND it doesn’t have to be hard to write!

You Can Make MUCH More Money WITHOUT Spending It on Ineffective Marketing

I’m Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero of Red Hot Copy, and I’m known for my fun and easy methods to write relationship-building copy that appeals particularly to women and heart-centered entrepreneurs (while NOT alienating men!)…

I've been teaching copywriting from novices to experts online since 2003. It’s a whole new world out there with fast-changing technology and super savvy consumers. And if you haven’t noticed, the market to reach has changed too.

It used to be that masculine, testosteronal driven marketing worked like gangbusters to sell, sell, sell. No more. That’s because it’s the WOMEN who make 85% of the buying decisions…across almost EVERY BRAND!

(Yes, even the ones you wouldn’t think of like sporting merchandise, motorcycles, SUVs, real estate, electronics, even handguns!) Women are leading the way with their wallets.

And women want to be treated differently! In fact they demand it or they simply go play in someone else’s sandbox.

Regardless of your gender, there are subtle, but CRITICAL differences between how men and women make their buying decisions...differences that can mean losing or gaining massively more sales.

In Case You Didn't Think Of This...
Women Buy For Their Families, Friends & Households

It's true! Women are very loyal customers once they've committed. But more than that...they are creating new loyal buyers in their own families and inner circles.

I remember wracking my brain one holiday season over what gift to get my husband (the man who has everything). I ended up dropping a huge wad of cash at the Harley Davidson motorcycle store (you know, the ultimate testosteronal boy toy).

Personally I don't have any interest in ever driving my own Harley (though plenty of women love them). I’m fine with being chick hanging on the back.

Still, I’m a very good customer to them. Why? Because not only do they have things that make my man happy, but they have cute clothes for women (seriously).

Plus they have private trainings for women to teach them how to be a good driver & have fun on their motorcycles. (That means more sales!) Harley gets it! They know how to market to both men AND women.

And that’s the real trick, isn’t it? So many businesses ONLY market to men because they don’t see the bigger picture. Capiche? I'm here to tell you that can be a critical BLINDSPOT, causing you to hemorrhage cash!

Nothing against you guys, but if you STILL don't consider the spending wallop women have on the economy, check out these stats...

  • Women are burning up the keyboards with 58% of all total online spending (woo hoo!)
  • Nearly half of women surveyed by Marketing to Moms Coalition in 2009 say that marketers don't understand them.
  • The average American woman is expected to EARN MORE than the average American male by 2028.
  • Women open more than 70% of all new businesses.
  • Even though many households are dual paycheck, women still spend 80% of both COMBINED incomes.
  • Girlfriends are golden and loyal – nearly 92% pass along information about deals or finds.

Still need convincing?

  • Women influence 91% of all home purchases…
  • Women make 70% of all travel decisions…
  • Women spend over $200 billion on new cars & maintenance each year…

Clearly women are in the driver’s seat. (Ooh, I know…bad pun!) The truth is though that women are definitely a force in the global economy, and they like to be approached a little differently they have been by marketers.

With numbers like these, it's time to focus on what SHE is interested in.

Wouldn't knowing WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY it in your marketing so you reach more women (and even more men) be useful to your business? Of course it would!

Now Your Message Can Reflect YOU Instead Of Cold, Impersonal Hype...

Now more than ever, there's much more to marketing and communicating. It's all about long-term relationships, not a "one night stand" kind of customer. And it pains me to see so many entrepreneurs make simple mistakes that are deadly to their profits. With that in mind, I've created a Video/Webinar workshop using the latest findings in marketing and communication. It's called "The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp."

Does it work on women? You betcha!

Does it work on men too? Actually, it DOES!

This training is destined to be ground-breaking for your business. You don’t have to wade through reams of unnecessary copy to be effective. Now you can write powerful short-form copy that appeals to the women of the world who are juggling career, family, and health every day.

Let me show you ways to get your marketing message down to a sound byte you can duplicate in all of your copy so you naturally explain what you do and how you can help. No more stiff, wooden copy for you!

In this course you quickly understand:

  • How to write using a formula that is effortless and easy (I confess. I follow a specific blueprint that has gotten my copy in the limelight in a relatively short period of time and I’m going to hand it all over to YOU);
  • How beginners are able to compete with experts on a level playing field right away (when you have the right tools at your fingertips, you, too, can be a superstar);
  • How a single tiny change to your sales letter can send your shopping cart into overdrive with new orders (better be sure you have called your merchant account before you launch your copy because you’re about to get a SPIKE in sales);
  • How to get a repeatable result when you follow my method for writing a sales letter (I boiled the volumes of information overkill on this topic into the best of the best techniques you can apply right away);
  • The truth behind what makes your copy “okay” versus what makes it sell like hotcakes to your target market (you may be shocked by some of the ugly secrets I’m giving up. I’ve seen it all, and I’m telling!)

As you can see, this is a powerful skill for turning your biz into a profit-churning machine. Wanna know a little more about what’s inside? Keep reading...

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Here's How The Bootcamp Works...

We’ll be meeting weekly via online webinars (which are all recorded in case you need to miss or want to review the material again).

To get the most out of this course, you should plan to invest time for the 90 minute calls plus 1-2 hours per week for outside work. In between classes, you’ll get to interact with other members of the Bootcamp and me in our private Facebook group. There is also an online classroom so you can easily find any necessary downloads and unannounced bonuses.

During these 8 weeks of classes you’ll be taught my award-winning copywriting formula. There is nothing left to chance or writer’s block. Once you learn my formula once, it will never leave you. You’ll be able to create your own copy effortlessly for any project. And I'll be there to review your copy and make suggestions to upgrade it on the spot!

Very powerful!

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Schedule of Training Calls

  • Introduction – “Meet and Greet”
    Tuesday, May 24th, 1PM Pacific (2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET)

  • Module 1 – “Gender Benders: Masculine Versus Feminine Copy”
    Tuesday, May 31st, 1PM Pacific (2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET)

  • Module 3 – “Step-by-Step Formula for Connecting with Her Desires”
    Tuesday, June 14th, 1PM Pacific (2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET)
  • Module 5 – “The Nuts and Bolts of How to Make Your Offer Irresistible”
    Tuesday, June 28th, 1PM Pacific (2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET)

  • Module 7 – “Magnetic Headlines that Pull Her In and Keep Her There”
    Tuesday, July 12th, 1PM Pacific (2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET)
  • Module 2 – “You Talkin’ to ME? Insider Secrets to Research and Target Marketing”
    Tuesday, June 7th, 1PM Pacific (2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET)
  • Module 4 – “The No-Fail Recipe for Head-Turning Bullets”
    Tuesday, June 21st, 1PM Pacific (2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET)
  • Module 6 – “The Art of Natural Storytelling: Adding the YOU to Your Copy!”
    Tuesday, July 5th, 1PM Pacific (2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET)
  • Module 8 – “Putting It All Together! Listen, Watch, Cut Years Off Your Learning Curve!”
    Tuesday, July 19th, 1PM Pacific (2PM MT, 3PM CT, 4PM ET)

Here are Details About Each of the PROFIT-GENERATING Modules for
"The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp-2016"

Module 1 -
"Gender Benders: Masculine Versus Feminine Copy”


1GenderBenders-300x201 DSSure, women are making the lion's share of the buying decisions now, but where do the men fit in? Allow me to explain how the latest trends of the 21st Century affect your copy and your marketing, regardless of which gender you THINK you're marketing too. If you're like me and want to know what makes humans tick, you're going to love this module. Come on by and discover...

  • Myths about marketing to women and how to conquer them - (psst! even women sometimes fall into these traps);
  • How to banish that used car salesman style from your copy - (there is a place for hype-filled copy but not with women);
  • The avoidable mistake so many marketers make when trying to appeal to the female market - (hint: If your copy is TOO SOFT you won’t get attention);
  • The secret ‘girl’ code all women know when they trust their intuition - (but seldom speak about out loud…even to each other);
  • The marketing taboos that make her click away in seconds flat - (if you wanna lose her, this is how you do it)

Module 2 –
“Insider Secrets to Research and Target Marketing”

2TalkingMe-300x199 DSAfter over a decade of rubbing shoulders with some of the top marketers in the business and sharing secrets with other copywriters, I was shocked to discover that research was a somewhat overlooked area for many (not all, but more than I would have thought).

It's impossible to hit a target if you don't know what you're looking for. But you won't have any problems when I unleash my super sleuth ways on deep target market hunting. (Remember I have a journalism degree and investigation is my middle name!)

In this module you get…

  • What background materials you must have before you write a single word of copy - (sadly most business owners I know don’t spend enough time in this phase);
  • The hush-hush resources you can use to learn more about her - (she’ll think you’re practically reading her mind);
  • Exactly where to go to spy on your competition - (and why you MUST not ignore this step);
  • How to get your copy to sound natural and conversational so she feels she knows you - (trust is a huge value for women you must not underestimate);
  • Ways to get her to dish about what she really wants to spend her money on - (when you understand her spending priorities you can make more sales)
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Module 3 –
“Step-by-Step Formula for Connecting with Her Desires Through Benefits”

3HerDesires-300x198 DSMark Twain once said "There are two reasons a man buys anything...the reason he tells his wife, and the REAL REASON." What he meant was that (regardless of gender), humans buy based on emotion and justify it later with twisted facts.

In this module I'll be your guide to show you how to harness passion and turn them into sales. You'll discover…

  • The real difference between a FEATURE and a BENEFIT – (this extremely common mistake turns your copy into a snooze-fest when it’s made);
  • My proven formula to turning phrases into benefit-driven statements that attract attention - (women buy based on how we believe a product will make us FEEL);
  • The use of psychological hot buttons and mental gymnastics that hypnotize her into buying - (your copy will practically put her in a buying trance);
  • How to anticipate her objections BEFORE she reads a word of your copy – (she’s already looking for reasons NOT to buy from you so be sure you understand her thinking);
  • Which EMOTIONAL WORDS entice women to buy from you – while NOT “selling” them (I’ll share my private checklist with you)

Module 4 –
“The No-Fail Recipe for Head-Turning Bullets”

4HeadTurn-200x300 DSBullets are one powerful little bits of information that can be repurposed for all sorts of copy. They work well because they are so condensed and packed with emotion. In this module I'll show you…

  • The easy way to create bullets you can use in multiple media - (write ‘em once and use ‘em in web copy, audio scripts, postcards, flyers…you name it);
  • Ways to get her to trust you without stooping to hype and exaggeration - (blow the trust factor and she’s gone forever);
  • How bullets can pack an extra wallop, create curiosity and entice her to buy – (understand the underpinnings of bullets so they’re incredibly readable);
  • How to remind her of the benefits she’ll get from using your product or service - (often she’ll focus on the bullets alone to make her buying decision);
  • How making the right choices of punctuation and formatting bullets dramatically impact your copy - (with women, at least 25% of your copy’s success depends on formatting)
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Module 5 –
“The Nuts and Bolts of How to Make Your Offer Irresistible”

5NutsBolts-200x300 DS

It doesn't matter how mouth-watering your copy is if you don't know how to create an extraordinary offer.

I'm a life-long learner and marketing turns me on. So I stay current with the latest trends. In this module, I share real world tactics of what's working in the marketplace today as well as what's failing miserably.

In this module you'll understand…

  • How to get the maximum (ethical) price for whatever it is you are selling – (it’s very possible you’re UNDERCHARGING);
  • Which psychological hot buttons and mental gymnastics practically hypnotize her into buying - (she won’t be able to get your message out of her head);
  • When to NEVER ask for the order (yet I see people who should know better do it all the time);
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make to LOSE THE ORDER – (the sales process isn’t over until money changes hands and the product is delivered);
  • An easy technique that makes her feel good about being in the decision-making driver’s seat – (all too often women feel strong-armed and end up leaving without placing an order)

Module 6 –
“The Art of Natural Storytelling: Adding the ‘You’ to Your Copy!”

6StoryTelling-300x199 DS

Just because you can talk doesn't mean you know how to tell a story. As an actress and dabbling screenwriter, I've taken many Hollywood classes on how to weave a compelling story...and I'm sharing my tricks with you!

Join me to discover…

  • How to use storytelling to really bring FEATURES and BENEFITS to life – (People automatically put themselves in the story so they’re already ‘testing’ your product when you use the story device);
  • How to LOWER SALES RESISTANCE and separate yourself from any other business in your marketplace - (women buy from those they bond with);
  • How to get original ideas for your stories – (all stories are NOT equal);
  • Tricks to sharing powerful, relevant stories that grab her interest - (there is an art to telling engaging stories that pull her into your copy);
  • My copywriting trick to infusing personality in your marketing – (most biz owners have no idea how to do this and carry on too long, boring the prospect to tears)
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Module 7 -
“Magnetic Headlines that Pull Her In and Keep Her There”

7Headlines-300x199 DS

Arguably the most important combo of words in your copy, wouldn’t you agree? But they don’t happen by accident! Relax. With "The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp" it’s all under control…You don’t need to be a writer to write great headlines when you understand the basics. This module covers…

  • Which words grab her attention in headlines – (and which to avoid at all costs);
  • Headline templates for busy people to create no-brainer headlines that get her reading – (no more struggling for the perfect headline);
  • Which fonts and colors are the most compelling to women and which REPEL her - (women respond much more visually to websites so you better know what she likes);
  • My little insider secret that will have you writing captivating headlines in no time – (buckle up and hold on tight cuz you’re about to be a headline ninja!);
  • Which headlines are more effective for your market – SHORT ONES or LONG ONES – (again, I’ll share my personal checklist with you)

You'll quickly discover how changing a single word in your headline can put your sales in overdrive.

Module 8 -
“Putting It All Together! Listen, Watch, Cut Years Off Your Learning Curve!”

8PutTogether-300x199 DS

Here’s where the magic happens! Watch live as I deconstruct Old School copy and turn it into copy that speaks her language (while still appealing to the blokes).

This module covers…

  • The most important elements to scrutinize in copy so you can transform those lessons to your own copy (I’m sharing exactly how I got so good at writing copy so quickly…and how you can too);
  • The secret sauce my copywriting company uses toconsistently create kick-butt sales letters (there’s nothing quite as powerful as seeing it done in front of you);
  • How to create copy fast and easy to keep up with your ever changing business (my system has helped thousands of entrepreneurs attract big bucks already…yours is next);
  • What works and what fails in today’s marketplacewhen it comes to the part of your business that most expresses you (amp up your copy and message effortlessly);
  • Ridiculously simple ways to take the struggle out of writing copy (dare I say it? Writing copy can be FUN!)

This one-of-a-kind experience is where you see it all come together. It’s like you’re looking over my shoulder to see EXACTLY how a professional copywriter wrangles and shapes copy for success!This module alone is worth the price of admission!

Listen, if you’re ready to infuse your marketing withreal change and firepower, this is the course for you."The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp" will be a game changer for your business.

Money Back Guarantee!

When you come to learn from me, I insist you leave a happy camper. So when if you give me a test drive of at least one class, but you’re still not happy with the quality of education, simply contact my team to let us know, mail back your materials, and I will issue you a full refund. I don't want you to have a single reason to hesitate in making this investment in your business.

Still Have Questions?
Check Out Our FAQs...

“Do I need to have writing experience to take this course?” +

Nope. This course is not a basic course but it’s a complete training on how to write extraordinary copy from the ground up. You don’t need to have a lick of experience to get the job done. Just a desire to make more sales.

“Who is this training designed for?” +

The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp was created for any type of business owner who wants a higher ROI (Return On Investment) with marketing. If you are in a business and have creative control over your marketing this event is for YOU. Past attendees span a broad range…


=> Hypnotherapists

=> Agriculturalists

=> Business storytellers

=> Attorneys

=> Sales people

=> Magazine publishers

=> Celebrities

=> Marketing experts

=> Copywriters

=> Horse business owners

=> Life coaches

=> Photographers

=> Spa owners

=> Speakers

=> Nutritional products distributors

=> Wine makers

=> Graphic facilitators

=> Skin repair products distributors

=> Seminar promoters

=> Fighter pilots

=> Manufacturers

=> Fitness coaches

=> Business coaches

=> Real estate moguls

=> Massage therapists

=> Internet marketers


“What are the down and dirty details?” +

When: October 1, 2pm Pacific for 8 consecutive weeks (all webinars will be recorded) Where: Online Investment: $1,297 OR Easy 3 Pay of $475.00 (30 days apart) Once you reserve your space, we’ll ship off your own USB Flash Drive, complete with the materials already uploaded for your convenience.  AND you get the famous Red Hot Chicken timer. Best of all you’re giving yourself the gift of a virtual PhD in copywriting. In 8 weeks flat you will get my personalized system for writing winning copy FAST, including:

  • My super easy-to-follow, step-by-step blueprint for whipping up any kind of copy – PRONTO!
  • Professional grade version of your first draft of sales copy when you follow this program
  • Deep target market questionnaire and resource guides
  • Mastermind support and connection from working with other like-minded business owners
  • Instant feedback and hands on mentoring from America’s top female copywriter

In addition to this extraordinary live training and the added resources on your USB Flash Drive, you’re also eligible for these free bonuses:

  • The She Factor CopyDoodles Basic Edition ($147 value) The CopyDoodles SheFactor Basic Edition includes: 120 custom-made She Factor CopyDoodles delivered in purple, black, blue, and red.
  • “Sizzling Words That Grab Her Attention” ($47 value) What words you use do make a difference. Now you can get access to Lorrie’s private collection of words that will light your messaging on fire! It’s like having a magical thesaurus.
  • “21 Hooks That Work For Any Market” ($47 value) Never be stumped again when you want to stand out. With these proven hooks your tribe will be glued to copy, eagerly waiting for your next instruction.
  • The FAMOUS Red Hot Chicken!!! (PRICELESS!) These orderly additions to your family bring you unparalleled joy & profits when raised right!
“I'm feeling a little starved for cash in my business right now.” +

Understood. This is not an event to attend without some close attention to finances. But consider this…if you’re a lifelong student of marketing and success, like me, the truth is you’re losing money by NOT attending. At an event like this you will likely PROFIT because of the connections you make and the knowledge you gain. Not to mention the education and copy you leave with.

“I’m just going to hire a copywriter rather than learning it myself.” +

A lot of people choose this route and it’s a very valid solution. But if I may play Devil’s Advocate for a moment…

You SHOULD hire a copywriter IF:

  • You have an extra $5,000-$25,000 lying around plus royalties. Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill to outsource;
  • This is the last sales letter you ever plan to write. You won’t need to replicate this skill if you never plan to do it again;
  • You never plan to make future changes to your business. You’ll need to shell out more cash whenever you need an update;

Otherwise this virtual workshop is a cheap investment in a lifelong skill you will always need. Whether you write copy yourself, pass it off to a member of your staff, or hire a copywriter, at the end of the day YOU as the business owner are the person responsible for the copy doing its job.


Extra Juicy Bonuses

If you're new to Red Hot Copywriting, you'll soon find I have a tendency to overdeliver. I cherish the people in my community and treat them the way I'd like to be treated. So I pulled together some of my favorite copywriting "toys" and I'm sharing them with YOU.

  • “21 Hooks That Work For Any Market” ($47 value)

    Never be stumped again when you want to stand out. With these proven hooks your tribe will be glued to copy, eagerly waiting for your next instruction.

  • The She Factor CopyDoodles Basic Edition ($147 value)

    The CopyDoodles SheFactor Basic Edition are hand drawn graphics that add a human element to your website. This pack includes: 120 custom-made She Factor CopyDoodles delivered in purple, black, blue, and red.

  • “Empowerment Words That Speak To Women” ($47 value)

    What words you use do make a difference. Now you can get access to my private collection of words that will light your messaging on fire! It’s like having a magical thesaurus.

  • "Red Hot Copy's Top 10 Best-Performing Swipe Files" ($10,000 value)

    Every successful marketer models copy after pre-existing, high-performing copy called Swipe Files. These documents are responsible for over $1 BILLION dollars in client revenue. Plus I was paid 7 figures (plus royalties) to create them. These secret weapons will cut your learning curve in HALF.

That's $10,241.00 of hard value-added bonuses...

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If You Still Haven't Decided Consider This...

Copy is considered "Salesmanship In Print" as well as the DNA of marketing. When you're writing copy, you're not're SELLING.

Copy is used in ALL of your sales, marketing and promotional materials including:

  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Brochures, Business Cards, & Flyers
  • Information Products, Ebooks, Hardcover Books
  • Direct Mail & Advertising
  • Newsletters, Ezines, & Emails
  • EBay, & Catalogue Descriptions
  • Google Hangouts & Social Media

Basically, if you are using words to promote your business, you need this course! Take advantage of this rare hands on opportunity to understand how to edit and write your copy for the future of your business.


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Here Are A Few Of My Happy Fans...

Neil Evansan
“Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero has a really great system to learn to invite people through your copy to come to your websites or to your squeeze pages or go wherever you want to send them. Because she is showing you how to write personalized copy as if you are talking to a person just like I am doing right now. We are learning the long form writing as well as the squeeze page writing so, whatever kind of writing you have to have in your business, you are going to find it with Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero.” Neil Evansan
Ileana Kane
"Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is more than a masterful copywriter. She is a thought pioneer and global visionary for companies who market to women.Her unique ability to get into the female mind coupled with the masterful way she captures their hearts culminates into powerful marketing copy designed to cultivate long term relationships with the female consumer. Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is the definitive answer to successfully marketing to women. I highly recommend Lorrie if you want to dramatically increase your revenues and profits while cultivating long term relationships with your female consumer. Avoid using her at your own peril! Ileana Kane
James Roche
"I've made over $19,000 from the copywriting skills Lorrie taught me.  Lorrie, no one I know in the industry teaches the principles and techniques of kick-ass, get 'em-to-buy copywriting as well as you do. I went from a fumbling and confused wanna be marketer to an unstoppable marketing maverick because you showed me step-by-step how to write words that persuade and sell. And I never thought of myself as a "sales" person - I have an art background. But you're special in that way because you understand what it's like to be a heart-based person and you are so gifted at showing people like us how to win in the internet marketing game. Thank you so much Lorrie because FINALLY there's someone teaching copy with a down-to-earth, sensitive approach!" James Roche
Roche Marketing
James P. McMahon
“As an entrepreneur I couldn’t care less about copywriting. But I do want to know how to increase my sales. I had achieved a high level of traffic visiting my website, but I wasn’t making the sales I needed to survive. It became clear to me that I wasn’t meeting the needs of those potential customers. What I said on the site and how I said it wasn’t capturing their attention. What’s refreshing about Lorrie’s material is that the content is extensive, thorough, and extremely adaptable. It’s easy to modify her examples to fit your own copy. Her step by step process made it easy for me to learn the methods and apply them to my own site. When I applied her methods to the sites I use for my Google campaigns, my conversion rates increased immediately. Next, I began to see product inquiries reach all time records. And when I wrote my sales letters, suddenly I went from making the occasional sale to gaining new customers every day of the week.” James P. McMahon
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Linda Rivero
"If you are in business for yourself; you know how essential it is to know what you are doing and how to do it effectively. If you have ever felt that marketing is a little too straight-lined, with sharp corners and a little too in-your-face and you want a very effective and softer way of to reach your audience, you need to be here and you need to learn from Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero. Be there of each call where she is explaining her approach to marketing which is very focused and very effective but softer and with rounder edges that has women going—yes, at last! You can relate to this style." Linda Rivero
Dream Expert and Author
Sandy Pendleton
"I facilitate miracles daily helping clients get clarity, choice and real change in their lives but I must admit, I failed to write effective copy - until now. Your simple, paint-by-number system has been a lifesaver and career booster beyond my wildest dreams. Not only did it provide a template for a dynamo short sales letter but the priceless tips, tricks and tools are an essential foundation for everything that needs to be written to promote any product or service. I can't wait to upgrade everything with this new knowledge." Sandy Pendleton

Once again, this copywriting training will be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business. Whether you are a novice marketer or a full-fledged pro, your copywriting skills will leapfrog over these 8 weeks. You not only get my proprietary (and proven) formula for writing professional grade copy, but you also get my personal support to help you create the most impactful copy imaginable. Here’s the whole enchilada:

  • 8 High Impact Webinars
  • The She Factor Copywriting Workbook
  • Prerecorded Audios & PDFs of Each Module
  • Membership to Private Facebook Community & Online Forum
  • Video Makeovers, Cheat Sheets, Templates, Checklists, and More!

As if the education you walk away with after this course wasn’t enough, you also get these complimentary bonuses as my free gift:

  • “21 Hooks That Work For Any Market”
  • The She Factor CopyDoodles Basic Edition
  • “Empowerment Words That Speak To Women”
  • “Red Hot Copy's Top 10 Best-Performing Swipe Files”

I dearly hope you’ll make the choice to be a part of "The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp-2016" family. You deserve a thriving business and a fulfilling life. You can make whatever changes to your life that you want. All you have to do is start!



Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

P.S. I'm passionate about copy because I've seen firsthand how businesses who master it (or even make small tweaks) are thriving. With so much information bombarding us every day, don't you owe it to yourself to stand out? I think you do.

And remember:

  • Copy never sleeps. It’s your 24/7 sales force that works even when you’re not there.
  • Copy is the center of EVERY marketing campaign. Nothing happens until the copy gets written.
  • Copy is the underestimated secret weapon. It makes you stand out from your competitors - every time!

Harness the crucial skill of copywriting now. If not now, then when?

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Robbie Hocheck
"I am here to alert you to sign up for anything that Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero teaches. One of the things I got that is absolutely critical to business is learning how to write a very structured sales letter—I had no idea how to do it. Lorrie takes you through a very specific template; in fact she gives you the template on how to write the sales letter. She gives you lots of information and lots of encouragement and lots of time to work on it and she made something that was difficult and overwhelming for me so easy and I am so grateful." Robbie Hocheck
Kyle King
"Lorrie taught me excellent copywriting tips and made me lots of money by using her copywriting techniques. "Inspiring the Amazon Within" is a program directed towards women in power and I have been able to really see where the holes in my plan have been and how I can start to really make an impact on my readers and people interested in my work." Kyle King
Lawton Chiles
Writing conscious copy doesn't involve just a softer touch, or dumbing down your message. It's speaking to people from the heart... and talking to them on a one-on-one basis. It resonates at a higher level with their emotions... which is the part of the brain that decides whether or not they feel good enough, trust enough, and believe enough of what you are saying to give you their money. Lorrie's course does that, and far more. Lawton Chiles
Copywriter for Trey Smith, Mike Koenigs, Amish Shah, and others.
Alexandria Brown
"Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill you can outsource because it's good copy that sells products. It's good copy that sells services. It's good copy that sells ANYTHING. As a copywriter in my 'past life,' I made hundreds of thousands of dollars writing copy that sells, and I'm telling you Lorrie will show you the exact same strategies I used for my clients! You'll save thousands of dollars over hiring a pro to write your copy for you, and copywriting is a skill that will help make you money for LIFE." Alexandria Brown

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YES Lorrie! I definitely want to be part of the brand new “The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp-2016”

I recognize changes in the traditional marketing models are on the horizon, and I trust your expertise to share CUTTING EDGE INFORMATION and ACTIONS STEPS with me in this program. It’s time for both men and women to reach out to this market in more responsive ways. I can’t believe for just $997.00 I could literally change my business in record time!

  • “21 Hooks That Work For Any Market” ($47 value)
  • The She Factor CopyDoodles Basic Edition ($147 value)
  • “Empowerment Words That Speak To Women” ($47 value)
  • "Red Hot Copy's Top 10 Best-Performing Swipe Files" ($10,000 value)


If you have any doubt that “The She Factor Copywriting Bootcamp-2016 ” is a fit for you, I’d encourage you to register anyway. If after the first class you don’t feel like this series speaks to you, simply contact us for an easy refund, and return your materials. I want you to make this decision without any reservation.